Archived Reports

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Slow fishing today for Lance Shores and his crew from Va Beach. Sorry, Lance. But it was slow all over - a couple tuna and a few dolphin mostly for everyone except Uncle Haywood on the Rigged Up - 10 fat yellowfin for him and Graham...nice job boys! Weather Tomorrow - Tight Lines!

Awesome fishing today for Tom Sufer and his family - they got blown out earlier in the week but were able to reschedule before heading home to Maine - I think!! Anyway, fat yellowfin and a nice bunch too. I had a great picture for the gallery but it won't upload...maybe its rusty from inactivity all winter. haha. I don't thin computers do that but old truck windows do! I haven't spoken to Maxwell about the weather - its meant to rain pretty heavy tonight and tomorrow but he and Steven are booked so check back and for the most up to date reports find us on Face Book! Tight Lines!

The first day of fishing today with Dave Shank and his crew. It wasn't a box full but the crew managed a couple nice gaffers and a yellowfin, a throw back and a small mako. Talk about a mixed bag! And its going to blow...check in next week! Tight Lines!

Hey All! Sorry I haven't checked in in a while - I hope everyone has found our page on Face Book..I can update that from my phone and it is so much easier - BUT we are working on a site redesign and hopefully I can do this from my phone as well. Billy and Steven take their first tr9ip this weekend so keep and eye out for the reports. The USCOE is making a lot of headway in the Inlet and they aren't going anywhere any time soon so everything looks like it will be fine there. I have had a cancellation in June which makes June 5 our only available day that month. Call us 252-473-1097 or the Fishing Center 252-441-6301 to book or even on line at Tight Lines!