Archived Reports

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Here we are another New Year and we are ready to roll!!!
Bookings are coming in and you will be happy to know that the price of trips did not go up this year...$170 for the day just like last season!
I have already turned our bookings in to the Fishing Center so you can find our up to date calendar now on choose Tuna Fever from the nav bar then "book a reservation" and you can scroll the calendar.
Call us at home 252-473-1097 or shoot an email
Also check out the boat Billy and the crew are building...its actually Junior Baum, Capt of Rebait. Sean Hayes former mate turned crabber, Dickerson whom you all know and Dave Swain Capt of the High Return - they are turning this one out. The Wadamacallit is almost complete! Find us on Facebook at bbboatsinc
SPECIAL NOTE: Billy Kline, I have you booked for June 22 but you didn't leave your number! Call me back if I can't find it from last year:-)