Archived Reports

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Johnathan and his crew had a rough one today but managed a little bit of a funky slam - grouper, tile a yellowfin and a few dolphin. Isn't that a something mixed was a smallish bag but it was mixed up! Tight Lines!

Rough, rough, rough. Steven put on his pirate hat today and Scott and his crew were real Vikings today. I mean Maxwell says they finally found some dolphin to bail and when he turned the boat down sea the boys were basically just snatching them out of the wave and into the cockpit. Wow!! lets have a big hand for the fearless! hehe Tight Lines!

Nice dolphin for Russell and his boys today - and they took over the pit..Steven got a break as the crew gaffed the gaffers and worked over the baits. I love it!! Tight Lines!


Tough fishing all over today. Billy called when he got in range to tell me that it was so bad that the Tuna fever had 7 gaffers in the box up until about half hour from lines out - all of a sudden they got covered up with gaffers and David Mullholland and his crew pulled out a limit right there in the bottom of the ninth! Amazing blessing for the boys and there were enough fish to call over a couple other boats that hadn't gotten their catch. Woot Woot! Tight Lines!

I love to get to do this - The Fisher's wrote their own it is! Having fished offshore for the last 15 years on private as well as charter boats I have seen a lot of approaches and was totally impressed by the experience that Billy and his first mate Steve treated us to. The day started out with Billy asking us what we wanted to catch (we said Mahi and he said he could do that). Then as we made our way out to the fishing grounds Steve got things rigged up and told us about what he was doing and gave us some tips on fighting the fish and how to catch the gaffer Mahi on the pitch rods (soooo much fun!!!!). When we started fishing we got into a few fish right away (nice gaffers) but things dried up after 20-30 min so Billly went to work finding better water and he found a temperature break that held plenty of gaffer mahi and a sprinkling of tuna (just enough for sushi). When the mayhem started we all had a great time and Steve and Billy worked as a team to keep us on the fish until we were beat, we couldn't reel anymore and we asked him to call it a day (41 gaffers and 3 fat tunas and no room in the box). The experience was awesome, to look behind the boat and see 10-20 large Mahi darting around just looking for the next pitch bait, it was a real adrenaline rush and the whole time Steve and Billy kept things organized with baits in the water and lines un-crossed, it was pure brilliance. They made the trip excellent from all perspectives, they were thoughtful, considerate, pleasant, taught us about what they were doing to find and catch the fish and just knew their craft so well that it was a great day from every perspective. I just wanted to pass this complement along because there are many good fisherman in the world but very few great ones like Steve and Billy. We will be back. Thank you, Galen H Fisher and crew from Richmond VA Tight Lines, Galen and thanks for our first Sail of the season!

I don't have any details for today but Maxwell and Steven had Toby and his crew again today and the boys got in s couple yellowfin, a nice catch of gaffers and two fat Big Eye!! One was taller than Toby and he ain't nothing to sneezy at! I'll update when I get some numbers from Billy...Tight Lines! Update - I have the citations in my had - George Inge's Big Eye was 179 pounds and Michael Vangheem's tipped the scales at 104...super nice!

Toby Jones and his crew must have gotten a lucky charm from the Simrad boys because their gaffer fishing was the best Maxwell has ever had. Good news - Trophy Hunter Kennith went north (like a true Viking facing the rough) and found the yellowfin so they are still here but we went south for a better ride and it was still the roughest day this year and fell into Dolphin Heaven. Good job, Boys! Tight Lines!

A handfull of gaffers for John Stillwell and his crew today and the boys got some tuna action but some throwbacks - they did manage a few BLTs and that's a good thing - hey we also boated our first Wahoo of 2014 today!! A true Carolina mixed bag!! Many thanks to John and his crew for hosting the Simrad Team today - Luke and his crew put on some new electronics last night and shot a new commercial today - cool! Tight Lines!

Well Maxwell fished from the 650 up to the 700 and then back down to the 630 today and picked grass the whole entire time!! Oh noo!! But the boys had a great day!! 19 fat gaffers and 6 nice yellowfin in the box...5 throwbacks too!! The new electronics will be installed by Simrad tonight and the boys will be trying them out tomorrow. Tight Lines!

Beautiful gaffers and a nice five pack of yellowfin for Dr Richard today. Those tuna look good sized to me too..Haven't seen Maxwell tonight to ask but I'd say they are knockin on 40 pounds each...tight lines!

Tuna oh yeah baby! Also some dolphin for Will and the boys - you gotta love the mixed bag! Congratulations to David Young and Ryan Story on their groupers - 24 and 22 pounds respectively...well, you know they do live at the bottom of the Gulf Stream...and thanks for the snacks - what a fine dinner I had tonight! Tight Lines!

Gaffers, tile fish and an enormous snowy grouper for George kline and his crew today. The grass is about to drive Maxwell nuts so I can't image what Kelly is hearing over dinner with Steve these days! haha. Okay back out in the blue tomorrow - tight lines!

Okay so Maxwell says he picked enough grass today to fill our living room - and I ain't braggin' but that's a lot of grass! Now add to that the grass that's Steven picked and man oh man it was grassy out there. Dolphin fishing was a little more scattered (like the grass) but our boys eneded up with a beautiful catch - not as many as last week but huge fish all the same. Congrats to Bill Smith or Salem Virginia on his whopping 38 pounder. Nice fish!! And many thanks to Dan Tillary and the boys for playing today. Looks like a lot of wind with the thunderstorms tomorrow - not sure whats going to happen (I do not do weather) And hey is you haven't done it go to our facebook page just search Tuna Fever and check out the video on the wall - pat and his friends made it from bluefinning this march and over 18,0000 people have seen it! pretty cool!!! Tight Lines!

Theres a big moon out tonight!! Scrappier fishing today but we got our dolphin and Doug Hamilton and his family were happy for it. Billy spent his day with the kids in the bridge and swears that you regular fishermen ask more questions than the kids did...hehe ... you know he loves it! Might blow a little toward weeks end but not too bad.,.Tight Lines!

The best dolphin fishing so far for Rex Coffin and his crew. Scrappy for some of the boats though. Thanks to Smoker for the grouper for dinner tonight mmmmm - and back to the boys - congrats to Robert Coffin on his 47 pounder...that's a tournament money fish, man!! I love it!!! If I could figure how to get the picture out of my phone (technical difficulties) then you would see that bad boy held aloft of a dock full of gaffers. Weee - summer is coming!!! Tight Lines!

Happy Mothers Day - we are off today and tomorrow - back in the blue on Tuesday!

Gasper's dolphin are here in full force and we are loving it. Gaffers by the boat load for Christopher Miles and the boys - it was a little on the rough side today but that Spring, happens! Tight Lines!

Phenominal dolphin fishing today for Rick Babjeck and the crew. South bound again for the other other white meat. Tight Lines!

So the word from Uncle Charoles is that fishing started slow on the 280 rocks but got better as the day went by yesterday and the Trophy Hunter and Smoker had some yellowfin bites - nice ones- up on the 700 line. We are back in the blue tomorrow and ready to fill the box!! We have Mothers Day which is Sunday and Monday the 12th open and then we are full up until July so if you want some spring fish in the fridge call up at home! Tight Lines!

A little slower fishing today but pretty good overall for the fleet. Gaffers and yellowfin and some of the boys looked for some tiles down south. Nice Tight Lines!

I'm stepping back in time and updating after our very successful trip to NE Districts - Kate did great..second place overall in Hunter Jumpers and Champion in Western - and the Friedmans did what they said they were going to do today - excellent fishing for the brothers and their crew - yellowfin and dolphin..can't beat that!