Archived Reports

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Tuna on a bailing rod - nice...JD ad Mike managed to make a great day with dolphin, wahoo and a fat yellowfin that took a bailer bait and found himself in the fish box! Tight Lines!

Great fishing today a near limit of dolphin and a fun time for Denny Colbert. can't say the same for the rest of his crew but Denny had a blast!! Tight Lines!

Slow fishing today after the blow but Maxwell did manage to find some yellowfin for Jason and his boys. Not too many but a few. More tomorrow?? Tight Lines!

Blowing today! Frown - better tomorrow...tight lines!

Phenominal fishing today for Doug Goodman and his crew. The boys broke out the kite and the chase was on. Plenty of action from the boscoes and I LOVE kite fishing - its a blast - especially when the conditions are perfect. I think there were 13 or so 45 pounders on the dock - nice going Steve!! Tight Lines!

Big yellowfin today south of the Point. Maxwell says they pulled quite a few off and he was still so mad about it tonight that he couldn't even tell me why - but they put five in the box and that's a lot of meat for the end of July. Bilfishing was good today too! Tight Lines!

6 Fat yellowfin ( 40 pounders) for Craig Bauer today plus one lone dolphin and Ray released a sailfish! Nice!!! The fleet got in the white marlin pretty good today too...tight lines!

Blowing offshore today - Maxwell has got some honey dos...tight lines!

Some tuna today for the boys - five in the 35 pound range and then a nice catch of tile fish - an Oregon Inlet mini slam??? I don't know but we will take it! Tight Lines!

Poor Art Pape - the best thing about his day offshore was the beautiful know you had a bad day when Steven cleans your fish on the way in. BUT Art has been plenty of times and he has caught tons of fish and he is a nice man - so he and the crew had a great day anyway! I love it!! Tight Lines!

Family day today for the West Crew and they had some action with three nice yellowfin in the box - some throwbacks too! tight Lines!

A few dolphin and a few tuna (good sized 35 - 40 pounders) - almost a mixed bag - fishing is slow after that blow - and it would be the other way around...maybe it should blow from the other direction?!? Tight Lines!

Tunas and bonitas today...lots of action but not the kind Maxwell wanted - the bonitas and throwbacks ate em up!! Hehe but they did put a few nice yellowfin in the box and the langleys had a good time!! Tight Lines!

Dolphin and a few tuna today for Raymond Douglas and his family. Congrats to his grandoughter (whose name Maxwell did not share) who is celebrating her graduation!! Woot Woot!! Tight Lines!

blowing today! Crap. Tight Lines!

Blowing again today...

Dolphin, yellowfin and a white one - nice mixed bag for Bryron and its about time! There no Tuna Fever in Kuwait..we missed you, man! Tight Lines!

Back to great dolphin fishing today for Greg Brown and his crew. The boys got I the bailers pretty nice and even caught a yellowfin for a garnish...hehe. Nice day! Tight Lines!

Okay so it wasn't a limit but Niles Elber and the boys found the Yellowfin today and you gotta love that...nine nice 35 to 40 pounders and some dolphin on top. Tight Lines!

Thar she blows! No fishing for the Tuna Fever today...Tight Lines!

Its a little weird to do tomorrows report today but here it is. Maxwell is off to Norfolk to the back doctor and Kate and I are off to the State 4H competition in Raleigh. So you will have to go to Facebook to see the catches. I will post the pictures daily on our page Tuna Fever Charters since I can do that from my phone but not this - strange but true. We will be back on Monday! Tight Lines!

Its blowing today - Maxwell and Steve met Ralph and his crew on the boat this morning but it was already blowing 25 and getting worse offshore. Looks like tomorrow will be better and maybe our tuna will blow back into town overnight. Maxwell is headed to the back doctor for another shot in his L4 in the morning so we will leave the rest of the fleet to find the fish tomorrow! Tight Lines!

So today it was dolphin if you do and the Mckinnon family had a great day with the extra large bailers! You gotta love that! Looks like it might blow tomorrow..hmmm. Tight Lines!

Okay so we chased all over the ocean today looking for a catch and man, was she turned upsidedown after that hurricane! BUT Maxwell and Steve managed to find the dolphin - unfortunately dolphin is not what our crew today was looking for. I hate to be a hater but maybe next year they will catch their 800 pounds of red meat on another boat. Hehe! I feel better! Tight Lines!

back in the water today and headed for the Fishing Center!

Billy worked on his curtains today - had a few restitched while Kate and I did some clean up at the house. Not much to the storm but it flooded - it always does! Tight Lines and Happy Fourth of July!

All tied up at Spencers and ready for Arthur to do his business. Billy is working on installing a new greenstick - we will see what the storm does and if he can put it on before he heads back to the Inlet. Tight Lines@

A great day of dolphin fishing for our neighbor Dwayne Daigle and his family. They had a really good time as always and apparently the "friend and family" rule does not apply to Dwayne - but we have yet to bag his illusive sailfish! Guess he will have to go out again! hehe Tight Lines!

So right now its dolphin if you do to the southern and tuna if you're lucky to the eastward. Today it was Dolphin if you do for Jennifer Chase and her crew. She will be back for tuna and t-shirts! haha! Tight Lines!