Archived Reports

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We had Bob and Steve today who pretty much too control of the pit and everything else it sounds like to me. The boys had a great time jigging the stick and Steve managed to hook himself a big eye that he did a great job angling to the deck! Nice! Then there were bonitas plenty on the 790 and 651 - phew...and Steve scored a 55 pound yellowfin out of all that. A BLT later and about 100 boats on top (haha not really but enough to turn the "bite" off) and the boys headed home from the 814 and 750. What a trip! Tight Lines!

Bayer Crop and our buddy Trey from Byrum Farms today and Maxwell found a couple fat ones early...on the 800 line the ocean was alive with fliers and free jumpers and we picked off 3 60 pounders right off and then two 25 pounders to go with em. After that everything dried up - didn't help that about 25 boats landed on top of us but that's cool. Maxwell and Stephen took the boys to the 910 and 920 and met the boats coming down from the north. Nothing going on for them either and that made it a day. Nice yellowfin!! Tight Lines!

Started out on the 630 this morning with Richard, Karen and the boys. The color change was moving up fast and Maxwell managed to pick off 3 blts one 30 pounder and a 50 pounder before hitting the 660. After that the Tuna Fever ran to the 800 line for two more yellowfin over 55 pounds each. Nice! At 2:30 we wrapped it up and dodged thunderstorms all the way home. Tight Lines!

So we saw Phideaux come in today while we were boat riding (the little boat) down at the inlet and Capt Jamie says it was horrible rough with thunderstorms and a lot of lightning all morning - he was home early. So its kinda okay that our boys didn't go today. Kate and I and the dogs had a great time playing with Billy which we don't get to do often and just in time for our big trip. Kate qualified for the Southern Regional 4H Horse Show and we are off for Louisiana tomorrow! Billy and I are so proud..she is a worker! Say some prayers for our journey if you have the time and I will be back on Monday August 5th with report updates. Call Maxwell at home for the skinny 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

Today Billy took a make up - thanks so much to the ladies at the Booking Desk!! And the fishing was slow but all in all the group had a great day. They caiught a 35 pound dolphin and 30 pound dolphin a couple yellowfin in the 50 pound class and one yellowfin that was probably close to 40. Neat and nice catch. Billy says they were a great group together and decided to split all the fish six ways. Nice. So Maxwell is off tomorrow and I am out of town on Monday for a week. Stand by for reports! Tight Lines!

No sponsor AND its blowing today - may have been a good combination for lets see about those honey dos....Tight Lines! Oh still open Sunday - call the Fishing Center 252-441-6301

Sean Earley and his boys had a great day today - and they are reading all about it! Hehe - anyway Maxwell started out on the 650 about two miles south of his big eye bite yesterday and the crew hit a quad on yellowfin right off the bat - and then the mob descended and the Tuna Fever slinked away in search of uncharted waters. So they headed north and got a ton of marks - and got ate up by bonitas - made for quite a bit of actions but 20 bonitas does not a day make! Back up to the 678 and Sean jigged up a nice 60 pounder with the stick and he also changed his shorts after the strike - well I might be exaggerating there but it sounded that way - and congrats to Bob on the nice fish. Sean managed a fat wahoo as well - tipped the scales at 41 pounds and we love that! And then there was the Big Eye - angler Alex Saul horsed that one to the deck and he turned out to be 134 pounds back at the dock. Way to go, Boys!! Tight Lines!

BIG EYE DAY!!!! I love it!! Unfortunately Maxwell lost his Big Eyre - sorry to you too Kim - but he chewed through the line and sometimes that happeden..the next one (also in to 200 pound range) took a lazy bite and we couldn't hook him. In the span of 8 minutes that Denny fought his big eye the fleet hadf a hayday - Haywood boated a 140, Arch was 180. High Return's was 200 and even though they are commercial guys and not sportys I will shout out to Maxwells good friends Lil Will who boated a 200 and Chuckie (that's Charlie's dad) who baoted a 140. NICE FISHING and EXCITING. At the end of our day Kim and Denny and their crew had a huge gaffer and 8 yellowfin with a few over 35 pounds...and an amazing story to tell. Maxwell found the yellowfin on the 670 and the Big Eye just close to there. The backside of the moon should keep us in the Big Eye for a few days - we are open for Friday, Saturday and Sunday then not again till mid=-August so if you want to take a crack at them shout out - call the Fishing Center at 252-4441-6301 or book on line tonight at Lines!!

Slow fishing today for John Smith and his boys Aaron and Jason. Billy set out to find some tuna around the 61- and it was rough as a cob but they boxed one out of two right away - little did they know that that was about a lot of action for the day. Poor guys - but they had a great time and my husband regailed me with stories of how expensive horses can be (thanks John - you and I have to chat!) Anyway the boys stayed right on the Point because it was too rough to go anywhere else and managed to pick out a 50 pounder and one more yellowfin. Three dolphin rounded out the catch - 3 and least it was fun!! Tight Lines!

A big thanks to Walter who tried us again after getting skunked last year! You gotta love that!! Well this year Walter brought his kids, their friends and some serious luck of the Girl Scouts because they wanted some tuna and that's just what they got! Maxwell started out where the whales were yesterday on the 800 line and the water was sloppy and ugly because of the southwest wind...eventually he ended up in the office with Point Runner Danny and managed to pick off 7 nice yellowfin - well 5 fat 50 pounders (one bit by a shark a little) and two little ones...but this week - any tuna is a nice tuna! Hahaha. So the girls got to catch yellofin and Walter got rid of the skunk that has followed him for a year (see that's the thing about captains they can usually get rid of the skunk quickly but regular anglers have to carry that cross for a while) and Maxwell got the spend the day with his old buddy and mate Charlie Midgette...Steven finally found a cool old Ford like mine and had to go pick it up in VA (Congrats Steve!!) and thanks to Charlie for filling in...Billy loved it! Couple days open coming up then nothing until mid August - we have this Friday, Saturday and Sunday available - weird but true! Call us or the Fishing Center at 252-441-6301 to book! Tight Lines!

Too rough for our guys today - honey dos at the house! wwoooooweeee!

To the dock today - its blowing and Maxwell has some honey dos - well Tuna Fever honey dos that is. Theres always maintenance! hehe - We do have a couple days open this month - July 26, 27 and us up - lets go fishing!! Tight Lines!

today was a might bit rough and too windy to try to find yesterdays garbage so Maxwell headed south for a nicer ride and looked for some dolphin down there. Nothing happening in the office - that's the 650 - and the boys decided to put out the kite for some tuna. Well that didn't work well - one blackfin and 3 very lazy yellofin bits from some nice sized fish that were seen but never set the hook. Anyway - in the end John and his crew had a great day and got their dolphin too. These boys go way back with before he was a charter captain! haha...LONG TIME. Tight Lines!

Okay - thanks to margo and her bayer Crop crew for playing today and making the trip from the great state of South Carolina. Maxwell and Steven headed for the 800 line today and found a bunch of bonitas , a couple BLTs and a couple small yellowfin for the box. After that there was a fat 50 pounder but no more tuna action. The crew did find a bit of a junk yard and caught their limit of bailers there - let me see Maxwell says there was a piece of white painted plywood, a scoreboard, 3 chunks of huge rope, a piece of towing hauser, a pizza box, a pallet and a blue bucket. Home sweet home if you're a dolphin. Hahaha!! Congrats to Margo on her Sailfish - way to go pon a clean release and to the whole crew on some kickin' gaffers - 20, 26 and 30 pounds!!! Tight Lines! No report yet today but check this out!!! Congrats to Billy and Rom!! Good afternoon, To all of you who made the SWS Top 50 list, congratulations again and at long last, here's the list! This will go out to the public soon as the lead item in our electronic newsletter, and we will also promote it on the SWS Facebook page. Please look it over and let me know if you see anything amiss, and thanks again for all you do for our sport. John Brownlee | Editor in Chief

Phenominal dolphin fishing today for the Olsons...Capt David Swain found some float and we were one of four boats that caught their limit. MMMM! Nice. Four yellowfin that were just big enough on top and the family had a great day! Tight Lines!

Big thanks to Charlie and his sons for fishing today - and for finally putting away the camera! Hehe - the boys had a slow start with a ton of lazy yellowfin pulling their half strikes and getting pulled off the hook then there were the sharks that ate the ones that actually had a hook set. Lovely - but there was some action on the 810 and 800 a small circle to be sure but a good one... mid afternoon there were only 6 yellowfin in the box and Charlie finally put up his camera so we have no pictures of the BIG EYE strike a few minutes later! Congrats to Alex on his catch...a 145 pounder horsed to the deck in rare style. I love it!! Tight Lines!

Okay I have no details but I do have a picture. One nice yellowfin at least 45 pounds and several others around 40 pounds - seven fat ones in all plus five more little ones - probably 25 or 30 pounds each and several dolphin on top - you gotta love the meat!! Thanks to Jeff and the crew for playing - hope you got plenty to eat!! Tight Lines!

Kate and I are home safe and the fishing was good while we were away! Except for Saturday and poor Steve Huff and the boys got their Viking hats on - Billy says it was rough and the boys earned their tuna - I think there were three and they were huge! The other days were tuna tuna tuna and a range of size but looked mostly like 35 pounders...I didn't see much dolphin and obviously haven't gotten the 411 from Maxwell. hehe Tight Lines!

First of all major thumbs up to John Cannon and his crew who learned how to work the stick today and practically ran the show in the pit today. I hear they gave Steven a run for his money - haha - maybe he got a chance to eat a sandwich today! So Maxwell headed for his office and had some good bites until the whales showed up and after they split the well dried up. Who would have thought...hehe...the boys got a nice limit and headed home a little early. Love it!! Kate and I are headed for the NC State 4H competitions tomorrow so there won't be a report until I catch up on Monday. I think its gonna blow on Thursday (sorry Will) but you can call Billy at home for the report 252-473-1097 or just follow Ashley on facebook or HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!Tight Lines!

Dr Tony and his son Antonio had a good time with Friends Jose and Bill on the 650. Okay so tuna are now measured in inches not the boys had 3 fat ones and then 11 more yellowfin between 27 1/2 and 32 inches. Its a fish cop thing and they are all over the place measuring if you fish with us and some dude comes up to fondle your tuna you ought to just let him do it. hehe. Okay so some dolphin too? yep - Maxwell found a color change about 12 miles off the beach and dropped 15 dolphin on top:-) Tight Lines!

Thanks for the corn Dane!! We loved it and so did everyone else! hehe. And the Family had a great day on the 650 in the grass but they picked out a nice catch of gaffers to go along with a near limit of yellowfin. Congrats to Aunt Doriss, Layla, Dylan and Summer on some serious angling skills!! Tight Lines!

Maxwell had some old friends from Va Beach today - they were kind enough to fill the last minute cancellation we had. Those guys are lucky - always - and we had a great day with 17 yellowfin in the box. Maxwell didn't elaborate last night on the catch or where he was but I would thinks that the fish are running in the 30 to 45 pound range with some throwbacks around - pretty typical if you can catch 'em this time of year. Nice! We still have some days open toward the end of the month - a couple weekends too. 14, 21, 27 and 18 and some weekdays - check out our calendar at says you cant catch tuna in July!! Tight Lines!

We love happy family groups and we had one today. I miss tell you that fishing has slowed up a bunch - its tough out there and Maxwell is blessing his plotter and his new transducer every night when he gets home. Its hard to find the fish just looking out across the ocean...hehe. Nice yellowfin today for the Phillips family - they had 7 in all and 4 around the 40 pound mark. On top of that there were 10 fat gaffers...and I mean fat...Nice ones! I Love It! Tight Lines!

Okay so I don't have any details but Maxwell gave me a call to say that Sydney (age 8???) is one fishing machine...she set her family on course today with the first yellowfin and the first gaffer...Apparently the Price Family had a happy Fourth and a great day of fishing with their good luck charm...letting Sydney pick a lottery ticket may not be a bad idea. I will get some details from Maxwell tonight and try to add them tomorrow. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY TO EVERYONE AND THANK YOU, LORD THAT WE LIVE IN THIS CRAZY, IMPERFECT, WONDERFUL, FORGIVING, LOVELY COUNTRY. (I've seen the other side:-))

Oh my I did get some emails over yesterdays "report". I'm glad you all think I am so colorful. hehe but I will not bomb New Jersey...I have some good friends up there. Okay so on to some good stuff. Maxwell got back at all those fish he missed while at the dock yesterday (I can't let it go yet) and put a nice catch of yellowfin and Big Eye on the dock today. A couple dolphin too! We haven't lost our touch. Anyway congrats to Tyler who was 7 the last time he fished on the Fever - he is still lucky landing a 100 pound yellowfgin and a limit of dolphin 15 years ago and horsing both Big Eye to the deck today - 176 pounder on the 650 and a 137 pounder north on the 740. Billy's new transducer is marking the fish good - like they have little signs that say "Here we are" and he could finally call out to the crew when they were gonna get whammed - a few gaffers and some throwbacks down south and 2 nice 50 pounders up north too. Many thanks to Dad, Billy and the family for playing today...Maxwell and Steven had a blast!

Limits of yellowfin and some huge 200+ pound big eyes for the fleet today. Unfortunately the Tuna Fever did not make it out today. I'll be quick because you guys are busy but you'll get a kick out of knowing that our guy today knew more about the weather than us and he knew so much more about running a charter fishing business than Maxwell that he demanded a discount because a couple of their party wouldn't go because it was meant to be a little rough. These fine brothers from the Great state of New Jersey (no offense intended to all my friends from brielle) knew so much about charter fishing and weather that they refused to meet Billy and Steven this morning - and we were one out of 35 that didn't go fishing. And because they get the jerk of the season award I will be sending their deposit back to them and Karma will dictate (after the F Bombs on the phone last night) that they will never have good fishing again. Phew - It has been many a year since we have had to deal with any group that is that rude. news flash...we had a cancellation for Saturday. This Saturday the 6th. if you want to go book on line at or call us at home 252-473-1097. The fishing is still phenominal and this blow since Friday has only made it better! Tight Lines!