Archived Reports

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Blackfin on the Point today . Nice!! Maxwell fished the ledges and whatnot at the Point all day and picked off a really great catch. Excellent bachelor party for Brian and the boys...we love it! Tight Lines!

Slower fishing for us today - went looking for some white marlin and we found two but had a fabulous day anyway. Some flags to go with the meat for Bayer Crop! Blowing tomorrow! Tight Lines!

In the tuna today boys! Blackfin all around and I LOVE IT!!! I'll update with some deets as soon as I get them! Tight Lines!

Today we got a late start but it turned out to be okay for Mark, Chris, Lee and Miss Billy...on the 820 Maxwell found an east/west change and the dolphin - oh my - the crew managed a limit which is great and nice fish too - a mix of bailers and gaffers. They fished up as far as the 930 but doubled back for more meat. WEEEEEE! I love it. Marlin fishing is still pretty good - slowed a bit with the south west wind but its okay. We even had a white one on top of all those dolphin. Nice! Tight Lines!

Today Maxwell had Jimmy, Riley, Les and I think he said Chay but I could have that wrong - haha - so the crew wanted the meat today and that's where Maxwell went - lookin the meat. That's country! At the Point the good water had pushed off. They finally found some bonitas on a color change and picked down for about 3 and a half hours catching dolphin most of the way - a near limit for the group and that's nice. On the 600 they picked off four blackfin and started trolling up but didn't find the blue water till they were running home about 29 miles off the beach. Wow! Haha - but a great day and thanks for the dolphin!

Blown out!!! Billy has been busy around the house, bless his heart. I am thankful for a captain who can get some stuff down! Back in the ocean tomorrow! Tight Lines! Oh - don't forget we have days open in September..need to fill them up! Also October is filling up - only the 27th for weekend days and November is getting booked up too Grab your day before its gone!!

3 for 3 on those white ones today! Way to go Steven!! So the Tuna Fevere was up on the 790 and fished up to the 820 and found a lot of tournament boats up there - VBBT check it out on line - anyway, on top of the white ones Pierce and his brother and friends found a telephone pole and four other boats also caught their dolphin off it. We didn't get a limit but we got the bigger ones! haha! Congrats to anglers David, Matt and bailey on their releases. Tight Lines!

This one I got...probably because Maxwell told me he got his clock cleaned today by the white ones. "That fish will try your patience" is what he said...I am such an attentive wife today that I got a quote instead of cricket noises. hehehehe. Okay so Steve Hoy and his gang wanted the white ones and the ladies wanted something to eat and Steven aims to please so even though the boys were 5 for 15 (shhhhh) each of the boys - Brandon,Jeff, Stephen,the other Stephen and Steve - all released a white one! Cool. The Maxwell found a pizza box (Gotta love Pizza Hut Hand Tossed!) and underneath was enough fat dolphin for the girls - we even got a couple pieces here at home. Nice!! Maxwell fished between the 790 and 830 and we want to send huge love out to Capt Jessie on the Bi Op Sea who lent Maxwell a dredge a few days ago to use during this white marlin bite. Cool dock partner. Maxwell says the current was rockin down below and a couple boats got skunked down there today looking for tuna. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.! I am ready to start filling up days in September so check out the calendar at or call me at home! Tight Lines!

Great fishing today for John and the boys but no marlin cuz they didn't want 'em. Haha - you gotta love the meat heads and you gotta love being married because its the only time you can truly forget what your partner said to you and, somehow, they understand. I know Billy told me about his day because I know that the boys didn't want to go white marlin fishing but I am drawing a total blank on the rest of the story. Haha - don't tell him! Okay so in the picture John Mcnaught is grinning like a kid on Christmas so he must be happy with his two fat wahoo and mess of tilefish. Tight Lines!

Can you say marlin fever?! High boat today at the fishing center - 15 for 18 on whites! Nice!!! check out the gallery for a great shot of the Tuna Fever and the Rigged Up! Tight Lines!

Make up party today and we were 6 for 6 on dolphin and tuna! A nice catch for everyone to take home!! Tight Lines!

Well this morning Maxwell decided to head north and chase some of those bigger yellowfin people have been seeing up there. On the 800 line he found a nice break - 77.5 to 79.7 degrees and also found some birds working. Then he spotted some white marlin balling bait - pretty cool. The boys hooked up a fat dolphin - Billy says at least 35 pounds - but it pulled off right at the back of the boat..and not too long after Rex and his crew released their first white marlin. Congrats to anglers Christopher Choby, Jon Pieja, and Rex Cooper and congrats to Warren Ellis on his release and on his skill at the "teaser reel"! Nice job boys..5 for 8 on whites and the crew had a blast! Tight Lines!

No fishing today - it is super rough - and its Billys birthday. Sushi night!! Tight Lines!

Slow all over today except for the Outrigger and that's a funny story. Anyway - big love to the German group for sticking it out today - no mutiny which would have been perfectly understandable. The Tuna Fever started out on the 660 and the water had shoved out and left behind some nasty green mess..on the 650 at about 9 am the crew snagged a yellowfin and horsed a 50 pounder to the deck. Nice. After that...nada. Maxwell even ran to a little sign of life about 8 miles away on the 500 and by the time three boats got there the little bite was over. Even the commercial boats got ate p with sharks overnight when the water shoved out as fast as some have ever seen! Wow! Okay here s the funny part - but not so much - yesterday we got blown out so Maxwell booked Sean and his crew with Capt Aaron on the Outrigger today. Well Aaron hooked into a big eye firth this this morning - Maxwell could see him fighting it and that one tipped the scales at 120 pounds...later in the day Aaron picked off a wham of 4 yellowfin - the Tuna Fever got sacked up! Congrats to the Harts and many thanks to the Germans!!! Tight Lines!

No fishing today for us - it was blowing a gale offshore and, while disappointed, I am sure Sean and his friends are happier on shore. hehe. Hopefully they will rebook for another day. Spreaking of other days we are still open for Sunday - that's the 18th and Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 31st..then we are off to September. Tight Lines!

More tuna today although not as many as yesterday. Not sure what they ended up with cuz I haven't seen Maxwell but they had 7 in the box around 11 this morning. Update when he gets home - today he blew out one of his curtains so he is up in Currituck at Ernie's Canvas getting his curtains fixed. Tight Lines! HERES YOUR UPDATE - A LIMIT OF BLACKFIN...OKAY SO THERE IS NO SUCH THING BUT IF THOSE TUNA WERE YELLOWFIN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A LIMIT. And congrats to uncle Haywood on the Rigged Up - they weigher a blue one in the Pirate's Cove Tournament yesterday - got on the board and also got on the board with two yellowfin and I think a dolphin. Nice Day One!!!

A great day for Tony Cooch and his crew who picked us off the Internet! I love it! So Nichole and the gang had a fast paced day with TUNA at the Point (what??) and it was nice. 14 blackfin and 4 nice yellowfin. Woooweeee! The group called it quits mid day and the Fever was to the dock at 2:30 - nice because it was change the oil day and Steven got to work on some tackle as well. Honey Do Your Boat:-)Tight Lines!

A great day for Don, Stacie, Cheeta, Alicia and David. Maxwell headed to the Point but the water had shoved out so he headed for the office and it was 85 degrees with grass (wow) and so they looked for the dolphin all day to no avail. They did have some fun action though - 3 bonitas, 2 blackfin and 4 nice yellowfin kept the crew pretty busy. Fun and something to take home for supper! Tight Lines!

A good catch of dolphin today and a ton of boats out there. Maxwell is looking forward tyo the peace and quiet of the Pirate's Cove tournament next week! Anyway, Greg Brown and the boys were snackin on crayons when the fishing slowed and were lucky enough to pick off one fat 45 pounder on the kite. Nice! Tight Lines!

Good dolphin fishing today - Roman's grass came together overnight and Robert and his crew caught their limit off the first gras line. 1's and 2's so it took a while and Maxwell says all that time the crew was talking about dolphin tacos so he brough a little home and that's whats for dinner tomorrow! haha! Okay so after the dolphin the Tuna Fever headed for the tip of the Point and Steven put out the kite - the crew was 2 for 4 on the kite - nice 45 pound yellowfin (one shark bite off and one broke off) and then nothing so Steven tried the spreader bar (which one, I do not know) and they picked off another rfat yellowfin there. Nice! We are open for August 18, Sunday and then the 23rd, 30th and just got cancelled for a Saturday the 31st. And then we gotta work on September!! Call us at home to book your day 252-473-1097 or book on line at Tight Lines!

We started out this morning at the Point and fished to the southeast..the water was pulling off and a lovely scattered grass got left behind. suffice to say that Roman and his crew are expert grass pickers by now! It was a long day but in the end there were 2 wahoo, 2 dolphin and 6 yellowfin from BLTs to 30 pounds...a classic mixed bag! Tight Lines!

I haven't talked to Billy about fishing today but judging from Graeme's photos it was a good one! Looks like 3 50 pound yellowfin - 7 more about 25 to 30 pounds and a half limit of dolphin! Nice - who knows what else happened out there today..I will have to strike up a conversation with my spouse to find out. Tight Lines!

Another favorite family group today and while the fishing was slow overall the Hettinger luck and Maxwell's perserverence paid off with a limit of dolphin and some kind of shark. The boys started out on the 810 and followed Billys friend Chucky out to some fish that wouldn't bite - Maxwell thawed a flat of butters and th crew chunked for a while trying to get some action...they found some grass and caught 12 dolphin. Then it was on to the 807 and drifting down to the 808..chunking and no tuna. They found some more grass in 100 fathoms on the 700 line and caught 12 more dolphin then after about an hour picked off a school for their limit. Wow, what a day!! Tight Lines!

One of our longest running charters showed up a little late this morning...and then he dropped off his kids and went back to the house. Mickey had 5 vertebrae fused and isn't ready for prime time yet but Maxwell was happy to take the kids who he has known since they actually were kids (they are prtty much grown up now). They fished back and forth from the 600 to the 650 all day and managed to catch 8 nice yellowfin and 1 blackfin. Nice I love it...see you next time Mickey - get better fast! Tight Lines!

Okay it was a bad day for Maxwell today - on the phone he said something about passing a kidney stone and I didn't quite understand until I learned that he put in hours of trolling and changing up gear trying to make something happen for Tom Waitman and his family today. To no avail - the Tuna Fever came up with only one 28" yellowfin first thing in the morning and no man's land for the rest of the day. Way to take care of new business..haha..but some days are diamonds (Point Runner Danny had a 188 pound big eye and the Biopsy had 3 whites and a sail) and some days are stone (trust me - we were not alone today). We hope Tom will try his luck again next you need danny's number? Tight Lines!

A slower but productive day for Will Foxwell - at least it wasn't near as rough as the day he was taking his girlfriend last month!! haha! Okay no more private jokes...Maxwell started out on the 810 and 810 and found a single 65 pounder for Will's dad and one more 65 pounder after that. Then it was four long hours of nothing (that's August for you!) and the crew fished all the way to the 815 before getting another bits - a 55 pounder this time...they headed south the rest of the day and Will picked off one more 68 pounder before they called it a great day! Tight Lines!

Headed for the 630 this morning but the water was 75 degrees and we knew there would be nothing happening there for Chris Boland and his crew from Komotzu Tractors...the change crossed the 100 fathoms too far south for an yellowfin in August so Maxwell headed for the 770 (see Billy can go out of bounds too) and the south end of an eddy that Dr Mitch told him about. It paid off nice with 7 fat yellowfin in the box and the boys were happy to have them for dinner! MMMMM! Tight Lines!

Trey Liverman and his farming buddies from Columbia area had a fabulous day today although Maxwell says it was hard rain pretty much all day. Must make the fish bite because the boys had 4 yellowfin up to 50 pounds right off the bat on the 650 and then trolled to the 662 for a big eye bite which they actually lost (sorry). After that Steven had to pick a lot of grass but the boys found the dolphin on the 590 and caught a near limit - one sailfish release later it was back to the Point for 1 more yellowfin. Wow!!! Tight Lines!