Archived Reports

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Fantastic fishing today - at least for us. Billy says that John Duvall is the lucky one - always has been - and it paid off today. 11 nice fat yellowfin - looked like 40 pounders by the picture. And the boys went home happy. Maxwell and Steven are exhausted though - picking albacore all day to get to those yellowfin and went through a case of bait too - that's 144 ballyhoo and a lot of pickin - as Omie would say - Do the math! The boys will sleep well tonight and we never got booked for tomorrow but that's okay cuz it looks like it is going to blow - ack out on Sunday and open all next week if anyone wants some yellowfin for the freezer..we are booked on Friday Dec 6th. Tight Lines!

Well the boys made a good effort to get out yesterday but it didn't work. The wind is going to blow until Friday but it looks like we will have a god Friday, Saturday and sunday. We are open for Saturday - have a great Thanksgiving and call us at home 252-473-1097 if you want to get out in the blue on Saturday!! Tight Lines!

One more day of fishing before the weather sets back in a Maxwell had a hard time finding the fish today. Dave, david, Jim, Donald, janet, and cheetah had a good time (so says Billy) and ended up with two nice yellowfin and a blue marlin release - hey we have better billfishing this week than we did in August! Nice. Anyway - hopefully this blow will churn things up and cool the ocean off - the tuna are definitely on the move and that's good. Tight Lines!

A little slower today - more pressure on the fish but Jogn McNaiught and the crew from Va Beach had a great time with 6 fat yellowfin (40+) and a wahoo. John's brother Jim released a white one as well. Pretty Work!! Tight Lines!

Satellite phone love - Billy just called to say they found the fish. On the 933 and there are plenty of them...looks like yellowfin season has started! WE ARE OPNE FOR TOMORROW AND THE WEATHER WILL BE PERFECT!!! - Call the Fishing Center to book us...please, please 252-441-6301 The boys got booked and got the fish good today - a dock full of fat yellowfin !! Check out the pic!!.

oh boy - bad fishing today. A skunkin (our second this year) for us and Sea Toy and Capt Kenny Sexton found a float with 5 dolphin. Pew!! Many thanks to Danny Hunt and his crew - they are the best kind of sportsman - and enjoyed playing tag with an aircraft carrier (I can't remember which one..ill update) and Maxwell got it trouble for trying to get to the 620 while the US Navy was practicing. wow! Tight Lines!

Didn't make it out today although Maxwell and Steve met Doug and his crew down on the dock this morning. So it is nasty and it is going to get worse but looks like it may settle down enough on Thursday and by Saturday be downright beautiful and guess what? WE ARE OPEN ON SATURDAY! Don't you want to go fishing??? Call me at home or send me an email - 252-473-1097 Tight Lines!

Today it was Mark Weinmann and his boys and the wind switched to nasty from the southwest so there was no going up north today (did you know that northeast fish never bite on a southwest wind?). So the Tuna Fever, Smoker, Rigged Up and Dreamgirl headed for the 500 line and it turned out to be an awlright day - wahoo day!! WoooHoooo! So Brynner was the top boat with 11 Hoos - wow - but we got them pretty good - fishing wire by day's end and five fat hoos in the box! Cool. We pulled off a 40 pound yellowfin right at the back of the boat and that was the only tuna seen by the fleet all day. It is fixing to blow again - maybe till Wednesday - Tight Lines!

Can you believe this is my first report since October??! Okay so Billy Kline and his friends had a great day by any standard - if you are fishing for billfish in the summer! hehe - I am sure the boys were counting on falols great yellowfin bite today (which they have enjoted in the past) and what they got was a trip up to the northeast. The Tuna Fever set out in the 900 line in a nice eddy of water and right out of the gate a blue marlin crashed the left long and the fight was on - congrats to angler David Alexander on his release. Later in the day George Dellinger fought a white one to a clean release. So during the hunt for a sail..hehe.. the boys managed to find four yellowfin in the 35 pound range. Maxwell says they are the same fish from October 31 and they are just sitting up there eating minnows and they are not interested in anything in the spread...not very cooperative. But and interesting day! Tight Lines!