Archived Reports

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Maxwell fished east of the inlet again today - mostly between the 750 and 830with the majority of the tuna bites in a small circle between the 760 and 770. Billy says he was fortunate to catch 10 yellowfin today and Tom Wilson and his crew had a blast! Meanwhile the cobia fishing was off the chisang! Whatever that is..about a 6 mile spread north to south and the fish ran fro the beach to 6 miles offshore! Wow! And that eddy showed up for the Hatteras fleet - amazing dolphin fishing and our Village neighbors went 10 for 15 on Blue Marlin! Wow! Tight Lines!

Well the day started out slow this morning for Ray Wile and his family but finally Maxwell found a gaffer and Ray's sister Meredith put it in the box! So skunk out, dolphin in..nice. Soon after the Tuna Fever got WHAMMED and there were six yellowfin - one for everyone in the family. Steven hooked Meredith up with a reel on super low speed and she horsed her 40 pound yellowfin to the deck like a champ - way to go, girl!! Maxwell syas the picked off another wham and boxed 3 out of 5 and then a single and then two more whams! Super col!19 n the box in the end and one gaffer and I love it!! Thanks to Ray fo working it out with us..I hope the family will remember this day for a long time... Oh, Billy says the Capt Jordan on the Legacy headed south this morning looking a blue marlin and got in the top edge of the eddy that has been serving the fishermen in Charleston, then Morehead, then Hatteras - the dolphin are thin, baby and Jordan had a fine catch - ready for some dolphin if you do?! Tight Lines!

Okay so Round Two was almost as bad but not quite. I don't have any deets but I got a good picture of 8 nice yellowfin that were caught in the final moments of the day...which means the boys trolled around all day and Maxwell pulled it out in the end. Thank You, Lord. And thank - you, Niles. Tight Lines!

A really crappy day of fishing today for Niles and the boys. So here I am with the truth again - man, don't know what happened other than the full moon which I believe and Maxwell doesn't but the boys fished from the 610 to the 580 found whales, porpoise, manta rays sharks and all manner of life except anything Niles would want to fight and possibly eat or pay out the nose for a fiberglass replica of...hehe In the end Maxwell and Steven headed for the tiles fish grounds which Dewey and Buddy (infamous captains in the commercial fleet) told him was a bad idea. And it was...8 tiles and a few sea bass in the box. Heres to round two tomorrow, Niles! Tight Lines!

A beautiful Memorial Day for the Tuna Fever and Doug and his crew. Maxwell says they fished from the Point up to the 660 and all of the bites were out in the deep just like the last couple days...300 to 700 fathoms. There were lots of boats out there but Doug and his boys pulled out a good catch considering - 8 fat yellowfin and two nice gaffers. Gotta love that! Tight Lines!

Okay so the wind was good for something...Happy birthday to Morton who had a great day of fishing including some congrats to angler and first timer Justin Mervis who horsed a 75 pounder to the deck...oh yeah...the tunas is here! Maxwell and Swain started out on the 560 today and mostly fishing between there and the 540 in and out of 500 fathoms. At one point Billy said he could see probably 150 boats around him...makes for a tiring day! Anyway the fleet was spread out between the 770 and 580 on the east end and the 795 and 500 on the 100 fathom and some had a diamond day and some were stone. The Tuna Fever had 16 yellowfin between 30 and 75 pounds and 7 fat gaffers - nice...Kudos to Kennith on the Trophy Hunter who was having a bad day until he put in that extra mile for his people and pulled off a catch of 25 really beautiful gaffers down in the southwest. Nice job! Tight Lines!

Blowing again - and really bad too. Steve Huff didn't even come down. He'll be back though and Billy is doing some more honey dos today! Tight Lines!

Wow - Frank and the boys had a good day of fishing but I think it was rough for them. Yellowfin and dolphin and that's all I know - no deets today!

Thar she blows....arrrrrgh! Haha. Well Dan and the boys voted to do a sneek and peek this morning and ended up at Sam & Omies for breakfast. Tight Lines!

Great fishing today for Jim and Sharin Melton. Jim works out at Paul Spencer's Manns Harbor plant and heard Capt Marty talking about our "stood up" on the radio...well Jim called in for the day which gives our beloved Toby and (I hope he finds some new) friends their deposit back. I love it! Jim and Sharin had a great day with fat yellowfin and some gaffers on top. Cool folks from Frisco!!! Its gonna blow tomorrow - maybe too hard for Dan and the boys but they are regulars so we know they will be back soon. Tight Lines!

Okay so today we had a miscommunication or something. So Billy is to the dock which is okay cuz he has fished two weeks straight and he had some major errands to run! The bad thing is he will be open again tomorrow and I don't have enough honey dos to keep him out of my hair tomorrow so call me up and lets go fishing!!! 252-473-1097!!!! Tight Lines!

So Richard Wong came out fishing today and our luck changed a little - actually fishing as better for the whole fleet today - maybe Mother Nature has figured out it is May and not April! Hehe, no fooling! Anyway, the Doc and his crew had a great time and put a 46 pound wahoo in the box plus 5 yellowfin up to 40 pounds and 20 dolphin and a blackfin. Yummy! Maxwell paddywhacked from the 540 to the 560 and back. Oh and thanks for the BLT's!!!! Tight Lines!

Today Maxwell fished his favorite ledge at the Point all day. H just knew he would get the tuna there and he worked it for 5 hours! Above Point Runner Danny stayed out of the roughest rough because his people were ill and he hit the tuna a couple times in just nowhere, below Little Barry on the Skirt Chaser looked for dolphin all day and found a blue marlin release. After Billy left his spot on the Point with 10 Gaffers - LB came across and went 7 for 7 on a wham and then a second pass took him in with 2 more yellowfin. Can you believe it?! Congrats go out to angler William Teter on our first Blue Marlin release of the year and big Thanks to Scott for coming out and catching some nice dolphin! Fishing. Tight Lines!

Between the Point Runner, Rigged Up, Pelican, Obsession and the Tuna Fever a 12 mile long distance of the change got fished right from lines in this morning. Maxwell and Steven fished from the 280 to the 400 on a sharp change with no grass and Arch and Jeff had th grass below - up above the change blended out a bit. In the end everyone packed it up for limits of tile and bottom bouncing. Terry Slope and his boys picked off 4 nice gaffers too so it was the other, other white meat and the other, other, other white meat. Delicious and much better than skunk! Tight Lines!

3 gaffers and a Bluefin for Clarence Beard and his crew. Sure does seem like its still April this May. I mean Spring in the Gulf Stream is late - but the boys were good sports about it all - anyway they are probably still eating their catch from last year (May 17, 2012 - 18 Yellowfin, 12 Gaffers and a wahoo and home by 11 am)! Tight Lines!

A few gaffers, a wahoo and a fat yellowfin and then Christian and his crew had had enough of the rough - they were to the dock by 1PM with their mixed bag of delicious goodness from the sea! I would be thrilled!! Maxwell. of course, wanted to stay out a little longer as he was just gettin his groove on but he did admit it was rough as a cob today and he has been blessed recently with groups who can stick it out. God Bless Em!
News flash - Kate and I are going trail riding this weekend so Billy and Steven are on their own...OMG...I will update the reports on Monday and someone please remind him to get the mail out of the mailbox. Hehehe. Tight Lines!

Rough again today and Maxwell is pretty mad at himself..heres why...he took David Jacob (Vikings everyone BTW) out to the 600 line for yesterdays tuna and guess what - they weren't there. and by the time he got the Tuna Fever up tot he dolphin bite on the 660 (Trophy Hunter and Outrigger both had limits) that was over! So he is kicking himself in the you-know-what but it was all about a tuna this morning and the Vikings went home with a decent catch of gaffers. Salty boys - we love it!! Whne Maxwell gets over his mood I will let you know if the crew had a nice time - bet they did anyway! Tight Lines!

The boys finally caught some tuna today - 28 to 40 pounds and the picture looks like 8 or so. No dolphin for Lane and the crew today and I don't have any details but you gotta love it - YELLOWFIN IN THE BOX!!

A comedy of errors and a horrible day of fishing. Thats what I say and I bet Maxwel and John Culwick would aggree. The boys met and she was already peeling the gree but a bunch of boats decided to go and the Tuna Fever fell right in line. BUT before she got out of the slip Maxwell knelt on his sunglasses and broe them and Steven brought him some crazy glue which he dropped on the seat on the bridge. When Maxwell finally got out out his rain gear (did I say it was nasty out) he set his jacket on the bench. You can guess what happened next - the Point Runer was the highlinerwith 3 vinegar dippers and everyone else got sunked..including us! And John and the boys were back early, soaking wet and probably queezy. And Billy's raicoat was stuck to the glue which was stuck to the cushion and his glasses were still broken because the sun never came out all day. And all of that is the TRUTH, so help me God:-) and He does...a lot. Tight Lines!

Finally - TUNA FISH!!!!! Maxwell says it was a fluke but I say he is being a naysayer (we will know who is right tomorrow!). Anyway David Haak and his crew had a great time - kicked it off on the 783 and 460 with gaffer fishing in the rain - the boys got was rough as all get out on they had a blast!!! The change shoved so far out and after the dolphin the crew turned the Tuna Fever into the wind, found a sunny spot in the Stream, said a prayer and released David's dad David Sr into the ocean....he started out on the 785 and 464 but may be half way round the world by now. Cool. After that there were a few more dolphin and then the crew headed up to the Point where they picked off 4 blackfin and 1 yellowfin in the cool water. Nice catch - good day - Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do - and Rich and the crew I haven't heard any tuna stories but since sping has sprung a little late maybe they are right around the corner. So Maxwell would call it luck but he and the Babjak crew headed for the 400 line early and found a zillion boats - Maxwell didn't say "zillion" that is definately a girl term but he said something else which I shouldn't say here so they headed up to the hotter water after catching 5 gaffers...up to the 812 and 377 in about 300 fathoms Maxwell spotted a dolphin jump and found a drum submerged with a near limit of gaffers on it I love it...maybe someones got good Karma:-) Tight Lines!

Dolphin again today for Mark and the crew. Big ones too - nice gaffers...head for Diamond Tower and look for the change! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do. Dolphin if you don't. DOLPHIN!!!!! I love it! A great day for Mark and his mama (Happ Mothers Day!) and lots of action for the crew. Maxwell fished down to diamond tower and tomorrow they are headed northeast for tuna. We'll see - not much tuna action to the southard..I think Maxwell said 3 or 4 singles for the fleet but pretty much the whole fleet went for the dolphin today. Tight Lines!!!

Happy May!!! So sorry  have been completely off the grid but I have been holding the flag pole andtrying not to blow away for a week. Haha. Seriously, it has been blowing and raining for seven days straight and so Kate and I packed up the horses and found some dry weather a little west of here. Poor Maxwell is about to go nuts but it looks like tomorrow will be another unofficial start to the 2013 season and the games will be on! He is ready to go put the smackdown on some fish and before the wind went southeast yesterday there was some pretty good fishing out of Hatteras so keep an eye out tomorrow for the report - fingers crossed! Tight Lines!