Archived Reports

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Early report huhg? Well thats what happens when you party STANDS YOU UP. I have a couple truths to share about that but first I have to say that I hope that Mr Ed from New Jersey and all of his crew are fine and healthy. And then I know all of you know this but I am not sure that Ed does - when you stand up you charter you never, ever, ever catch another fish. All it takes is a phone call..."hey we are not coming" and we can open the day and try to book someone else or Billy can roll around in the bed instead of going to the boat, waiting around and ending up on the Other Side of Fishing with Capt Marty - Beach 104. 5 he is on there now:-). Tight Lines!!

It wasn't that bad today - isn't that nice! One for gotta love a 1000 average...and it was a great family day for the Ryons. Congrats to Manning on his fantastic catch! Tight Lines:-)

Two bad days in a row - thats got me we were one of the few lucky ones - with a nice fatty in the box and we didn't mark anything else all day. Congrats to Damien Romeo on his fine catch! Hmmmm. We shall see whats up and nice weather if those fish are still with us they will be found! Tight Lines!

Ten days in and we got our first skunin of he season! Okay I am not happy nor excited but I do get a perversed pleasure out of a bad report because then you all know that I never lie to you.. I am your fishing report guru - always speak the truth no matter how much it hurts. The good thing is we had our friend Damine who - I am sure - has been skunked before but I am not sure if he has been out in such a rough. Haha. Nasty. Anyway - congrats to the Point Runner and Outrigger Aaron - the only boats that caught a fish today...we started out on the 788 and 560 and fished to the 768 and marks, no fish, Better luck tomorrow! Tight Lines!

Heres the report stolen right from the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center website...
We had a dozen boats try to beat the low pressure front. We found the hot water crossing across the tip of the point and there were a lot of bluefin tuna caught and released and some less than 72 inches brought back to the dock. Also as a pleasant surprise, there were three big eyes caught and the cake was iced with a 500lb blue marlin that was caught and released! This was the first blue marlin of the year to be caught and released at Oregon Inlet Fishing Center.Now let me ask you one more question, where can you catch bluefin tuna, big eye tuna and blue marlin all at the same spot - only Oregon Inlet!



Now I can add to it because this is MY website and I can say anything I want - so it was Jesse on the Bi Op Sea that released the blue one - very cool and it was the Fishing Frenzy with a 120 pound big eye (redemption for yesterday?) and Danny on the Point Runner with a 10 pounder and then Aaron on the Outrigger with a 97 pounder in the box.
On the bluefin front we had a great catch with one release for Spencer Langston  - that fish hit the stick and then Henry's fish that hit the stick was about 500 pounds and Maxwell chased him for about 5 minutes before the fish broke off. So Henry got himself a troling bite and horsed a 72 incher to the deck - way to go yound man!! Maxwell put the stick out just so you know because he knew here as weather setting in and it would be a short day - and so it was...he thought he could get faster bites with the stick.  Anyway Smoker, Fishing Frenzy, Sea Noter, High Return, Seaducer and West Wind all has bluefin too.
A big welcome to my friendCapt Rom Whitaker on the Release and Capt Andy on the Good Times - both up from Hatteras to fish with us for a bit. And to a private boat with some nice folks from Morehead Ciy on the Flor Plan!
Okay is that enough? Maxwell is going to work on the green stick down at Marine Fabrications tomorrow and ride out this weather until Wednesday. Talk to you then!!!! Tight Lines!


Slower fishing today (can you say flip flop?) and that may have had to do with the typical Saturday crowd...and Billy's got groupies! I made fun of him but seriously many thanks to our outboard friends who love SIMRAD as much a we do! Okay back to Leanord and the boys - the pics are phenominal but Maxwell was dissapointed at the action - two fish today one released and one in the box. The Tuna Fever fished today from the 800 and 470 all the way up and out to the 768 and 540 in 900 fathoms. The marks were deep and far between. A couple worth losses today to talk about though - The Legacy with Capt. Aaron Croswait lost a 100+/- incher after a 4 hour fight and Capt Greg on the Fishing Frenzy parted the line on a huge 110 incher (may 800 pounds?) after a long fight which took him in the tide all the way out to the 705 and 680 which is about 50 miles from the Point where he hooked up. Some might say "awww fish tales" but Capt Greg commercial fishes for these suckers up off Glouchester in season and he knows how big they can get! Pretty cool huh? Special applause to the anglers!! And congrats to our anglers...Nicholas Reich who fought his bluefin to the deck of the Tuna Fever and toMichael Souder who fought his 85 incher to a clean release. Yeah!!! And hey, a little birdie tells me that Leanord and the boys had a great time with Steven in the pit - I think we better keep him! Tight Lines!

Better fishing and weather today with lots of marks all day long from the 500 to the 580. The change was between 63 and 66 degrees and the fish took up on the outside f the change. The fish were a smaller class today so no citations except for Steve Wiley who released a 77 incher - Happy Birthday!! - but congrats go out to the whole crew for some excellent angling, wiring and releasing (and no our Steve wasn't napping but sometimes the crews just take over the pit!) Jason Schemmel - 69", Ted Curron - 65", Mark Polizzi - 62 and 67", Craig Reist - 67", and Rob Oeschlin 67 inches. Nice!!! And see Rob, you were meant to get blown out last fall:-)
Hey Billy wants you to know that all the signs are good for these fish to stay put for a while and we have days open into April. If they do disappear we won't make you come fish for them...hehehe. Also May and June are about filled up , just a few days left and July needs some love...there is great Big Eye fsishing in July you know and April should be good for yellowfin (or bluefin!) so give me a call at home 252-473-1097 or email for avaiable dates! Tight Lines!

We headed east of the inlet today with time of the essence and a big front headed our way and found a few slicks and marks where the fish were yesterday. At about 9:15 Scott and his crew hooked a double - the crew split duties with two guys on the wire and one guy in the chair on each fish - in the end there was a release for Michael Svitek and a 70 incher in the box for Mrak Crane! Scott got to learn a lot of info that should help on his beloved outboard and Maxwell picked up for home at 12:15 when winds started to pick up in actually took over 2 hours to get home so you know it was rough! Congrats to out viking warriors and thanks fo a great..albeit short day of fishing!! Tight Lines!

Better fishing today for Mark and his gang. Billy started out on the 807 and the 755 and as soon as he crossed the change he didn't even get the riggers down before he got a double hooked up! Nice. The fish are fighting harded up in the cold water - 65 and a half and they take longer to get to release so the boys caught 5 out of 6 today and only went twice with any trolling time between strickes - one 11 minute run and on 18 minutes! haha and good action. The neatest thing was the bluefish. Billy says the bluefin had pushed up some 6 to 8 pound bluefish and were balling bait over about a half acre area - pretty neat to see 300 pounders launching themselves in a total feeding frenzy!!! Billy never saw anything like that before. Congrats to Gregory Andrews, John Sapienza, Brian Chase and Mark Weinman  on their amazing releases and more to Jessica Edgeington on horsin' a giant to the deck of the Tuna Fever. Way to go!! Tight Lines!

The boys started out ths morning on the 778 and 580 and as Billy will say a couple times a year - he just landed in the wrong place which means they pulled up and ran about 9 miles and set out up the road where the fish were waiting for them. Haha. Okay so they didn't get any bites until about 1:30 (Maxwell was probably having kittens!) and then the race was on. Although they only had three fish today (one for everyone) they had some good fights - congrats to Jeffrey Francis on his fine caupture and to Mark and Jessica on thei releases....Maxwell picked up to come home on the 740. The fish are on the move but we will keep chasing them! Tight Lines!

Lots of action in the rough today for the Hettinger group. Great bluefin fishing and a fine class of fish to boot - the boys even managed a 4-banger at one point - you would have thought it was yellowfin in June. Haha! So release citations for Tony, Josh and Todd (2X) today and they all did a great job in the chair. Many thanks to our new mate, Steven Hall, all of his years chasing granders half way across the world are paying off in some back and bicep saving chair lessons!! Too much fun!!
We are to the dock tomorrow with weather but we are booked right through next Tuesday so keep an eye out here for the action! Tight Lines!

Great day of fishing for the Hettingers and a great birthday for Josh! The boys released four bluefin 64", 80" (angler Charles Stantz), 82" (angler Tony Hettinger) and 92" (angler Todd Meyer) and we broke off some more. Billy said a lot of thins about fluorocarbon which I can't remember and he was headed to the tackle shop to stock up for tomorrow - Josh got his birthday fish at 72 inches and the gang even boxed a wahoo!! Nice!! All the bites were trolling with naked ballyhoo - funky! Tight Lines!

Good fishing for our first day of the year. Many thanks to Harvey Wagner and his crew for a great time! The boys did pretty good although Maxwell thought fishing was a little slow - the bluefin hit the stick a couple times and then went straight for the trolling bite so Steve pulled everything in. In the end the boated a 70 incher at 200 pounds and congrats go to angler Wade Stombaugh! Two releases for Ernie Black and Larry Cutlip.
A big "hell Yeah" goes out to Point Runner Danny and his 100 pound lady angler who horsed a 608 pounder to the deck today. Suffice to say the Point Runner used their giant permit for the year. Haha - what a catch!! Tight Lines!
Always chefck out Facebook - Tuna Fever Charters for more pictures!

Got some pictures up in the gallery of the Tuna Fever on the hill at Spencers...well, she wasn't exactly on the hill she was actually only in the slings I think..or blocked in the pit. You guys know Billy...they hauled her on Friday, sanded and zinced on Satyurday and painted the bottom on Sunday. She is back in a slip this morning!
Special thanks to Stephen Hall who got Billy through it all and is anxious to get in the pit with you all this season. He will be taking over now that he is fresh off a few months is the Canary Islands and a short run on the Great Barrier Reef. I will get a bio up soon - Stephen has done it all and will be a ral pleasure to fish with this season.
We are ready for our first trip schedule for the 10thwith Matt and the gang...stay tuned! Tight Lines!