Archived Reports

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We have a stretch of beautiful weather coming this week and WE HAVE HAD A CANCELLATION FOR THURSDAY!!! Billy is beside himself but is guaranteeing a good time for anyone who would like to call the Fishing Center and book Thursday - 252-441-6301!!!

Okay since it is blowing and will blow on Saturday I thought I would share this email I got. Its pretty cool and I love it that you guys will take the time to share your thoughts with us..I uploaded about 15 new testimonials today but this one takes the cake I think... This is probably the highest compliment that can be paid to any Captain, Mate and boat. It is not from me personally but I am repeating it for you to seriously consider when selecting a "off shore" boat trip. We had a literal huge day catching fish until the TUNA FEVER was stopped by the Coast Guard for a spot check boarding at sea. OMG I am telling you we got boarded by the CG 37 miles off shore. The compliment comes from the Coast Guard Officer after the spot check boarding. The Captain had all the papers in order. The safety Equipment was in perfect shape. The CG officer noted there were more life jackets than necessary. The Captain said to the CG officer "Sometimes we get a boat load of children and they need a range of child size life jackets". As a grand pa of 6 grand kids that simple honest quote choked me up. I sat inside and watched everything that happened. The CG were total business serious professionals. Everything was ship shape, every thing in order, extra safety equip for kids. The CG officer complimented the Captain and then gave him a Gold colored document that he called a "GOOD as GOLD" certificate. The Tuna Fever Captain can show that if they are boarded for any CG inspection for the next half year. It is an outstanding rating, the highest a ship can achieve. Please note this CG Boarding was after labor day, after a long hard busy season when just maybe there might have been some small issues needing to be corrected. The "GOOD as GOLD" document says more about the TUNA FEVER and the Captain than any of the many "thank you we had a fun day" letters you may read. This retired College Prof has decided TUNA FEVER is my favorite. Sure, we caught a boat load of TUNA that day but best of all I learned the TUNA FEVER is "GOOD AS GOLD". Thank you Captain. Thank you,and May God bless you and send you on many fruitful fishing days and glorious calm seas. Lou Szari Richmond Virginia

Thar she blows. ARRRGGGGH...hehe - that's for Steven Tight Lines!

Okay so fishing picked back up again today - not for the tuna..none of them around today...but when Chris and his crew got a taste of the dolphin salad I set fishing with Billy today they didn't yearn for any red meat - it was dolphin if you do, Baby - and they did! A nice limit of those green and yellow miracles of the sea and 4 (count 'em 1-2-3-4) white marlin for the gang. Not bad at all! Congrats to anglers Todd Cashman, Chris, Stephen and the lovely and mighty Tamma...nice job on the billfish and enjoy that salad!!! Oh, and thanks for the filets for Stuart (he is our corgie and his kidneys are only allowing fish as a garnish to the $3 a can prescription - please don't tell Capt Billy - dog food that certainly does not taste like it costs that much because it must be slathered in fish every night. Haha! poor Stuart, I hope I come back as my dog!) Blowing tomorrow and Saturday..Tight Lines!!!

Slower fishing today for Mike and his crew but the tuna were a little bigger judging by the picture! White marlin bite slower a little bit more for the fleet again today - I think they might be moving to Venezuela or something. hehe. Its going to blow maybe tomorrow - maybe we will make it to Friday before the wind sets in..stay tuned! Tight Lines!

Great tuna fishing for the Tuna fever today! A limit of yellowfin, 2 blackfin and one dolphin for Peter Kolin and his family. They just picked us out of the crowd on their vaca this year and many many thanks for that! Looks like theres some wind coming toward the end of the week and Maxwell has been busy moving his groups around so I am not sure whats what - but it'll report and you decide! haha! Tight Lines!

A great day in the rain was had by all. Thanks to Randy Wilson for asking Kate and I along for the day!!! 3 for 4 on whites (the marlin fishing slowed today top boat had six) and it rained all day long but it was good to be on the water with my MAN!! Off tomorrow (15 - 20 NE) and out again Tuesday..Tight Lines!

Haven't talked with Maxwell tonight to get the report but I got a picture that was filled with nice sized dolphin and I suspect it was my fan John Stilwell who dropped a bad of dolphin in my fridge. Stuart thanks you - he is on a strict diet (bad kidneys) and can only have fish as a garnish! Anyway Dolphin if you do! Another good one on whites and I will update this with some numbers when I see Billy..Tight Lines!

Excellent fishing for the fleet today - the white marlin are still countless (well almost!) and some dolphin came around today for our make up group. The hot water shoved out so the tuna did too but we got a few yellowfin for the group and a a white one too. Hooked a blue one - maybe foul hooked Maxwell says - and pulled him off and Billy says they saw a tiger shark maybe 800 to 1000 pounds eating a mako shark on the surface. THAT is cool. Someone is suppose to send some pictures...I hope they do. You know Billy will take pictures on the dock but never catches anything when he shoots a camera offshore...he even bought a Go Pro this year which rode on the Tuna Fever twice to two skunkins...its now in my office and Kate wants me to glue it to her riding helmet...hummm...tight lines!

Okay so today may have been the marker for the best white marlin fishing in history. Double Digit white ones and congrats go out to Capt Fin on the Qualifier - top boat today with 29 releases and to Uncle Haywood on the Rigged Up who got 25! Amazing!!!! Meanwhile the Tuna Fever was off doing what we do best. We found the yellowfin - nice and 10 of them too and a 203 pound Big Eye horsed to the deck by David Erhardt Jr of Greensburg, PA!! Go Dave ! That's some serious angling and one tough guy..hehe only pickin. Well the boys are back in the blue tomorrow with a make up and we picked up a trip for Sunday too. Now I need to fill up Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week - call me up!! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows! You know it just occurred to me that that line originally meant "WHALE" but now it means "NOREASTER". haha. Well its blowing and hopefully Maxwell and Steven will get back out tomorrow - we are open on Friday as well. We are also open next week Sunday through Wednesday - Marlin fishing should be red hot after this wind and the next week on Monday the 30th and Wednesday October 2nd - can you believe its October??? Come on and give us a call - lets fill up Maxwell's days and make him Happy Happy Happy! Tight Lines!

Blowing yesterday so David and the boys held over another day for some marlin fishing today and they cleaned up! 11 whites and a Blue one for the gang and that is the stuff dreams are made of. Way to go Steven and the crew for some fine angling! Tight Lines!

It was slow going all day for David Thompson and his crew on the tuna. The boys wanted meat and poor Maxwell was beside himself not catching much of anything - a pick here a pick there this am. And then - at the bottom of the ninth - Maxwell saw some birds working just as he decided to pull it all in and head for home. Those birds held the promise of a new days of fishing at 2:30 no doubt! haha - David and his crew got a nice catch. Blowing tomorrow so the boys will fish again on Saturday! Tight Lines!

Well I haven't spoken to Maxwell but the picture he sent shows a nice catch of tuna - yellowfin mostly or all and a few really fat ones - 60 pounders at least. Way to go Wheeler Family! T Maxwell is still open for this Sunday and next Friday (the 20th) Tight Lines!

Off today but Billy ditched school with Kate and had some fun skateboarding in Virginia Beach for her b-day! Nice! Back out tomorrow! Tight Lines!

So Maxwell is wondering where his tuna went. "Something is changing" is all he kept saying over and over and kinda shaking his head. Weird but true! Well Mike Boyer and the boys didn't get their "tuna" but they got a tuna - haha - a 60 pounder that all of them will share and a fat blue marlin release! Woooweeee! Tight Lines!

Back in the blue today with the boys from Southport - Chad, Will, Gary and the Gregs(hehe) Hey cool thing - Will is a Harbor Pilot (thanks for the hat BTW) and brings in the huge ships to port which thrills Maxwell - neat. Anyway, it was yellowfin and Bluefin today on the tip of the Point...785 and 580. The marlin boats from here to Cape May Ney Jersey are smoking the white marlin!! Cool! Tight Lines!

Billoy and Steve got a day off today - and you know, Maxwell wasn't upset about it (I swear he is getting old) he was cool and relaxed - we went to breakfast and Lowes and then he went down to fix some things on the boat. Back in the blue tomorrow - white marlin fishing is off the chizang!!! But tuna fishing was good today too. Wonder which way the TUNA fever will go tomorrow?! haha! Tight Lines! Oh we are open on Wednesday Sept 11th!

Slower on the yellowfin but the Cawleys got enough and some dolphin on top - nice fish too..a couple 60 pounders in there. Congratulations to Gary on his white marlin release - awesome! Fishing for the meat on the 450 to the Point. Lots of blackfin out there too today! Tight Lines!

Limit of yellowfin today !!! Woowweeeeeee!!!!! Tight Lines!

Maxwell is off today - headed to New Bern for a fisheries meeting with the NCWU. Check your calendar though - we have some days open coming up...this Sunday and Wednesday then next Sunday (15th) and Friday (20th) then Sunday the 22nd through Wednesday the 25th. Call us at 252-473-1097 or the Fishing Center on line at ITS TUNA TIME!!!!

Make up today and Maxwell commented on the really nice folks staying up in Southern Shores...anyway the crew got their blackfin today and it was a little harder that yesterday but - they got em. Nice! We have days open coming up - Sunday the 8th and Wednesday the 11th then the 15th and the 20th the following week. October tuna fishing is filling up nicely so grab your day before they are all gone! Tight Lines!

Thanks to Don Hillman and the boys for playin today! A nd a good day was had by all - we don't know where those yellowfin got to overnight but the blackfin were plentiful and the boys filled the box with bigger than average tuna. Yeah!! Tight Lines!

Yellowfin today!! Wow and nice ones too. Thanks to Kennith for sending his neighbors with us today - Ann and her crew of locals had a great day and the Tuna Fever headed to the Point right off the bat to search for "something to eat" . haha - well they got their wish with a nice catch of blackfin first and then Maxwell spotted some birds working and managed 3 35 pound yellowfin on the stick. Then it was ballyhoos all around and fast trolling chasing the birds which did the trick - a limit on the box and home early!! Tight Lines!

Back to the Point today and back in the meat. An excellent catch of fat blackfin for 3 Dollar and 6 Dollar and the boys - missed you PNut...ain't wait to see the new house!! The crew fished the Point all day until finding a grass line outside and fished that about ten miles - up and out from the 610 to the 772 and 715...a limit of dolphin to go with the tuna...I love it!! We have some days open and as you can see the transitional blackfin tuna fishing is in full swing. They are smaller that yellowfin but just as delicicious! Dolphin if you do too. haha - anyway we are open Wednesday and Thursday this week and Sunday and Wednesday next week. Call us up - we will take you catching (haha) Tight Lines!