Archived Reports

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Tuna up in the northeast today - finally. Maxwell found them - they look 30 to 35 pounds from the picture and he had six that I counted. John Boaze and his crew had a little dolphin action too - mixed bag boys! I love it. and so guess what? its getting ready to blow and the Tuna Fever will be to the dock until at least Monday maybe. Ahhh.maybe the noreaster will blow those yelowfin right to the Point! Tight Lines!

So Walter Knight and the boys get the "attaboy SportsmenAward" and they deserve it (also they brought me apple butter) but fishing was slow and hard today. Maxwell didn't get skunked but he was pretty close and some of the boats did....what did he tell me (it was so bad it didn't register haha) ummm...1 dolphin and 2 blackfin I think. Heartbreaker but the boys know the drill - they have had 700 pound days. I hope there are more in your future, Walter! Love ya! Tight Lines!

Day off today - with all this weather in October the days in November are filling up pretty quick. If you need a day before our season is over give us a call at home in the evening - 252-473-1097..we would love to hook you up! Tight Lines!

Tuna and dolphin today for Brian and his crew - they got blown out on the Smoker a couple weeks back and made it up with us today. The fishing was good but not what we have come to expect from October yet - gaffers and smaller yellowfin. Some of the boys addedsome tile n top and you know what that means...come on fish! Where you at, man?! hehe Tight Lines!

I saw a pretty catch for Tim Tonn and his crew (who I reluctantly renamed Tom on FB, sorry) but they picked off some yellowfin they ran about 15 miles for..small but eatable..hehe and they had a couple sailfish today. Thanks to the crew for playing with all of Steve's stuff in the pit and riggin the baits today - Maxwell says you all did a great job! Tight Lines!

Great fishing for Billy Kline today - and it was by happenstance - Maxwell ended up with a "lucky landing" as it where...he reset his clock and as I was away he reset it for pm instead of know the rest of the story. The Tuna Fever landed north of the fleet and picked off a fine catch of yellowfin today! Tight Lines!

Just checking in so you don't think Maxwell jumped off the Bonner Bridge or something. Okay so the weather has been marginal at best and some of the boys in the fleet have made it out - despite the shoaling between the fenders and all - but the fishing has just not turned on yet - not enough for Maxwell to beat the brains out of some of his regulars so he has been grumpy around the house. I sent him hunting yesterday and he will be back today in time to go hunt some yellowfin tomorrow. Kate and I are back out of town but I'll update when I get home. keep and eye on FaceBook. Tight Lines!

Finally a really good day of fishing - yellowfin and some blackfin. Really good tuna fishing for the boys from Bayer Crop Science. And its gonna blow tomorrow - of course! hehe - stay tuned! Tight Lines!

Slower fishing for Mike Thomas and his boys today - I don't even have a picture because Steven cleaned em on the way home. Yellowfin and blackfin and where are the 700 pound days that October is famous for?! Heheh - tight lines!

No fishing today - she is a blowing. A few boats waited on the tide this morning and did get out the inlet and we will have to see what they caught. But it was definitely peelin the green! Tight Lines!

Better fishing today for Craig Bauer and his crew - a handful of yellowfin, some blackfin a nice catch of dolphin and a sailfish for the boys! Cool!! All that and out the inlet with no problems - coming in I hear was another story but they made it! Hahaha...Bad weather tomorrow - tight lines!

Started on the 420 today and picked off some blackfin and a couple yellowfin right away. Fished south to the 300 line looking for dolphin and never found them. Maxwell feels bad..the boys in Paul's group just got back from Afganistan and poor fishing is not how the Tuna Fever crew wanted to thank them for their service! Well, the fleet has just got to find the fish and they will keep trying...looks like it will be choppy but fishable for the next few days! Tight Lines!

Seems like forever since Billy and Steve have been fishing! They are back home at the Fishing Center - the Tuna Fever happy in her dock - and they got under the bridge and across the bar fine today. Maxwell headed for the change on the 480 to styart which could have been a no no cuz it was mighty rough down there but it paid off - Jeff Duncan brough the whole family down from Virginia and they had a meatfish slam - a limit of dolphin a couple small tuna and a wahoo. pretty work on the 'hoo Sara and to Crystal who angled her way through the day starting with a big hunk of rope! haha too cool! Anyway - I am not wearing my glasses so forgive any spelling errors - the boys are back at it tomorrow - looks like we may have a little stretch of nice weather! I am out of town for the weekend - kate is doing her first eventing in Virginia so keep an eye on Facebook - I can update that from my phone. Tight Lines!

Okay I have good news and bad news. So it blew for a week and Maxwell and Steven finally got out of their temp dock at Pirate's Cove with Dick Martin and his crew on Friday. And the nor'easter we had closed in the bridge span - so they went back to the dock. For today and tomorrow they had a ten boat group with Ray Kerber and his gang from up north and because of the condition of the Inlet the captains decided to let the group reschedule as they all came don on busses last year and got blown out for their trouble. So Maxwell is still off until Monday and there are rumors of another nor-easter setting in then - I'm not sure about that but I do know that Minta the manager of the Fishing Center - called tonight to say that the National Park Service is allowing the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center to open tomorrow! Woooweee - that's the good news - the Tuna Fever is coming home tomorrow! Amen! Tight Lines!

Finally found the tuna today - and guess what? its gonna blow staring tonight for a couple days. But hopefully this wind will bring the tuna home for good. Maxwell sent me a picture and a text--12 yellowfin and a mess of blackfin too. Nice! Id say from the picture that Pete and his crew had some yellowfin in the 25 to 35 pound range and the blackfin were normal size too. Yummy!! Tight Lines!

Dolphin again today and we are still loving it! Tonya Brown's boys look like they had a great catch by the picture but I don't have an deets from Maxwell yet. Sounds like we will get out again tomorrow and then a couple days off for TS Karen. back in the blue Wednesday and help me fill up the month - we are open on October 28, 30 and 31! Cool huh? I really hope we are not still at Pirate's Cove! Please! Tight Lines! Update - the boys were also 1 for 2 on sailfish!

A great day offshore for Mike Fleck and his crew. You know they have been fishing with Billy for years and never had a limit of dolphin - its been tuna every time so they are very happy. Maxwell says they started off at the Point looking for yellowfin and there was so much tide that they just rolled on out to the change and fished it out from the 720 to the 930 picking their dolphin along the way. Nice. Then on the way back they found a bucket and filled out their limit. Happy Happy Happy! Tight Lines!

Looking for the tuna today and came up with Dolphin instead - who woulda thought in October but its an indian summer and we love it! Congrats to pete and the boys for playing today and on the good eats! Yum! Tight Lines!

A slower pick on fishing today but Monte Sorenson and his gang pulled out a nice catch of yellowfin - 30 pounders mostly is what I see in the picture with a couple bigger ones and a fat (long) wahoo. Monte and the boys also got to see the effects of our Government Shutdown first hand! They got back to the Fishing Center, off loaded and photographed and then Maxwell and Steven said their goodbyes! The Tuna Fever is over at Pirate's Cove tonight...many thanks to Charlie and the desperado for the dock - and to everyone who offered their docks for the Fishing Center fleet. The Oregon Inlet Fishing Center is on National Park Service property and it is closed for business. Wow! first time ever - we have never been shut down even in past govt shutdowns. So if you want to go fishing this Thursday call us at home 252-473-1097 and we are also open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Tight Lines!