Archived Reports

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Just a note to say THANKS for a fabulous year! Maxwell was blown out over the weekend so it turns out that James Hittle and his boys were our last trip for 2014. Billy heads for the knife tomorrow - he is going to get his back fixed and he will be home on Wednesday. If you come to the Outer Banks this winter be sure to stop by the boat shop and check it out - and follow along on Face Book search for BB Boats Inc Tight Lines!

Really great fishing today for James and his crew. The boys managed to get out and in the Inlet with no trouble and put 9 blackfin and 7 nice yellowfin in the box. Congratulations as well on a blue marlin release! Not bad for November! Tight Lines!

Some days are diamonds and some are stone and that's pretty much what Doug and the boys got today...which really stinks because they are favorites of Billy's (actually you are all favorites but this one hurt a little). 3 tuna overall and the boys chased all over the ocean. It was a tough day for most of the fleet. Tight Lines!

Fat yellowfin today for Mike Walker and the gang. Not as many as we like to see but a nice catch anyway! Tight Lines!

Billy finally made it! He was voted Captain of the Year tonight at the East West banquet. Way to go, Cap!

That Bayer Crop luck was on full charge today and Randy and his crew cleaned up on the yellowfin. What a sight to see! 136 pound big eye and a dock full of fat yellowfin. SWEET!!! Tight Lines!

Finally a dock full of huge yellowfin and a nice fat wahoo on top. Check out the picture I just posted in the gallery - you won't believe it!!! Billy has the 11th, 12th and 13th open then he is off the boat having back surgery on the 18th. Call us to book a day before our season is over! Tight Lines! PS: FOR BRAD The yellowfin were scattered from the tip of the Point all the way to the 500 line. picked off one or two at a time..bigger fish on the lower end.

Blowing again today but hoping to get out tomorrow. Looking at good weather on Wednesday and Thursday at least. Yay! Tight Lines!