Archived Reports

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No fishing today - its real nasty out there. And it looks like we will be to the dock through Saturday maybe - cross your fingers that this last blow of spring brings the water and the fish...this is a tough time to be a fishermans wife! Tight Lines!

The boys bounced themselves down to the 500 and fished between there and the 540 all day...and it got rougher as the day went by. Ernie and his boys had a good time and a little action - Maxwell missed a yellowfin right off the bat and then put one in the box. Later in the day they missed another one. In the middle they caight some albecore and got bit off by two wahoo! wow! in the end they put four gaffers in the box with that yellowfin and headed home a little early.
The highliner today was Capt Ned Ashbee - I gotta share because he had THE DAY out of the four boats out there. He got spooled by a bluefin (on a 50), he boated a 4 banger of yellowfin then picked off 3 singles, he caught a wahoo and put two gaffers on top. The man must be living right. or someone in his crew is!! Haha - Congrats Ned - YOU DA MAN! Tight Lines!

Okay so Maxwell made a new friend today - that means the fishing was slow enough for his to get some talk time in on the bridge - and Pat reached his two goals for the day - a blackfin and a yellowfin and there wasn't a whole lot more too it than that. The albecore were famished and the conditions were perfect - cobalt bue water on the 400 line and 68 to 78 degrees where ever you gras fish. Hmmmm. Well, thanks so much to Pat, Bob, Ron and Caleb for coming out and we hope you learned enough to make you dangerous on that 26 footer! Got some weather moving in I think...stay tuned for the report! Tight Lines!!!

The boys ran down the beach to the 200 line and picked off a blackfin right away - very south to the 180 they caught a couple dolphin...promising as well. And as the news from Hatteras was not too great Maxwell turned her up eventually and heade back to the 400 line...on the way a few more dolphin and some fat albecore. Around the 370 there were 2 yellowfin in 120 fathoms. Hmmm... a slow pick - not a fantastical day but not too crappy either..a nice mixed bag for Jeff Hudson and his crew! Tight Lines!

So it wasn't the "first" day of the season but it was the first day of the start of the run - Billy doesn't have a day open until June which is a super cool blessing and kinda weird too!
Anyway - slow pickins for Mike Supa and his boys today but there was no skunkin and I don't think they beat their brains out and I know they had a good time! Billy says he paddywhacked across a change around the 280 and off the bat they caught 6 albecore - huge ones in 300 fathoms...weird too... after that there was a 15 pound gaffer and a big fat 53 pound yellowfin. MMMM! Suffice it to say we had steak for dinner last night but with only two eatin fish I can';t blame Mike for not sharing or Maxwell for not begging. Hahah! I can't wait for yellowfin limits...I really need a little smackerel. Tight Lines!!!

Out again! Weeee! Oh first big thanks to our new friend Bobby Boyle who came up from Florida to do some swordfishing with us - the weather was awful and we only got out one day but I know he loved touring the OBX and Stephen and I learned a lot about chasing swords yesterday!!
So today the water was nowhere! we ran 176 degrees inside of Diamond Shoals to the 220 in 130 fathoms before we even hit the change. It was a nice 72 degree break but it was 53 miles form the Inlet! Phew! Andwhay neil and the boys hit a yellowfin as soon as we set out and Billy thought it was going to be a great day but then he crisscrossed about 2 1/2 hours without and more bites. Brynner fished out to the hotter water and caught a few gaffers so we did that too - four in the box I think Maxwell said. Then  Smoker hooked a nice bluefin and Danny on the Point Runner headed even farther south of the rockpile about 63 miles from home and after giving us and trolling homeward he got whammed with 5 yellowfin - nice! Out to about 700 to 100 fathoms the conditions look fantasic but we just need some fish.
Instead its gonna blow...we have cancelled the next few days and then me and Billy are headed off for a couple days of alone befoe the season hits with a vengance! He is booked up after the 26th until June 4 and 5! Cool...tight lines!

Back in the blue after a seriously freezing blow yesterday. Many thanks to Jason Miles and his crew for switching days and for thei patience with fishing today. Oh my - ell the Tuna Fever started out on the 290 and fished to the 255 and the fleet as a whole covered 48 miles up and down the coast and many of them didn't fair as well as us...and we only caught one blackfin! BUT there is good news - the Hatteras boys had some good sign of blackfin and yellowfin and although that means the bluefin are gone (buy we'll miss you!) it also means that yellowfin season is here...somewhere! haha - so Maxwell gets back out on Thursday and we actually got cancelled for the weekend so we are open but judging from the forecasted drop in temos on Saturday...Friday might be your best bet! Tight Lines!

Just checking in with you all - Billy and Steven are not booked until Saturday so I didn't want you to think I had forgotten you. Hope everyone had a great Easter!
We do have Sunday the 7th through Wednesday the 10th, Friday the 12th and Sunday the 14th through Wednesday the 17th available this month...yellowfin are showing signs of life in Hatteras already and it looks like we will get a good April in spite of ole man winter hanging on strong! Update for May and June - The ONLY weekend day I have is June 30th. In May we have the 9th and 27th open and in June we have the 3rd through 6th, 18th, 19th and 20th, 24, 26, 28 and 30th.
Don't let people scare you away from July - yellowfin fishing is great until late in the month and the big eye always make a run in July!! July is wide open right now so pick your day!! Call us at home 252-473-1097 or email Tight Lines!