Archived Reports

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SLOW fishing today but Maxwell ran all over the ocean and finally found a little bit of condition holding dolphin. So that's what Brian and the boys got and a nice catch too..all after lunch! Tight Lines!

Our first day out since this two week blow that we have had - so strange..and I was excited about the low hurricane forecasting this year - jokes on me - anyway, Mike Griffin and his crew had a great day on the dolphin - good sized ones too and a couple tuna. The other half of the group went with Jessie on the Bi Op Sea and I hope they caught as much! Tight Lines!

It has been a week since the Tuna Fever left the dock and it is still blowing. goodness...well Im holding onto my hat for sure! Tight Lines!

Couple fat tuna and a nice gaffer plus some bailers and a blue one for angler Rick Collins. Nice. Its fixin to blow for the next couple days. Tight Lines!

Blowing again today

Blowing today - 6 feet every 5 seconds - ick!

Some dolphin, a few really fat tuna and a blue marlin release for Mickey Costen and his family today. Tight Lines!

A couple fat yellowfin and a nice catch of dolphin for Rob and his crew today. I love it!! Tight Lines!

Better fishing today - Maxwell and Steve got back in the action with a nice limit of dolphin (or near limit by the picture) and some fat yellowfin - 2 actually look like 50 pounders and a nice fat wahoo - like maybe 35 pounds. Finally!! Yay!! Tight Lines!

Okay so today started with "THE NIGHTMARE" which is one of a few but the big one while you are at the dock in the morning - 12 people behind the boat. Turns out that was Billy's bad - heres some advice..always call the house to book a day - that's where the calendar is - not on his cell or on facebook (which I get on my cell) always call the house or email - anyway Mike and his crew went with Jason on the Dreamgirl (Thanks Jason you are a fine man and a great captain) and Chad and his crew went with us and Tim who got blown out yesterday went with Dickie on the Fintastic. So theres thirty six of our clients out in the blue today and guess what - between all of us I think there were two tuna caught. OUCH! I know..some days are diamonds but that was kinda like three days in one painful swoop! Oh well...heres to tomorrow! Tight Lines!

Blown out today!

Poor Doug and his boys. He was so jacked up to grab this day because of the great fishing we have been having and when we got to the tip of the point today it just didn't happen for us. Overcrowded and slow yellofin - we got eaten off by two sharks too. But we got three nice ones and a fat wahoo to go with em so that's okay. Tight Lines!t

Six fat yellowfin might be enough (oh and one little one that wasn't so little) when you have to crank in a bunch of those 60 pound boscoes it kinda starts to wear you out. Nice fish today for Richard Davis and his crew right on the tip of the Point. The boys also boxed a fat wahoo. Nice going! Tight Lines!

Saturday's fish were hard won! But we got some. Five this time in the 60 pound class - such nice yellowfin I love it - wish there were more..hehe! Tight Lines!

Awesome fishing today - fliers and schoolers breaking the surface. Nice. We had one eaten off by a shark but 7 others in the box and nice boscoes too! Plus a wahoo...I like that! Tight Lines!

Only six yellowfin today but they tipped the scales at 348 pounds. you do the math (as Capt Omie would say!). Maxwell and Steven fished late to get them but here they are - a great catch for James and his crew. Tip of the Point baby!! Tight Lines!

No fishing today for the Tuna Fever. Maxwell has 300 sheets of plywood being delivered for the new boat today!! We are open on Friday and Monday and then Sunday the 14th. Tight Lines!

Excellent catch today for Don Hillman and his crew. They managed a limit of nice dolphin and 9 yellowfin - nice ones too 35 -40 pound class and 5 fat little blackfin AND a wahoo! Wow - Super Something Slam!! I love it - Tight Lines. Check out Facebook the rest of the week for the reports..I am out of town again! Tight Lines!

Happy September! A beautiful limit of dolphin today for Don Hillman and his crew and the boys put six yellowfin in the box as well. Delicious!!! We are open on Friday if anyone would like to head for the Gulfstream and we are open on Monday the 8th as well. Just checkin! Tight Lines!