Archived Reports

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Skunkins. Yesterday and today. Poor Billy is horrified but the Hettingers and their crew will be coming back this summer for fish. BTW they had a couple of our very best days last March...hehe...we will be ready for you when it warms up! Blowing here - couples days. Tight Lines!

Slower action today for Josh Hettinger and his dad - its Josh's birthday weekend so hopefully tomorrow will pay off big time. Anyway - those fish moved fast overnight and while there were marks there were no bites. I will get more details from Maxwell tomorrow. Tight Lines!

Okay so the good news for the recreational guys (that's us) is that the season closes today. No more Wicked Tuna no more boats from all over the place ..a lot less pressure on the fish. The commercial boys had a great time with the fish I think and made some money so good one em!!! Congrats go out to the Fishing Frenzy with Capt Greg mayer and Mate Nick Grabowitzky (sorry butchered that) for winning Wicked Tuna!!! Today Craig Bauer and his crew had a great day with a lot of marks east of the inlet between the 772 and the 735. Some of us tried our green sticks today after no bites from the marks and that didn't work - Maxwell says the fish are too big so it was back to trolling but the work finally paide off with Craig rleasing and 82 incher and Roy Way releasing a 103 incher - big fish!!!! Maxwell is still looking for the 105 incher to kill. Anyway, the xcrew even took home a little meat - a dangling outrigger picked off a 25 pound yellowfin! Our first of the season!! Tight Lines!

Good fishing today for Sonny and the boys. Let me see - released two and boated one! Ralph Simmons got the citation for the 80 incher and its cool because he and his wife Linda run the electrical for Weaver Yachts (nice) - they were dumbfounded and in love I assume with the simplicity of a BB Boat! Back out tomorrow - lots of marks like last week. Wish us luck! Tight Lines!

Okay so Maxwell changed his clothes - back into his ratty old lucky favorites - and he got rid of the new pillows (get him to tell you that story when you fish this year) and he and I had a little private meeting about fishing last night and VOILA! Good fishing on the Tuna Fever today! Congrats to Mark Denny who released an 82 incher and to Michael Tirakis who released a 102 incher (that's a full 500pounds!!!). Billy's marker is 105 inches for his one time per year giant permit so if you'd like to try now is the time. The big ones were jumping out of the water today!! Okay and the other cool thing is that Danny Shots stepdad who was fishing with Maxwell used to live next door to Billy's mom..weird and almost everyone graduated from Bayside. Ole Home Week (day). Hehe. Back in the blue soon - weather the next few days...Tight Lines!

Beautiful day bad fishing for the Tuna fever. Once again excellent marks and a few mo0re fish were caught today but the fish didn't bite for the most part. Maxwell said the commercial boats got their bites at about sundown last night so it could be a moon thing. Better luck (PLEASE!) tomorrow! Tight Lines!

Billy said he marked 3 miles of fish today. Conditions similar to last week but the boys didn't catch em- well one boy did..Uncle Haywood and the crew on the Rigged Up boated one giant 500LBS Plus and one small for the rest of us? Nada! A skunking! Tight Lines!

Blowing today and tomorrow too from the looks of it. We may get back out on Friday - stand by! Tight Lines!

Slower fishing today - the fish moved north a good shot and Maxwell says there were about 70 boats out there on them. The Tuna Fever got some marks - no bites and congrats go out to Capt Aaron on the Outrigger - the one boated fish out of the whole mess of us! Tight Lines!

Our first day was a great day. We had action on the Bluefin and Maxwell called this morning to say they had missed one, broken off another and boated one at 62 inches. Before the day was over Mark and his crew released a 78", a 90" and a 100" !! Pretty cool. Out again tomorrow and open for charter next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday...wanna go?! Tight Lines!

The Tuna Fever is finally back in her slip at the Fishing Center!! Special thanks to everyone that helped take her apart and put her back together this winter...and big love out to Capt Maxwell who has been killing himself to get her ready. You will notice from the pictures that he didn't fix the lucky broken window but fixed or replaced just about everything else on board except the engine and our Simrad electronics! Nothing but the best for you guys you know! So there have been some Bluefin in the area - its not the hog killing we had in the winter of '12 but we really haven't gotten into season yet either. Maybe they will thicken up in the next couple weeks. So we have only one Saturday left for Bluefin - March 15. April is shaping up good and we do have some days left for early season yellowfin...gotta see what the Labrador does this year with all that northern snow. May is booking up fast - only 8 days left (Mothers day is one) and June is about the same. Now you might remember that July last year was kicking!! Big Eye, fat yellowfin and the weather in July is almost the G-Word..I won't say it out load..Billy will shoot me! Fall weekends are starting to fill..pretty cool..and in November Maxwell is taking off one weekend for a wedding (don't tell him) so he will be short a Saturday and Sunday. That's all I know! Tight Lines!