Archived Reports

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Checking in...big news around here. So we have a ZF gear on the CAT - as many of you know - and she lost some pressure towards the end of the season this year so Maxwell asked the ZF mechanics who were up from Morehead working on a Viking boat to come by and take a look around. They bore scored the transmission and found some things...a minor rebuild was in the works. Well, as it turns out we aren't doing a minor - we are doing a major. Maxwell and Steve brought the Tuna Fever over to Spencers this morning and with the help of Capt Dave Swain (of the High Return) they managed to break the gear loose - see the pics in the gallery - and Jeff Hathaway is going to pull it out with his crane. The plan is to drive the gear down to New bern tomorrow and let the boys have their way with it. Merry Christmas, Maxwell! Oh my!

Its still blowing here -much like most of the country - and Billy is to the dock doing some repairs on the Wadamacallit and the Tuna Fever. he is making a list and checking it twice and I think he is planning on sanding and repainting the interior of the Tuna fever, replacing the doors to the cabin and heres a question for you... He has replacing that cracked back bulkhead window on his list BUT he thinks it may be lucky. What do you think? Is it a lucky broken window to leave as is or is it an eye sore that needs fixing? The books for 2014 are open -and you can reserve through the Fishing Center and their webste as well Trips for 2014 are $1800 - that's our first raise in three years. Ill let you know when there is some fishing action to report! Tight Lines!