Archived Reports

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A limit of beautiful dolphin today for the Tuna Fever! Nice!! Tight Lines!

Had Hurricane Wayne for his second day today and it was just as good! Nice 40 plus pounders and plenty for the crew Tight Lines!

Now you know Hurricane Wayne Kinnemon would find the yellowfin today - and he did. Lots of em too and nice 40 plus pounders. I love it!! Tight Lines!

A great mixed bag for Robert Youngblood and his crew today and nows not the time for mixed bags either - they must be some lucky dudes! A very nice catch of dolphin and a yellowfin for each of the boys today! Tight Lines!

Pat and his crew got in their second trip of the week - this time with Capt Billy and they did it again - a fine catch of fat yellowfin - You gotta love that!! Tight Lines!

Maxwell sent me a picture of Scott Dickie's catch today and it looked like some nice yellowfin - not too many - and a near limit of gaffers. Mixed Bag - here we go..I'll update with any more deets! Tight Lines!

So I took Billy up to Norlfolk today for a shot in his L$- or rather in between his L4 and L5...poor boy has got the nerve pain running bad and couldn't hardly stand last night. Many Thanks to Capt Backlash, Danial Davis for running the boat today and special love to Pat Caulwell and his crew for fishing with that weird SOB..hehe...Hopefully Billy will be back out with you guys on your trip Thursday. Anyway Steven and Backlash got the funk off pretty quick with a fat 100 pound yellowfin (first fish) and nice catch of fifty pounders, I think they had some dolphin and released a white. Congrats to Pat and Pat Keller respectively on their excellent angling abilities! Great mixed bag for the fleet today - fat wahoo - lots of whites and blues (like 40 some released!) and lots of fish for everyone!! Tight Lines!

Slow fishing for most of the fleet today - its the friends and family curse --- at 2:30 Maxwell and Steve had one tuna in the box for Trey and Harriet Byrum and their crew. Many thanks to Jason Sadler for calling the Tuna Fever to some whales and Maxwell pulled out the day with lines out at 4:30 PM. You gotta love it!! Tight Lines!

I had some serious phone failures so I didn't get any pics up on Facebook today but Billy and Steven had a great catch with Mike Littlejohn and his crew - always lucky those boys...must be livin right - anyway nice yellowfin. MMM! Tight Lines!

Okay so finally something else to talek about - the curse of the weekend warriors - a beautiful Saturday today and while Kate and I were in Raleigh (she was doing public speaking at the 4H State competition) Billy's sciatica nerve (sp?) got the better of him so I called him on the sat phone and you know what he told me - he was just trying to make it through the day without running into somebody! Ouch - that's no good but they made it through - lots of throwbacks today abd lots of action for Rick Crupi and the gang - and they caught their tuna too. I love it - now lets fix Maxwell's back..get him, Abbott! Tight Lines!

Good tuna fishing again today for Billy Kline who already had a great day earlier this month - I think he had dolphin last time though. This yellowfin will set nicely next to it in the freezer!! Woot Woot! Tight Lines!

Escaped the jinx of "family and friends" today with John and his crew from Va Beach - but he always does good and he did good again today - this tuna bite is phenominal and we love it!! Tight Lines!

Great fishing again today - fifty pound yellowfin and plenty of them for the whole fleet. These days are precious!! Thanks to Patrick and the gang for fishing today. Tight Lines!

Headed home today at 9:30 - wow. with a box full of yellowfin - nice for Jim Ward and his crew! Tight Lines!

Hauled out at Spencer Yachts this morning and here is what Maxwell and Steven found: The rudder port was unseated and inside a worm had built a two-story condo with a really nice kitchen and custom shower with three jet heads. hehe..seriously Billy had to shoot the torch up inside the hole to make sure that sucker was dead. The prop had a massive ding - hence the vibrations - and the hull had a pretty big scrape right down the middle. Maxwell figures it for a turtle - he hit it near the bow and bounced it off till midship where it scraped all the way down hit the prop and got deflected off the rudder. The rudder got welded the rudder port and prop replaced and the boys were back home at the Inlet by sundown. Phew! I love it!! Thanks to Paul Patel who went out on the Outrigger today for understanding that sometime (when you are taking on water) you have to haul! Tight Lines!

Happy Fathers Day to all and to Jeff Masters who has the luckiest boys in the world - Lake, Hunter and Fisher caught up the 50 pound class yellowfin and had the Tuna Fever home early today. Unfortunately Maxwell got his "Two" when he hit something submerged and picked up a vibration and took on some water for the rest of the day - off to Spencers this evening for a haul in the morning! Tight Lines!

Okay fishing has officially gone completely off the chizang!!! (whatever that is but it sounds good). So the Marshburn Crew topped the box off without even catching a limit - those 50 plus pounders can fill that box you know even though it is the biggest fish box in the Inlet! And then Bobby and Ken Daniel turned around and hooked a couple big eye - 107 and 140 pounds respectively!!! Wow..what a phenominal day of fishing!! Tight Lines!

Home early with a box of yellowfin - no this is not copied from yesterday - it's just TUNA TIME!!! hey Congrats to Elizabeth McCollough on fighting a sailfish to a clean release - way to go Lady and many thanks to Robert and the whole crew for playing today!! Nice fat fish!! Tight Lines!

Home early with a box of yellowfin!! Congrats to John Cale on his fat Big Eye...141 pounds!!!! Tight Lines!

It was dolphin if you do today and not a tuna in sight. Who would have ever thought?? Tight Lines!

A great day of fishing for Jason and his crew. Tuna Tuna Tuna!! I love it!! Tight Lines!

Double booked today. Ouch that hurts. My biggest apologies go out to Ed Combs who was the MAN and decided to fish with my good buddy Capt Brian. I am sure he had a fabulous day. Billy took the kids and caught a nice mess of yellowfin and some big eye. Tight Lines!

Had the boys from Caterpillar out in Garner today. Nice catch of fish for Jud and the boys!! Tight Lines!

Blown out today!

Fat fifty pounders and two big eye today - congrats to Rob and Paul Sager tipping the scales at 143 and 115 respectively! Nice job boys! - oh, also two fat gaffers! Tight Lines!

Fat 50 pounders today and the Tuna fever was on 'em...until....Neal Schefer hooked a blue one and fought it to a clean release - and hour later and how ever many miles away! But Maxwell put the boys back on the fish - congrats to Little Man on his first yellowfin and congrats to the whole crew on a phenominal catch!!! Tight Lines!

Okay so Maxwell and Steve had a struggle today - apparently their bait was washing out too fast and they didn't catch theirs as fast as the other boats but I think our fish were bigger anyway. Hehe . Congrats to Thomas Teague on his fat BIG EYE - 137 pounder - yeah, Baby!!! And to all the boys on their fabulous fat yellowfin and one gaffer. Nice! Tight Lines!

Blown out for the first day of June! But nine boats went and caught up the yellowfin - nice! Tight Lines!