Archived Reports

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Oh my - so it was rough as *&%% today for Bill Hartwell and his crew - good sports all! Not much catching to speak of - lots of fishing though...the boys put a nice gaffer in the box and released an 83 inch Bluefin - congrats to Ben Plummer on a great catch!! More wind tomorrow so Maxwell and Steve are to the dock but we will be back out on Friday - Peter and his brother have put in an order for yellowfin and the weird thing is they are one of those groups that usually catch what they want. Funky - and I hope I didn't just jinx them! Kate and I are off to the 4H Northeast District competition on Friday so check facebook over the weekend for the report...Ill update the website when I get home - fingers crossed for Kate and her ponies! Tight Lines! PS: we are open next week on Monday through Thursday - if the Friedman's do get what they want fishing should be good next week...after that we are open on May 11 and 12 then June 23 and the next open days are in July...

Fishing a change on the 775 and 780 and guess who was there - Bluefin! Oh my..okay so the boys got in the Bluefin today and released an 83 incher and boxed a 62 yellowfin today but the Kammel family managed to boat a nice big eye - how about that?! hehehe..pretty cool. Congrats Brian on the awesome angling skills! Tight Lines!

East of the Inlet on the 750 in 300 fathoms today and we got a nice mixed bag - good sized yellowfin and some almost gaffers. And congrats to Mario Pena who released a 95 inch Bluefin! Amazing - you never get Bluefin and yellowfin on the same day...Tight Lines!

The first day for the Ray Kerber group today and the Tuna fever went south to find...not a whole lot. But it was killer bottom fishing for tiles and sea bass and there were a few yellofin in the afternoon. Not too shabby after the blow - east of the Inlet tomorrow...tight lines!

Happy Eatsre everyone! Heres the update - it is still blowing. I can't even believe it - this thing hit at 10:10 PM last Tuesday and it has been blowing over 30 since and gusting as high as in the 60s...its steady 30 now and gusted 38. I'm just shaking my head.....hold onto your hats.

More monsters to the northeast for Thomas Jenkins and his crew today - Billy said it was amazing!!! Details on Monday..stand by..

Great fishing today for Gerry keller and his crew - I have details from Billy but I am away this weekend so I am trying to do this quick..deets on Monday!! Promise!! Anyway the boys found the big ones - and I mean BIG..Billy says these made the 103 incher he released look like a baby! Steven is fit to be tied though - couldn't get any close enough to the boat to harpoon and giant season ends today! We can still boat the under 300 pounders ish ones but no more landings in the 500 pound range. Stinks but 5 1/2 hours of fighting monsters was too cool today!! Tight Lines!

Back in the blue today and down south looking for a blackfin..none about so the Ryon family hit the tile fish hole for a beautiful limit and loved it. They also saw a sperm whale who pulled a national geographic with his gigantic tail! Cool! Tight Lines!

Good fishing today for Maxwell and his crew. They picked off a fluke (not a flounder just a weird unintentional misplaced fish) 68 incher in the morning and then no one had a bite...not like yesterday at all...but the porpoise moved out and I suppose the Bluefin with them. later in the day the fleet found the fish on a 5 degree change with the porpoise on the 810 and 800. The Tuna Fever crew released 3 more fat 52 inchers and all is good. Back out again tomorrow (in the rough) but who would turn down good Bluefin fishing! Tight Lines!