Archived Reports

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The Tuna fever headed for the lump this morning and found a lot of current and the conditions had moved out overnight. So they started fishing up the change and there was a ton of action but a lot of junk too - huge bonitas, alberts and 6 blackfin and 3 fat dolphin. Bert hooked a blue one and she jumped off so it was back to the southwest on some grass that Maxwell found. in four miles the group put 4 gaffers in the box and that was a little to little action and off they went down to the 580 and put the stick out. That didn't work because they kept getting attached by big fat bonitas - and this is turning into a real story - after that there was a single yellowfin (45 pounds) on the 620  13 more big dolphin, a 50 pound ducky on a bailing pole (haha) and Chesleigh released a sailfish - nice job!
Billy says there were enough scattered singles and big fat bonitas to warrent anticipating the yellowfin bite to begin soon. Also the white marlin bite is drying up so thats a sign that the ocean is ready to move something else in - ready for some tuna time?!! Its coming!! We are open this week on Monday through Thursday and next Monday and Tuesday (8 and 9) after that the 17th, 23rd and 31st. And then we are looking forward to November! Tight Lines!

A nice catch of blackfin today for Mark Taylor and his boys although they did run small today and for a blackfin thats not saying much - you know the citation on a blackfin is only 20 pounds! BUT - they are great eating!! Maxwell kept the Tuna fever right on Omies Stake and he got bit off by two wahoo there as well. The conditions were beautiful by the way and Billy is real hopeful for some yellowfin to move in. The boys finally left from the 650 and there were big bonitas moving in on the afternoon bite! Tight Lines!

Great marlin fishing yesterday for the two boats that went out - 18 for Arch on the Pelican and 21 for Bull on the Sea Toy! Cool.
Also the Watersport reported in fishing on this side of the Stream and cleaned up on the 750 pretty quick. Thats all good news for us as soon as this blow passes - the yellowfin are out in full force!!
We are open Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday and then Monday through Thursday. That last weekend day in october was taken last night (thanks, john) but we also have Oct 8 and 9, 17, 22 and 31 and thats all she wrote! Tight Lines!

Blown out today and booked out until Tuesday - looks like the weather will give by then and we are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday then Next Sunday (30th) through Thursday oct 4. Time to fill that freezer for winter tuna eating!!!

Much better fishing today with a nice catch of gaffers, several yellowfin, some blackfin and two white marlin released - congrats to Wendell Grainger and Jeff Bracker on their fine releases and congrats to the crew on a nice mixed bag to snack on all winter!! Tight Lines!

Slow fishing for the Tuna fever today - so slow I don't even knw what the boys caught - Billy was none too pleased when he got home though. Anyway, he did tell me that the bite - I mean The Bite - finally hit today with some boats releaseing as many as 20 white marlin by Eats/West count at 2:30 - wow. I love it! Tight Lines!
Details..haha got a message from Billy with the deets - and the water had pushed out of the Baya dn whent he crew got finished fishing today they picked up on the 800 line! Wow! Anyway... there were a few yellowfin bites early and the boys got bit off by a wahoo. later in the day there were some blackfin and after that a half dozen dolphin - cool - another wahoo drive by and the they missed a sail. So a little mixed bag on the meatfish and some sorta steady action but rough as a cob in 20 mph NE winds! Tight Lines!

No sponsor AND blown out today - Moving Russell and his gang to Thursday because it is going to blow tomorrow too! Still open Sunday through Thursday next week - really good tuna fishing right now! Tight Lines!

Billy got out of here without giving me any details on his trip but the picture shows a nice catch of blackfin and four fat yellowfin to boot! Nice! Tight Lines!

Maxwell had to go looking today but he finally found the tuna up to the north of the Point. No details - but life should get back to normal soon since my tournament is over! Check out the picture in tha gallery - a fine catch of tunafish!! Open Tuesday and Thursday and Sunday! Tight Lines!

Fishing was off the hook again today! Amazing billfishing with tons of whites and blues - even free jumpers! The Tuna fever was true to her name with a beauticul catch of blackfin and citations for Brad and Cory Duerbeck!! Open on Tuesday and Thursday this week!! Tight Lines! 

Great blackfin fishing at the Point today for Bruce and Peter and the rest of the Friedman gang. Congrats to Richard on his citiation at 24 pounds. The boys got plenty of bites in the bay and then headed up north for bad grass and hot water. Billfishing was phenominal for the fleet - Big Love to Srake Byte who took top bBoat Day Two in the Oregon Inlet Billfish RoundUp. And honorable mention to the Double B who wre meant to fish my tournament but pulled a no show...they had a triple grand slam today!! Wow!
Hey have you found us on facebook yet - Tuna Fever Charters...lots of pictures there posted by charters and such. Its pretty cool! Tight Lines!

Phenominal fishing today - for everything!
I haven't gotten any details from Billy but wanted to get this up - billfishing was everywhere today! And tons of them too!! The Tuna Fever managed a huge catch of blackfin..several dolphin and a few fat yellowfin - cool! Also a citation blckfin for Chad Casteen - 27 pounds..thats a fat one. Maxwell fished the Point and Hog Wild caught 12 whites within sight!!! Amazing!
The OIBR is in full swing and its almost as if we planned a huge party and a little tournament broke out - hopefully next year that will be reversed! Anyway - our Daily winner today is Stream Weaver with 8 white and 1 sail!!! No blue marlin points yet or meatfish! This weekend ought to be exciting:-)
Days coming up open for freezer stuffing - 18, 20 and 23 (sunday) through 27 also 30th (Sunday) Come on lets go fishing!! Tight Lines!

Good fishing for Sean Burke and his crew today - the boys got in the did everyone else! and Sean released a white one and a sail! Good for you! - Billy says they also snagged a fat 50 (?) pound yellowfin and a nice 38 pound wahoo. Yummy!
Didn't get a whole lt of boats for my new tournament last night but the fishing is going to be phenominal today so follow along at and check out all the action. We are already working on next year and we haven't even fisnished all the softshell crabs yet!! Haha. Tight Lines!
Oh, had next Tuesday opeen up and we have the 20th available. After that its the 23rd through the 27 and the 30th is a Sunday and a full moon - could be good blue marlin fishing!

Heather, Billy and Bert,

On behalf of our group, I would like to thank all of you for another great day of fishing.  I don't want to say too many good things, because that shit will go to Bert's head.

I love fishing, but even more than fishing, I love to see people take pride in their chosen profession.  It's a pleasure and an honor to fish with you guys.

You will certainly see us again before the end of the year.

With Great Respect,

Thanks Mark!! You're the you-know-what to us too!! A few tuna and a sail for the gang today...nice.
I am off to run my new tournament tomorrow - I will try to get reports up but follow along at too. At least you'll know a little of whats happening! Tight Lines!

Hey everybody! I am just checking in...My friend Bruce who is fishing with his brother on Friday mentioned that there hasn't been a report in a while...there has been swell since the 5th with the hurricane that was east of Bermuda and that lasted until this noreaster started yesterday. Billy had some openings in between and booked out but some of the boats did brave the bar and there was good billfishing a couple days. The swell did get pretty big though. Anyway, we moved our guys today over to the High Return later in the week and hopefully we will get out tomorrow - the forecast is great after Wednesday.
Maxwell did take Peanut and the gang out on The 2nd and Don Hillman and his boys on the 3rd so I will do some back tracking and try to update their reports for you! tight Lines!

I haven't talked with Billy about the details but I do know that his crew had two citation blackfin today!! Pretty cool! Peanut and the boys had a good time tobe sure and they always catch the fish...congrats to Derek Woods and Michael Darden on their 22 pounders!! Nice. Anyway I will post some details later when I get them. Fishing again tomorrow but open Wednesday and Thursday and Saturday and Sunday if you want to pack thr fridge!! Tight Lines! Okay so Billy says they caught four blackfin and the headed up to the 740 where they found a huge pod of lazy whales! On the way they did find some dolphin and caught a limit before they called some other boats in. Tight Lines, again!