Archived Reports

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No word yet on the Bluefin. The Tuna Fever is still on the hill and we are waiting for our new gear now scheduled to arrive in America on Feb 4. I promised Billy to get some pictures up here - hope you all have been following on Face Book - of the work he has done. He is cutting new carpet today for the saloon and has replace a rotten part of the pray rail and guard...we got a new shaft and he had to rebed the strut. Busy Busy. Yesterday he started working on a Carolina Yacht called Recovery Room doing some warrenty work and he has finished a lot of yard work on the Wadamacallit and on Doc Blakemore's boat. Bookings are coming in almost every day and it looks like 2014 will be a great year - pick your day and give me a call - or you can book on line at the Fishing Center Tight Lines!