Archived Reports

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Great fishing today for $3 and the crew. Yesterday they were sniffin around the dock asking for tuna which is always a bad idea and well.. low and behold they got em- 19 blackfin and 6 yellowfin with a few mahi on top. Nice. Tight Lines!

Congrats to Ron Yurchick and Mike Carter on their blackfin citations today - 22 and 25 pounds respectively. Pretty big for blackfin! And congrats to the rest of the crew on a great catch of beautiful dolphin. Good Job Boys! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do today for Randy Wilson and his crew. They got blown out three times this week!! But they got their mahi today and a white one as well. Tight Lines!

sounds like we will finally get out tomorrow!

okay, God, you can stop now

still blowing

and blows

Thar she blows

Nice tuna for Terry and his crew today - the biggest - 68 pounds and most in the 50 pound class plus the boys had some dolphin on top. Yeah!!! Tight Lines!

Zack and Aiden put the heat on those reels today with some nice 45 pound yellowfin in the box and some dolphin to boot. Way to crank, boys! Tight Lines!

I am back from California and it was such a great trip! Okay so I will go back and update the reports but today the boys got in the dolphin early. vinegar dippers I must admit but some white meat all the same. After that Maxwell found the whales and managed to pick off some yellowfin - and a nice class of fish there this time! Yummm! We are open on Friday the 29th if anyone is interested in catching some back to school fish!! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do for Matt Shields and his crew today plus some blackfin on top of the box. I love it!! Tight Lines!

Nice blackfin and plenty of them today plus a nice catch of dolphin for the Kellers. Tight Lines!

6 Fat yellowfin today plus on BLt but he enjoyed his trip to the fish box just the same. Whales in the afternoon boys. Tight Lines!

A limit of yellowfin today...who would have thought. They were 35 pounders and a welcome catch!! Tight Lines!

A limit of dolphin and a near limit of yellowfin to boot for Dave and his gang. Brought the lucky something!! Tight Lines!

Blown out again today :-(

Blown out today. Bummer

Pretty good marlin fishing today for the Alice Kelly teams - congrats to Capt Uncle Charles Haywood on the triple Seven for Top Boat this year. Tight Lines!

Okay so today is already better than yesterday although the fish are small. Blackfin and yellowfin this morning when Maxwell called on the sat phone. Kate and I are going out of town - theres a surprise - tonight and this time we will be gone for a week. If you worry about Maxwell call him at home 252-473-1097 or just send food and clean underwear. hehe If you haven't signed up for Facebook do it now - this is the best excuse. I can update the facebook everyday from my phone but not this page unfortunately. Even Billy's mother got facebook (BRAD!!!) so she could stalk... Tuna Fever Charters. Find us, like us, and we will love you back! Promise! Or you can just call Billy at home to find out how the fishing is...he would love to hear from you (BRAD!!) Tight Lines!!!

SLOW fishing today. Maxwell spotted a sperm whale first thing - right in the honey hole and it was...the kiss of death. There was a short lived blackfin bite south of the Tuna Fever early and by the time we got there it was over - see I said short lived - back east of the inlet and waiting on our whales who never showed..perhaps because of the big guy. Hmmmm. Tight Lines

A nice catch of yellowfin today in spite of the dusky sharks who ate of all the whoppers - and Maxwell says they were real whoppers - and in spite of the fact that at noon there were only a few tile fish in the box. Who loves that kind of suspense - but I love that kind of end to a day! Tight Lines!

Wait for the whales and you might get 15 minutes of fame. That's what the Cap said was a waiting game for the bite and then Steven shined to those yellowfin and the crew - including a nine year old youngin who caught two - put six or seven boscoes in the box mighty quick! I love it!! Tight Lines!

Not as many as yesterday but just as big. Fat boscoes and I mean FAT!! I love it!! Tight Lines!

A dock full of fat yellowfin - Id say topping out around 48 maybe 50 pounds...but Im not expert..hehe...anyway the "bite" was east of the Inlet and the boys are having to wait on their shot...spreader bars, spoons, the stick - bring your whole bag of tricks! Tight Lines!

Blow Day!

Home really early with a sick crew today. Got to wet a line for about a half hour and that was it. So sorry for the folks when that happens. Blowing tomorrow! Tight Lines!