Archived Reports

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Nice blackfin today for Randy and the gang. Gotta love it - and a dolphin too! Tight Lines!

Did a lot of traveling today for five bites!! In the end it was three huge wahoo that really made the day but you gotta give a nod to the two fat yellowfin that found their way in the box. Actually we were batting 100% in the end! Tight Lines!

Rough as a cob today but Greg Brown's boys were a bunch of Vikings! Five blackfin and one fat wahoo ( I think it tipped the scale over 40 pounds) and they will be eating that sucker for a while!! Tight Lines!

5 huge wahoo, a handful of dolphin and some blackfin - wow that's a mixed bag - and when I say huge wahoo - I really mean it. Nice job for Bob and the boys! Tight Lines!

A few fat yellowfin and some blackfin today for james, Ron and the crew. Saying good bye to Steven today (sniff) he has got a chance to longline this winter on a great boat with Capt Matt and apparently longlining is on his bucket list. Be safe my friend - see you in the spring! Tight Lines!

A great catch of dolphin today for Pete and the boys. Maxwell also found some blackfin but no yellowfin today. Hmmmm. Well we will keep on looking - that's all:-) Tight Lines!

6 to 9 foot seas with 15 to 20 out of the north east. Nasty!

Got in the fish today - nine nice yellowfin for Julian Snow and the gang. Looks like we will be blown out for the next couple days. Stay tuned. Tight Lines!

Scrappy fishing today but we came up with a decent catch of tuna for John and the boys. Could have been worse I guess. hehe. Tight Lines!

Thar she blows!

Some blackfin, a few yellowfin and sail that died in the fight. Im not putting up the pictures cuz I will catch hell anyway. Greg and the boys had a good day! Tight Lines!

Blowing again for us today - some of the fleet headed out but it was nasty and not much to write home about. Tight Lines!


A real Carolina mixed bag today...tuna, dolphin and a wahoo. I love it. One wahoo and a few each of the others but we caught a lot of grass too! Tight Lines!

Slow fishing on the whole for the fleet today - Maxwell says that it was slick calm and about a zillion boats out there - thankfully he and Steve pulled off some magic early for Jim Mantion and his crew - a few blackfin, a few fat yellowfin and a few dolphin - mixed bag baby! Tight Lines! Oh next Wednesday is open!

Blowing today.

Good enough fishing for Ron and his boys - they called last night and decided to go today - A few really fat yellowfin - coming on 50 is my guess - a few blackfin and a nice 42 pound wahoo! Oh yeah - they lost another buge wahoo in the fight but that's some good eatin right there! Tight Lines!

Back in the blue tomorrow - still open for Wednesday but we got booked up next week- nice. October 21 and 22, 28, 29 and 30 are still open. Tight Lines!

No sponsor today and the month of October is looking good for anyone who wants a mid-week trip. Weekends are booked for the rest of our season but we would love to take you on a Wednesday or a Thursday! Tight Lines!