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A make up party today and wouldn't you know they all wanted to go marlin fishing!!! Who would have ever thought and who would have though that this excellent marlin bite we have had chose today to slow down!! Haha. Well congrats go out to Justin Pierce of the Washington DC area for his excellent angling abilities and his release of one white marlin. Thats all she wrote! Tight Lines!

Maxwell and Bert had Craig Talley today - expert engine machine-er - I know this because he built the long block for my Ford but that is another story! Anyway, the family wanted some meat today and they got it - big time!!  They went after the blackfins first and caught a few and then headed for the 650 and caught a few dolphin on the way. After that Charlie Griffin called them to some birds working  the whales on the 690 and they caight one fat yellowfin - on the way they put a nice wahoo in the box. Maxwell calls it a meat slam...maybe he is right - I say very fine catch!! Tight Lines!

Mickey Costen and his crew of regulars went 1 for 2 on sailfish today, congrats to Gus on the release. Other than that it was steady action all day long and a beautiful catch of black fin for the crew - including a citation at 26 pounds!!! A nice fat 45 pound yellowfin topped off the box and lest I forget a 34 pound wahoo (we had one of those yesterday..its deja vue all over again!). Anyway, the boys were entertained with bonitas all day and about a zillion dusky sharks released! Got day open this week...Looks like Billy might get a little rest which he needs and a nice lunch date with his momma! Tight Lines!

Great action todsay for a bunch of dudes that drove down from Va Beach - and I say dudes because Maxwell was totally impressed by the fact that this crew was made up of explosive experts...blow it up or tear it down..pretty cool. Just goes to show you my boy gets to meet then all! Anyway - they fished the Point all day and came up with a steady pick at blackfin - 12 in the box and one fat yellowfin that tipped the scales at I think Billy said 40 pounds or so. Congrats on a nice 34 pound wahoo and also some go out to angler David Ward who released a sailfish as well. Nice mixed bag - don't you love almost fall?! Tight Lines!

I really don't have any details about today. I know that Lance Honeycutt fought a white marlin to a clean release and Billy wowed me with a heartbreaking story about a blue marlin they hooked that got tail wrapped and finally they had to part the line. I don;t know how long they fought it or anything. Boring fish story huh? Oh well, Billy hasn't had a day off in a couple weeks and he is kinda like a zombie dude so t get a goos story you really have to drag it out of him. I didn't feel like dragging last night! hehe.
Heres some news...many of you know that my new tournament - the Oregon Inlet Billfish RoundUp is coming up on Sept. 12 - 15. On the 15th we are having an auction to benefit the Shriners Childrens Hospitals. In the auction there are many wonderful prizes but one might interest all of you - a week at the OBX Beach Club (condo) October 27th - Nov 3rd. Fishing on the Tuna Fever October 30th and a round of sporting clays for your crew! Pretty cool huh More details to follow and a way to bid by phone as well. Tight Lines!

The first of two marlin days for Randy and his clients today and we started off on the 940 and went 1 for 3 on whites - congrats to David Carlton of Higden. AR on his angling prowessness! After that it was out to 200 fathoms, down to the 920, out to 350 fathoms, back in to 42 fathoms and rough as a cob. It is tough to catch white marlin when your dink baits are flying in the air! hehe. Anyway, the crew had a great time and the white marlin won...again. Tight Lines!

Today was the day that Donna brought her grandkids and today was Kelty's day - a great catch of blackfin for the family and 3 nice yellowfin horsed to the deck by four-year-old kelty who then proceeded to climb up on the bridge and drive her first 57 footer! Haha All the action was in the bay today - sw corner to the ne corner and back again. You gotta love that!!! Tight Lines!

One huge wahoo for angler Riley O'Brien! Tipped the scales at 51 pounds and thats good enought to take the lead in the Mid_Atlantic! hehe - That was on the 730 in 200 fathoms and Tim O'Brien and the rest of the crew opted for looking for big yellowfin instead of chasing blackfin on the 680 so we missed 2 white ones on the 780 and landed a fat yellowfin. On the way home they headed for that dolphin grass line up inside but it was gone and some cool water had moved in. Wow! Tight Lines!

What a day today. Special thanks go out to Dave Robinson and his crew for joining Bert and Billy in chasing the fish all over the ocean! In the end they got a few dolphin and tuna and were happy but I think maxwell was a littl exaserbated:-) Lighting and squalls on the way to the Fishing Center this morning and it was rough heading out to the 740 where the change had blended out that the thunderstoarms sent the grass all over the place. eel grass too, Off to the 670 and the crew picked off thier first yellofin - a fat 50 pounder. The another on the 660 and a nice blackfin in the box.  On the 650 the watr got greener and uglier and 81 1/2 degrees. Bill Brown on the jamie B was off to the south on the radar and reported nothing happening at the Point so Maxwe;ll headed up to the 690 where they actually found some whales but no tuna action around them. No more bites heading north and then they found some bonitas jumping on the 740 but you couldn't even approach them. Mmmhmm. The crew picked up and headed home from the 770 and then about 25 miles off the beach they got lucky and found a change forming...stopping to put everything back out again the gang found some dolphin and put 8 nice ones in the box. A little extra effort and it was agood thing it was my turn to cook tonight! Tight Lines!
Hey the kids are going back to school next week and our bookings prove it - almost all week open if anyone wants to go - plenty of billfish out there too!

Randy Wilson and Jay took some precious cargo today - my baby goirl and her BFF Drew Harper. Drew caught her first fat yellowfin and the crew had a nice day looking for the big one. 4 fat 50 pounders is what they threw on the dock and kate missed her blue marlin by a hair. Haha...we need to work on our hooking and/or praying!  Thanks to Taylor for inviting the girls!! Tight Lines!

Steve thankfully wore his plain ole' fishing clothes today and the boys turned out to have another great one - lucky dude Maxwell says! They hit the color change early at about 17 miles off the beach and caught a half limit of dolphin fast and in the dark. After that it was off to find the tuna and the crew headede east and fished between the 700 line and the 665  - finally they went 1 of r 2 on 50 pounders. Back up north the hit a triple on the 710 in 250 fathoms then two more singles on the 720 and 730. They missed a blue one and jumped off another blue one and that was all she wrote. Fine catch for the boys, a 1/2 limit of bailer, 2 gaffers, 6 fat 50 pound yellowfin and two "you should have seen em" blue marlin strikes. Weeee! Need some help filling up the week of the 27th - Tight Lines!

Pirate's Cove Tournament is over today so I promise to be better about updating in a timely fashion. I have been out late chttin' people up about the Oregon Inlet Billfish RoundUp all week and I am exhausted!!
So this morning the Tuna Fever found te temperature break fast on the 900 and 665 and caught her dolphin before the sun was up! Cool huh? After that it was those same surface breaking tuna from yesterday that wouldn't eat - turns out they are eating minnows which is a tough delicacy to compete with - but the boys finally got some bites and boated 4 out of 5 - congrats to Sarge who caught the biggest at 60 pounds and the others tipped the scales at 50 each. Finally the boys and  miss Joann got attacked by sailfish - yes Billy said "Attacked" and fought one out of four to clean release - congrats, Joann! Nice day! Tight Lines!
We are booked this coming week but have days open the week of the 27th - like all of them! Also October is filling up so if you have fall tuna on your mind call us soon! 252-473-1097:-)

Big birthday trip for Billy today - he is 50! Shhhh. Okay, so Tony Hettinger and Josh have been looking forward to this day all year and you know what happened....the pressure! Suffice to say that I cancelled all the birthday plans because Maxwell was put out - you should have seen his face when he unwrapped his new AARP card! - but it wasn't a total loss - just a hard start out of the gate.
The boys started out at the Point and fished east to about 700 fathoms and never found the grass...they did find about 4.5 knots of tide and no tuna or dolphin. At about 1 pm after running east of the inlet about 15 miles they found some jumping tuna but everythime the Tuna fever got near they dissapeared and Maxwell didn't even get any marks....see, they know us... anyway, at about 1:15 all hell broke loose and the hettinger crew ended up capturing 3 fat 50 pound yellowfin and went two for 3 on sailfish! Nice. Special congrats to anglers, Todd meyer and Michael Stringfellow on their releases! All that action in about one hours time and then it was over! Wow! Well, the birthday cake was wonderful so says Billy! Tight Lines!

Big action today for Sam Viviano and his crew - big action! The boys headed south for dolphin today and hit three right off the bat - then they had a 300 pound blue one chasing a 15 pounder around the boat for a! Then it was off to bailing when they found about 38 dolphin south of the point that they were. Ac ouple blackfin in the box a little later on the 680 and then they jumped off a 250 pound blue one on the 720. Billy gave me this part pretty fast... bit off by a wahoo, pulled off a tuna, missed a sail and went 3 for 5 on 50 pound yellowfin. That was the icing on the cake and home they came! Tight Lines!

The boys got lucky today - good for Kurt Rahe and his crew! It was north for tuna or south for dolphin and the Tuna Fever headed north. After a spell they found the yellowfin... 4 for 6, 4 for 7 and 2 for 5 - in the end there were 9 yellowfin that tipped the scales at 469 pounds:-) - thats over 52 pound each!! Wowwww!!! Congrats to Kurt on the release of a sailfish and on his lucky horseshoe! Tight Lines!

A phenominal day for Jim manion and his crew even though he hasn't figured out how to get the pictures of his last trip out of his phone..I have no idea when we will see these pictures BUT I understand because I got a new phone poday and the picture of the phenominal catch is inside it and I have no idea how to get it to come out. Figures.
Anyway, the crew ran up to the 680 and set out going north. They were looking for the change on the 715 and didn't find it so they headed off to the 730 and didn't find any grass there eaither. Maxwell was starting to sweat when he spotted some bonitas jumping and on their second pass they hit 3 out of 4 yellowfin - fat ones too - and then it was singles or triples until the box was full with 14! Wow on top of that  Damien Sarcome realeased a blue one on the 745 and Greg Conley released a blue on the 800!!! Who woulda ever thought!! Nice one, Baby. Tight Lines!

Alice Kelly Sunday and it was big eye and big tuna for the Tuna Fever! Dave Morris and his crew started out on the 650 where they boxed 2 50 pounders and then headed to the west on the 100 for the change - they finally found the grass but no dolphin in the line. Later in the day dodging tournament boats Dylan Vansant, age 10, hooked up on a big eye and the fight was on! And on and on - Dylan worked that fish like a champ and 2 1/2 hours later he was on the deck  Woooweeee! I love it!! That fished tipped the scales at 191 pounds and is a fine catch for a boy of Dylans height! hehe. Many thanks to Brittnay for working the pit with Bert and please come back soon!  
Congrats go out to my baby girl Kate who fished the ladies tournament with her uncle Daved - she passed the rod on a sailfish to her best friend and proved what a true sportsman she already is. Love you and proud of you, girl!!
We are open only for Saturday this week now - the 18th and then next week only on Monday the 20th..the week after that we have some good availability. help me fill 'em up! Tight Lines!

Blown out - Booked out for today and then we will be blown out tomorrow but I got this interesting email tonight from Aaron who fished in 2009. Thought you all might enjoy the read...I know I did!

I was reading through your archives- I went years ago on



Good things come...and they came today. I don't exactly have all the details as Billy has been on the phone since he walked in the door but I know they got covered up with dolphin just trolling around and put 38 in the box. Then they headed for the whale hole and caught a yellowfin not sue how big and then, then oh boy!! They hooked up a big eye that tipped the scales at 210 pounds wooweee! I don't even have the anglers name but will update tomorrow. Then I swear he told me they caught three more yellowfin. What a day!! Tight Lines! PS Picture in the gallery!


That Big-Eye was 260 pounds and we're on our last bag of meat. We caught an additional 5 Yellowfin. Since we are low we are looking to book another trip with the Tuna Fever.


Aaron Mitchell

Great fishing again today! The cool thing was the sailfishing - now we jumped one off but some of the boats stayed on the fish and released a bunch! - Hooker 14, Rigged Up 9 (plus a Blue - Uncle haywood is such a showoff!) Bi Op Sea had 10 and the Hind Sight had huh? And Dwayne if you are reading this, I didn't have the heart to call you after the fact:-) Anyway, it was dolphin if you do back at the 102 tower for the Tuna Fever and William Olson and his crew. Up on the 660 Maxwell spotted some bonitas and picked off 3 blackfin for the boys. On the 650 it was one nice fat yellowfin (a 50 pounder!) and that took us in for the day. The East West count was 54 to 11 today..Nice billfishing! Tight Lines!

Started off today near the 102 tower and picked off a nice limit of dolphin, big bailers and 6 gaffers...up to the 853 and 701. After that Michael and his crew headed north looking for some tuna and found 2 yellowfin  then off to the 650 where they got lucky on 4 more yellowfin and one that got bit half off by a fat and hungry shark! Good day though...a limit of dolphin and 6 1/2 yellowfin ...nice!!  Tight Lines!

Excellent fishing again today! Wooooweeee! Okay so a limit of nice dolphin and three chunky yellowfin for the three anglers in our party today. Thanks to Edwin and his crew for playing today!
For those that have been following along Billy's back is better since his last injection a couple weeks ago - this one took some time to take affect and I know he is benefitting from the fact that it has finally stopped blowing offshore but better is better - we don't ask why!
Please go to and check out my new tournament - you can sign up for the newsletter and find us on Facebook at Oregon Inlet Billfish RoundUp.
And don;t forget to root for the home team - I think that is Benjie Stanski and maybe also Kennith Brown at the Ocean City White Marlin Open - you gotta google that one:-) Tight Lines!

Starting out on a change on the 824 the dolphin ran for about 2 square miles! Everybody had a great catch today and the fish ran all the way out to the 100 fathom line. On the 815 and 756 the boys missed a white one...ate up Bert's outrigger but we just couldn't hook him.  On the 813 and the 765 William Rodgers and his crew put a nice 45 poun yellowfin  in the box and after that they fished the stick right up until it was time to come home on the 805 and 800. Nice dolphin and a tuna too! Way to go boys! And way to go to the ladies at the Booking Desk...Billy has gotten himself booked all week - he is open on Friday and then next week on Friday and Saturday which is strange:-) Tight Lines!

Great dolphin fishing again today. Phil and his crew got lucky as Maxwell found some float and they got busy on that but all in all it was a fine day! No sponsor tomorrow but we'll be back in the blue on Monday. Check out the picture:-) Tight Lines!

Great dolphin fishing today! A limit in fact for the Tuna Fever. I haven't got any details and we will be out of town tomorrow but I will get them up as soon as we return! We are open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and alos on the 18th (Saturday!). Tight Lines!

The boys found some dolphin for Scott Mummert and his crew today. I don't have any details but the catch is looking up. Open on Sunday and then Wednesday through Friday next week. Only Friday and Saturday open during Pirate's Cove Tournament week which is prime tuna fishing time as, hopefully, all the boats will be chasing marlin in the northeast and we can have the Point to ourselves. Thats the 17th and 18th if you'd like to go! Tight Lines!