Archived Reports

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Billy got a satellite phone. So he called a little bit ago to remind me of a couple things and told me Tom Smith and his crew are having a good day - a few fat 45 to 50 pounders in the box and a few gaffers too already. Looks like some weather is headed out way for the next few days and Billy and Steven are taking the Tuna Fever to Bayliss Boatyard to put in a new transducer. Wish em luck - Kate and I are going horse showing in manakin-Sabot VA...beautiful country! Tight Lines!

Okay I don't have a report from Maxwell about today but the picture shows a nice catch of yellowfin. I'd say 4 in the 40 to 45 pound range, one 50 pounder that got eaten by a shark (good for fish head soup) and a hand ful of smaller a nice catch of gaffers and a couple bailers. I hope Ed and his crew had a great time -he got his mixed bag to take home too! Tight Lines!

A great day with Kenny and his family and congrats to Hampton Road Rubber on 65 years this year! Wow! We buy all our hose there.. hehe. Anyway Kenny brought his family today and wouldn't you know that his son - in -law, you has never been fishing before, would end up releasing a nice 400 pound blue marlin?! Beginner luck! Hey, we will take any kind of luck we can get!! So on top of the flag (we fly flags) there was a nice catch of yellowfin in the box...5 between 45 and 50 pound and the rest of the limit got smaller from there - the crew also snatched a fat gaffer in the boat and a little bailer for an Oregon Inlet mixed bag! Tight Lines!

Okay so Craig and his crew from PA are avid fishing report readers so I will try my very best witty repartee tonight! Good luck with that...hehe. Maxwell says he had a really good day with the boys today - as sometimes happens the crew was pout to work - leadering, jigging the stick and taking care of business - Steven may have gotten a nap I'm not sure - In the end there was no yelling and the boys managed 11 yellowfin on the stick, a 41 pound wahoo that is still awaiting (that's country for call us) a citation me at home and we will get it filled out, and 2 nice dolphin - a classic mixed bag and a hell of a lot of fun! You can't find it anywhere else - we aim to please! Tight Lines!

It was a really busy Saturday today for Billy Kline and the crew - the boys started out fishing the 650 where Maxwell found the big eye yesterday but they eventually had to leave because there were "so many boats it was scary" - so says the Captain. So after picking off two 60 pounders on the troll the Tuna Fever left the crowd and headed for the 600 line. The boys managed 5 gaffers and put the stick out to avoid the BLT's - 1 more big one and 6 small yellowfin rounded out the catch. Nice! Tight Lines!!!!

207 pound Big Eye for angler John Futrell plus a 166 pounder for Richard Young - good job boys!!! All that and Billy got his revenge from they had a nice catch of fat yellowfin and some gaffers too. Wow! Fishing is just really, really good:-) Tight Lines!

Fishing between the 650 and the 615 today Maxwell and Steve had the Groom and some of the wedding party for a ceremony that took place at 5 up in Corolla. Nice Bride to give such a gift!! Unfortunately fishing was a little slow to start off and the Tuna fever was on a time crunch today but things heated up some and then John and the boys hooked a double header of Big Eye!! Billy says they were nice fish estimated at 160 and maybe 210 on the second...well that ought to give away what happened...they lost the first one about 20 feet from the boat after an hour and the second after about an hour and a half. Heart break. Maxwell says it just happens sometimes! We got the boys home in time for the wedding with seven fat yellofin in the box. Maxwell says it might be time to try the stick..we have worked over these fish pretty good and they are starting to figure it out. Hmmmm. Thanks for everyone who called about days in July - we still have a few left so call the Fishing Center or go on line and check out the calendar at pick a day and we'll take you to the Gulf Stream! Tight Lines!

Meatfish super slam today for John Trumpower and his crew. Congrats to angler John Bright who horsed a 163 pound big eye to the deck of the Tuna fever and to the rest of the crew who had a really nice day with fabulous yellowfin limits and some gaffers and a wahoo! Cool huh? Billy gave me some other setails on the trip - I think these guys were a referral from clients in Ohio and they chose to brave the rough (and it was!) to go all day) but I lost the piece of paper I wrote it down on. Figures!! Tight Lines!

Congrats to Mia Copeland on her 43 pound wahoo today - nice catch and she'll have a mount for her wall by Christmas!! Cool. Anyway, Tony and his family had a meat slam today with nice yellowfin in the box - the wahoo - and some gaffers on top. Excellent fishing right on top of the 600 - Maxwell says they just spun a small circle all day. Tight Lines!

Fishing today was between the 560 and the 540 and in 100 to 200 fathoms...Jeff and his boys (Hunter, Fisher and Lake - a few more to make Maxwell feel old) and their friends Will and Rick pulled out a nice limit of yellowfin today - some mighty fat ones too. Nice for a father's day!! Tight Lines!

Tattoo Matt pulled it out - he's a lucky thing anyway but, man, what a catch today!!! Thanks for the smoked venison and the cheese - yummy and thanks for the tuna - when you have a limit it is nice to share with the family! Tight Lines!

Good fishing again today and some gaffers as well. Nice! Congrats to Rick and the boys on their fabulous catch!!! Tight Lines!

So theres lots of ways to tell you are getting old. Personally I'm not too worried about wrinkles but this krick in my neck is killing me...and I love it when I go to stand up in the morning and my knee has disappeared sometime in the middle of the guys know the drill. Well, heres a new one for you... I hope I got this right...Scott McCullough was five years old when he horsed his first bailer dolphin to the deck of the Tuna Fever. Today it was a 76 pound yellowfin and the man heads to college in August. His brother Daniel put a 74 pounder in the box and Bobby and Elizabeth had a great day too. 100 fathom curve between the 650 and 660. I love it....Maxwell, you are old, Honey but I love you! Tight Lines!

Back to business today although I think it was really rough for Bobby and his crew. But hey - when you get home by lunch with a fat limit of huge yellowfin...who cares!?! Congrats to the crew and thank you, Lord for this wonderful fishing!! Update: the boys from Dupont fished the 650 to the 630 and the yellowfin were stuffed with krill, squid and fliers! wow! Also many thanks to everyone who has been helping me fill up July - working on the third, fourth and fifth week right now - did you know there are 5 weeks in July this year? - call me up and I'll hook you up!! 252-473-1097 at home Tight Lines!

No fishing for us today - blew its you-know-what off. Back out tomorrow Maxwell hopes! Tight Lines!

Early limit for Mark and his crew today - also some gaffers...nice!

After a couple days off for Andrea (we got some minor sound flooding at home...not much but good rain) Maxwell and Steven headed out again today with their new BFF Mark W and managed a limit of yellowfin before lunch! Nice! Many thanks to Mark for bringing the kids (much loved sons of fallen heros) and reminding us again how humble we should be and how grateful we are. Limits of yellowfin - wooohooo!!! I love it!! Tight Lines!

All this phenominal tuna fishing and we are going to have a tropical storm! Are you serious? Anyway I don't have the deets but the boys were home by lunch again today with a limit of huge, boscoe yellowfin. Congratulations go out to Joel on his massive 84 pounder! I love it!! Tight Lines. Oh and don't forget about July...need to fill those days so Billy doesn't fire me!

Greg Brown was back again today - this time with family and friends and he brought the ladies - who brought the luck. Congrats to Miss Karen who horsed a 78 pounder to the deck of the Tuna fever today - Lamar got himself a 73 pounder and the rest of the limit was in the 45 to 55 pound range. HoHum. Can you believe this fishing - wow! I am impressed...and its the whole fleet...seems like the good ol days, baby! I love it...Limits and home for lunch and a quick 9 in the afternoon. Tight Lines!

Getting on a roll, Baby! Now Billy was home in time for lunch today but he didn't take me to lunch. maybe tomorrow - what a great day for Derek and Tom and the boys - and to celebrate I got a new keyboard today so that I don't have to go backward through this report and fix the speeeling. haha. So a limit of yellowfin and some fat 40 pounder+ today for the boys - I figure they were east of the inlet although Billy fell asleep on the couch so I couldn't ask him. Hey its about time for me to start filling up July so talk to your buddies and call us at home for a day ...July means yellowfin - and plenty of them this year as spring sprung so late - and July means big eye - yep, you heard me... BIG EYE tuna..go back and check the reports from the last few years and you tell me - JULY = BIG EYE. One last thing - congratulations go our to our friend Capt. Brynner Parks on the Smoker who walked his baby girl down the aisle on Saturday and gave her away to a good man. We saw the tears, Buddy but that's okay we know you are really a tough guy! Tight Lines!

First early limit of the season! The boys were home by lunch and that's sweet!!! I would have guessed the Conbraco guys! Anyway - the Seaducer called Maxwell down to a reverse change on the 740 to the 706 and that's where the boys got whammed repeatedly - Maxwell says the best was a nine for nine! Wow! The dolphin hit the Hatteras boys too. Also have to mention David and his bus ride - don't forget you helmet! Many thanks to Blue for the colorful dinner conversation-) Tight Lines!

Welcome back to Scott Brown who ended up with nine stitches (I think I remember right) last year when a box fell off the bar and cracked him in the head during a nap. They had to go home early last year and turns out that Steven brought Scott a crash hemet to wear today so no need to worry about him! Too funny and kinda lucky to because the boys found some fat yelolwfin between the 750 and 810 and fished between 200 and 300 fathoms al day - ion the end there were 11 tuna in the box along with one lone gaffer on top! Nice..Tight Lines!