Archived Reports

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No sponsor today but the boys will be back in the blue tomorrow!! Have you found our facebook page yet - fun to check out the photos there too...lot of folks post their own so they are different (and Bigger) than the ones here. Look for Tuna Fever Charters it's cool! Tight Lines!

Roman and his crew got their tuna last time out so today they were looking for dolphin. Unfortunately the fleet hasn't caught much dolphin lately. So off maxwell went and they fished some beautiful conditions - perfect weed line and temp break from the 803 to the 580 and found nothing. Wow! Offshore looking for a tuna fromt he Point to the 615 they put a 38 pounder in the box, battled a lot of throwbacks and captured a few BLT's and some blackfin. A couple fish got bit off by sharks and the boys lost a wahoo as well. More tuna for Roman,...what a shame. hehe. Tight Lines!

Slow fishing all over today and so it was for Richard Williamson and his boys on the Tuna Fever. I think Billy said they caught a couple yellowfin but not much action out there at can imagine he wasn't talking much after that! hehe. Capt Marty's report wasn't much better although a couple boats did try for tiles as well. I hate to do this on a bad day but we still have Tuesday and Thursday and Sunday open next week. lets go fishing!! Tight Lines!

A nice day for Mickey Costen and his crew today.  Five fat yellowfin and Mickey took them right home but there wasn't much of any other action for the ole' Tuna Fever today.  Tight Lines!

Great fishing today for John Culwick and his crew - the boys got blown out last week and although it was rough as a cob today they wouldn't have traded it for the world! I haven't got any details from Maxwell but the picture shows some nice tuna - just a few - and an amazingly huge wahoo - turned out to tip the scales at a whopping 47 pounds! Congrats to angler, Russell Wingenroth and also to kevin Konicwicz on his clean release of a sailfish! Tight Lines!

Great billfishing today and the Tuna Fever crew managed two blue marlin releases on a double header! Woooweee! Congrats to Mark Coene and Chad Morrison on their angling prowessness:-) Now theres a word for Bill O'Reilley. hehe. Anyway the boys also went 8 for 13 on yellowfin strikes and may have pulled off a big eye - at least thats what maxwell thinks and he is normally right (don't tell him I said so). It was pretty rough today and  hopefully things will settle down a little tomorrow. We have next Tuesday Thursday and Friday open next week and we also have Sunday the 5th which is our only weekend for a while. Tight Lines!

Back in the blue...back in the rough. Billy had a make up group today and set off for the 650 where they found some blackfin and a few throwback yellowfin. The thunderstorms chased the group from there up to the north and thats where they missed a white one. Aftre that it was "run from the storms!!!!" and not very fast either - the poor Tuna fever could only make 12 knots most of the time and most of you know she is a battleship! Wow! Anyway - home safe with some tuna to show for it. Tight Lines!

Finally out in the blue and slick calm for Dan and his boys. Actually that was after the thunderstorm that they followed out - Billy says the lightning was incredible and they even saw the spray from one strike - pretty cool. Maxwell says they started out on the 650 in 100 to 200 fathoms and caught 5 yellowfin - the few boats that were there worked the fish over pretty good and each had 4 or 5 - off the the north and Dan fought a blue marlin to clean release - they also spotted another pod of yellowfin but these ones weren't biting! Oh well. Long about the 760 the crew left those fish right there on top and headed home.  A nice mixed bag for the boys and congratulations go out to Capt Aaron on the Outrigger for his grand slam today and to Uncle Haywood on the Rigged Up - they took Top Boat in the Carolina Builders tournament. Only open on Wednesday now this week but we have some days to fill next week - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday...Thursday is the August full moon - should be a good time for big blue marlin! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows! and blo9ws and blows! Looks like we are in for a couple days of southwester. I am on the way to Norfolk to get Maxwell a shot in his L4 and we will see if that makes him feel better. Days open next week - don't forget! Tight Lines!

Many thanks to Dickie Harris for running the boat today although Anthony and his crew say that he and bert watched TV and drank all day - they had to rig all the the boat and do everything! Haha. many thanks to the crew for allowing Billy a day off to attend to some other important business:-)  In the meantime the boys had a fabulous day with yellowfin bites on the greenstick which I bet Dickie has ordered one for the Fintastic already!! 9 fat ones - MMMM! Tight Lines!!

No deets as I haven't spoken with Billy tonight but he sent me a pictures of some seriously huge boscoe yellowfin! Nice day for Aden Kaufmann and his crew by the looks of it! Tight Lines!

Good conditions today but the fishing was kinda ho hum. Maxwell headed for the Point and set out on the 560 where they caught some bailers and a nice gaffer right off then that dried up some so they boys trolled for anything that would bite. They lost a nice 60 pound yellowfin right at the back of the boat (heartbreaker!) and then they put a 35 pounder, a 25 pounder and a BLT in the box. Those persky, sharp toothed wahoo are still around and another one of Bert's baits bit the dust today! Congrats go out to Chase Honeycutt for his expert angling abilities - he founght a sailfish to clean release! Later in the day Maxwell found a beautiful gress line on a hard change but there were no dolphin at the inn. Hmmm. And thats all she wrote - special thanks to Chris and Al and we promise to come up to Moyock and check out the award winning menue at HA Gators as soon as the fishing season is over!!! Tight Lines!

So the billfishing slowed down a little today and I swear the Tuna fever helped by not doing our part! Congrats to Fred Kinkin who released a blue one today but boohoo on Billy and Bert who missed the white and the sail! Hehe! Hey, all the boys today in Fred's group have been protecting our country while we are hunting tuna! So the blue one was on the 780 and then the boys caught a fat yellowfin that got bit in half by a shark and after that a huge wahoo bit off one of Berts favorite baits! Wow! Up to the 800 line the crew got in some more yellowfin - 50 pounders today - and then some bonitas and a little 25 pounder. Nice action for most of the day and a beautiful one at that! We have days open next week -Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday - lets see if these yellowfin hang around and there may be some good tuna fishing for you! Call the Fishing Center at 252-441-6301 and tell them you have Tuna Fever!! Tight Lines!

Tuna Tuna Tuna!!! Okay so you figure it takes bringing Al Wong and his crew out to catch some tuna - but tuna they found and tuna they caight. Yeah! Don't get too excited though, Maxwell says it was a lucky fluke - which is double out of our hands! Anyway, the boys started off heading east of the Inlet - Billy was not going south again today! - and the tile hole held no fish so they headed up to the 740 and from there to the 800 where they pulled off a white and then a sail - nice. Back to the 760 and they caught a single - aftet that they did the paddywhack between the 760 and the 800 and managed 9 fat yellofin in the box! Fat too like 50 pounders! Yeah!! The east/west count was high today - nice billfish action at 48 to 22...and congratulations to Heather from the Pirate's Cove Billfish Tournament and her man, Joey who tied the knot tonight...may you always keep that marriage between the navigational buoys!! Tight Lines!

I don't have many details because Billy was a little grumpy - that ought to tell you something - and I am going to bed early tonight (horse show in Virginia for Kate tomorrow) so I wanted to tell you something. So Dane Eure and his fells came out today and the change was gone, the dolphin were gone although I think Maxwell said they caught a few..maybe gaffers...anyway I know they dropped back on the tile tide today - and Dane loves them anyway. Good eatin" man!! And they released a white one today too..thats all I know but I will update when we get home tomorrow! Tight Lines!

A beaustiful day, at least for keith and his boys! Maxwell headed for the 450 in hopes of some dolphin for the kids and the change had weakened overnight and the current was pretty much non existant. Somebody did something right though because the boys eaked out 4 nice gaffers and a near limit of bailers for the three of them. After that it was go north young man - and they did until the tile ground...nice tiles in the box and an abaco huh? a relative of theamberjack..apparently this one lived in 425 feet and boasts delicious white meat! MMMMM!!!! Okay so after that they ran for the Point and got past some nasty grass on the way - Maxwell managed a blackfin today and a fat bonita on the 615. TADA! Tight Lines!

The weather was much prettier today - no thunderstorms to scare the sponsors with this morning...Just Stan Barns and his boys who had a great day - one the bridge and grabbing rods and I am sure someone grabbed the wheel at some point. The crew has never been offshore before and they picked a good day for it - set out on the 811 and 452 in 45 fathoms and fished the dolphin for a couple hours before going on a tuna huint...Sam found some blackfin up at the Point so thats were we ended up - with one BLT yellofin and one fat gaffer that we lost. Booo. Anyway - we hope we will see the Barns family back in the blue soon! Tight Lines!

Great dolphin fishing today - I have no details yet but the picture looks like the boys cleaned up. I will update as soon as Billy and I see each other@! Tight Lines! Okay so maxwell conveyed the old "lost the fleet in a thunderstorm" story - which isn't as bad as it sounds but what some folks don't know is that newer model engines (like the past 15 years) are required to meet emmossion standards and they have computers to help tham do that - "hot rod" engines have computers to help them boost rpms etc...the Tuna Fever has a single old fashioned mechanical engine that Maxwell took - with Frank Pollock and his family - right through the middle of a thunderstorm this morning. They lost the fleet because computers and lightning don't mix. So they hardly saw another boat but they got their limit of beautiful mahi - maybe because they didn't have to share. They set out on the 850 and 470 and ran up and don all day - picking up after one lone wahoo on top right around the 500. Tight Lines!

Blown out today! Maxwell is changing oil this morning and Bert is doing what Bert does and its awl good! Tight Lines!

A great day of dolphin fishing for our old friend Brian Fentress and his crew. Brian goes all the way back to before Billy and I even met - thats way back - and there is one thing that always rings true for him...he loves to just fish and hence he always has a good catch. Funny how that works. So the boys started out on the change on the 520 and hit the dolphin right off - Maxwell says there were only 4 boats working the change this morning instead of forty - and caught half their limit right off the bat. After that it was a long pick on really nice gaffers and the boys made their limit in time to go looking for  a marlin or something out in the blue. Well they lost a couple more gaffers and go bit off by two nice wahoo up on the 470 and that was about it for the day. Mmmmm! Gotta love it! Tight Lines!

SLOW fishing today for Tyson and his crew. So sorry about that - there were a million boats and lot of pressure and the grass lines was a 1/4 mile outside the blue green chance this morning. So the boys fished the grass off to the south west for bailers and just didn't come up with much. Jessie on the Bopsea ran offshore and didn't find anything either and we fished back to the change and back to the Point and in the afternoon the grass moved onto the change and we finally caught 3 fat gaffers and 4 bailers for the boys. At almost lines out Capt Ralph called us in to some blackfin breaking the surface on a lump at the Point but they just wouldn't eat for us. Oh Tyson...come back and we'll do better! Thats fishing, right?! Tight Lines!

Better gaffer fishing that we have had this week for Kimberly and undoubtedly the best boyfriend in the world because Brian got this trip for his birthday...or maybe she is the best girlfriend in the world? I suppose its all perspective...anyway, starting out on a change on the 500 line the dolphin fishing was slow but picked up later in the day with 5 fat gaffers - the largest a little upwards of 30 pounds! - and another 25 bailers in the box. We fished up to the 788 and 596 where the crew found a lone wahoo and one 30 pound yellowfin. Lines out on the 650 in 100 fathoms and a great time was had by all!! Hehehe Tight Lines!

So it isn't everyday you get to fish with heros but Billy seems to get his fair share of our country's finest fighting men and ladies. Today was no exception and we gotta remind everyone how grateful we are for all our troops who have made it possible for us to actually do something like fish for a living. God Bless America! And on top of the fact that these dudes protect our freedom...they can actually gaff! hehe! Many thanks to Mark for finding us and showing Maxwell and Bert such a good time today.
Starting out on the 797 and 510 they boys (and their ladies) fished a nice change and had some good dolphin action. 1 gaffer and 28 bailers in the box befoe the change greened over. Up to the 635 in search of a tuna and 2 more gaffers in the box! On the 650 the boys finally found 2 BLT's and 1 nice 40 pounder for a July mixed bag:-) Tight Lines!

Tip of the 630 today and there was a little more action than yesterday! A sailfish early for Jordan Phillips and then some nice gaffers in the box. One yellowfin bite and put him in the box too! Many thanks to our commercial captain friend Matt Hooth who got up from a nap for the call of nature and found a nice weed line...only 3 miles from the Tuna fever. So Billy fished right there for a limit of bailers...nice ones too! Thank ya, Lord (and Matt)!! Got booked for Sunday and Monday..thank ya, Lord (again)!! Tight Lines!

It was a hard day for james Bond and his family today - I think those tuna were feeding on the full moon because Maxwell says there were lots of marks and whales and everything was ripe for going off just didn't.  Many thanks to the family - they were first class all day long from the 650 with 1 yellowfin in the box and a ton of throwbacks and bonitas all the way to the 800 line where Maxwell thought he found Nirvana (and didn't). Up there there was a double and a single and a nice class of 45 pounders in the box. A few missed and then it was home later after fishing late. Phew! Tight Lines!

I told Billy tonight that as soo as the oldest farlow boy graduates from High School he should fire whoever is in th pit and hire him...I think Hunter is the oldest but they are all lucky lucky lucky!!! Started out this morning on the 650 flying the kite...and you know something about kites? they have to have later the kite kinda pittled out but that was later. Easrly in the day the boys picked off a yellowfin around the 634 and missed on on the 630. About 20 am they decided to go dolphin hunting and lucked out on a couple pods of fish...after they put their limit in the box the wind had died out so out went the stick. In the end the Farlow boys had 1 throwback, 3 nice yellowfin, 3 fat gaffers and rounded out a limit on bailers. Nice haul, Boys!! Tight Lines!

No spponsor today - Billy cut the grass in this heat - crazy captain!! We are open next week on Sunday the 8th and Monday the 9th so help us get booked! Tell a friend. hehe Tight Lines!