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Billy and Burt and Heather too:
From the Van Dyne Charter:
We are saying thanks to all for a great time Saturday June 30th. Both Captain Billy and his 1st mate Burt went all-out to make it a very memorable day. All the guys including me, my son Kirk and grandson Josh, and friend Jeff had fabulous time. It was super to bring back a ‘bunch’ of fish (we caught 138 lbs of fish and ended up with about 20 lbs of Yellow Fin Tuna fillets each). Billy and his very capable mate worked diligently to make us happy. The weather was great-- although quite warm ashore it was beautiful at sea. We could not have asked for a nicer day.
Bottom-line, we had a great time all due to your hard work. We found the Tuna Fever to be ship-shape, stowed well, clean, comfortable and well maintained. It exhibits pride of ownership and demonstrates a great amount of attention to detail.
We plan to charter with you again soon.
Very Respectfully,
Roy Van Dyne and party
I couldn't have said it better my self! Tight Lines!

A limit of dolphin for jack Evanko and his crew today. The boys started out on the Point and Maxwell found some greass up inside on a change but it didn't hold any fish - the second weed line held more of the same and finally they found the fish out on the 630 and out to the 773 and 673. The grass and birds were bad today and man was it rough for the crew but they fished on up to the 708 after the dolphin and hit a nice yellowfin and a couple boils...TaDa! Tight Lines!
We have Sunday and Thursday open this week and then Sunday and Monday open the following week. Help me help maxwell...BOOK the TUNA FEVER!!!! hehe

Report coming soon..I was out of town and haven't gotten the skinny yet!

Okay so I am going to call this the Loser Day. Poor Billy was so upset when he came home that I can't even ask him for details on what happened..and I didn't have a pen either...but I know that Chuck and his boys are the best sportsmen ever because they lost 3 big eye (one after 2 1/2 hours)  and one white marlin and I think Billy said four yellowfin and I don't even know what else. The only reasoning I got was on the last big eye (Billy called them all around 130 pounds) and he said he figured that one was hooked in the nose by the fight. Anyway, Chuck and the boys went home with one yellowfin and a hell of a lot of action and fish tales to talk about at home!!! Tight Lines!

She is blowing today - not sure where this came from but it came with a vengance and a massive line of thunderstorms last night! No fishing for Ledis and his boys today but I think they are going with the Fight N lady laster in the week! Back in the oceqan tomorrow:-) Tight Lines! Oh and check our our Facebook page - tuna fever charters - we have had lots of postings by our fishing crews lately - and thanks to everyone for all the great photos and videos!!!

Shackin off bonitas today big time between the 700 and the 740. In the end we fought junk for most of the day but put 14 yellowfin in the box - which was nice - and had a great time with Todd Bryant who grabbed us on that cancellation last night. Todd was happy enough to send Maxwell and bert home early and no one missed the sunrise service! Tight Lines!

Miracle - theres a Sunday open in June!!! Grab it now - this Sunday Jeff has a work emergency so call the Fishing Center and lets go! 252-441-6301. Report for today to follow:-) Nine fat yellowfin in the box..three to a garbage can:-) lots of throwbacks and bonitas today so there was plenty of action for Brad and his crew. Real fat tuna though..I'll get the picture up in the morning:-) Tight Lines!

Today it wasRay becmers turn and he got a good one. Thanks to Jay Buschell for the recommendation! We started out o the 640 and the gras was patchy! A lot of it too according to Maxwell. The crew caught a lot of dolphin - 3 gaffers and enough bailer for a limit - grandkids love it!! and then we were off on the hunt for a tuna. Right about the 670 the Tuna Fever got whacked - two triples and six in the box...nice!!! All the fishing today was between 100 and 300 fathoms..tight lines!

Maxwell was totally impressed with the Hoover family today. Nice folks one and all! And neighbors of Dany Moon which may have something to do with it:-0 Anyway setting out Maxwell got the word that Bill wanted dolphin so thats where they went - to the dolphin hole....640 in 30 fathoms and on the grass line. The family fought the birds and the gaffers and had a great catch for the day. Congrats to Mom who had the only tuna for the day a single strike on the 700 line. July is shaping up - booking a day seems like each day so if you'd like to fish in the next few weeks (July is right around the corner - they were stocking back to school stuff at Staples today! urgh!)  give us a call - oh October is shaping up too so if you want a fall trip please do hollar 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

And a good day was had by all. What a difference a day makes! So the Tuna Fever started out on the 590 in 100 fathoms  and Maxwell fished southwest until he hit a change and turned around.The birds were real bad again today but that didn't stop Tattoo Matt and his gang from cleaning up on the gaffers - after 30 in the box they were ready to find a tuna fish and so they did - up morth on the 860 Maxwell picked up a single and then they spotted 6 hammerheads following some yellowfin...Billy says the water was so clam and clear you could count them out - cool - anyway, the tuna were there right ahead of the sharks (which didn't bother BTW) and the boys picked off another 10 fish - nice calss of 40 plus pounders too! Tight Lines!

Finally back in the ocean today and after all this wind it was a beautiful day for all. Not much for the fishing though. Doug Boyd and his crew ended up with 3 fat gaffers and they saw a lot of ocean today - from the 650 to the the end they saw more birds than anything else - I suppose that wind brought the shearwaters with it and they didn't leave with it...but they will take a bait. Oh my! Well congrats to the boys on a funa day and thanks so much for being true sportsmen! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows! Actually honking at about 5 this morning and the 6 mile buoy was 9 feet already! I couldn't hear the ocean from my house though and still can't tonight although I don't rule out the possibility before it's over on Sunday. Hang onto your hats!

Okay I have no details from today - only a photo from Billy's cell phone that obviously has fish slime on the lens - check out the gallery - but those are some huge yellowfin and you gotta love that!!! Boscoes, baby! Tight Lines!

Congrats to Tony Copeland and his wife Metta (? I couldn't really understand Billy, its a married thing hehe) and their crew on a great day and for finally getting out on the Tuna Fever! Maxwell says the fish were jumping from the 575 in the Bay across the Meadow, out to the Tip and all the way up to the 615. Lots of action and the Copelands had a great day with a fine class of yellowfin - 17 filled the box and the girls rule...apparently girls power kicked the boys' butts thing about those tuna - you gotta CRANK!!!
Looks like we may have some weather coming for the next few days. i keep wishing the forecast would change but it hasn't yet so I'll let you know whats up. Don't forget Fathers Day on Sunday! And don't forget I am trying to fill up July - we have days available and the big eye should be snapping!!! Tight Lines!

Good fishing for us again today and actually it was good for the whole fleet! Maxwell fished around the 650 and came up with nothing much until noonish I think he said and then "Game On" as Kate would say and they filled the box with some near boscoes! Congrats to John Stanley and his crew - maxwell and Bert really enjoyed fishing with you, enjoy all that tuna!!! Tight Lines!

I have no details yet but Bert sent me a picture and boy did they get in the yellowfin today! Thank goodness!! Details to follow...Tight Lines! Okay so the Tuna fever fished between the 630 and the 650 all day. Maxwell says the commercial boys are really catching the fish in the evening but we got our chance today with 11 fat yellowfin in the box and lots more action on the And congrats go out to Jasons dad with his Big Eye estimated at 93 pounds!!! Yeah!!!

So this morning the Tuna fever started out on the 520 and found a change with grass in about 28 fathoms - I suppose Maxwell is thinking he has tried every other patch of ocean and the 520 is the only spot left!  Well the grass was scattered all over the place so the Randy and his boys fished north paddywhacking grass until they found the yellowfin jumping and chasing flyers but Maxwell says it was like a game - he never saw one in a tuna's actual mouth and the fish wouldn't eat any baits. Big pod of them though and lots of life but much good it did today until Jonah got the skunk out of the box with a nice gaffer on the 600 lines. Back to the stick and the fish jumping but no bites again! They followed the yellowfin all the way to the 630 and finally managed a double and a single so Randy and his crew got a little something to eat. More action on the throwbacks and I must say when these fish decide to start eating its gonna be back on them because Maxwell is starting to steam a little under the collar! Tight Lines!

Well maxwell found the tuna today - Big Eye and plenty of them - marks everywhere around the 650 and bites for everyone but the Tuna Fever! Can you believe it!?! Anyway, George Kline says its okay because he's been fishing with Billy for 20 years and he has never seen a blue marlin and thats what the Tuna Fever caught today! Wooweee! I love it but Billy. not so much! 2 for 4 and one double header that split. Congrats to anglers Greg DiGlovine and Josep Playtas on their excellent angleing abilities and clean releases! Pretty cool huh - I think the crew may have managed a dolphin or two as well but don't quote me - Maxwell was so toungue tied about those damn blue marlin in his spread that he couldn't even give me a good report! Congrats on the dusky too, boys, released him as well estimated at 120 pounds! Tight Lines!

In consideration of the slow fishing yesterday, maxwell and Bert took Randy and his crew up to the northeast today looking for a tuna. What did they find - grass! They started out on the 920 and fishing up and out about 30 degrees until they found the weeds which turned into a piles of scattered grass with no birds and no life. At about 11 they gave up picking grass and headed along the 100 fathom curve looking for some red meat but they didn't ever find any. Sorry for Randy that he didn't get a tuna but take a look at the picture - the crew had a fine catch of fat gaffers. Dolphin - the other, other white meat!! Tight Lines...Don't forget next Thursday just became available.

Super slow fishing today for Ken leitz and crew. Maxwell was pretty put out tonight and I didn't get any details on the day. I am just going to start praying real hard about the coming days and get us out of this little slump thing. Its probably not the best time to tell you all that our friend Robert (last name withheld to protect the innocent) threw out number L4 and L3 and is thrilled to report that he can in fact walk across the kitchen but can't get back and has to cancel his trip for NEXT THURSDAY! So we are open and available for the 14th. Call us or the Fishing Center to book 252-441-6301. Tight Lines!

So good to see Steve and melinda Wimer today - Maxwell was real happy about spending the day with them as they are old timers too - been fishing with us since before we got married! haha! Anyway the fishing wasn't great today - we did put 5 fat yellowfin in the box and lost three to sharks but melinda says sometimes its not about catching 600 pounds...sometimes its just about fishing. I think I know why Billy loves her! Tight Lines!

He's a Hero - again. The good thing about all this change in the ocean is there are fish - and the Zero catches have been pretty darn good too if you ask me athough I am no expert...actually I understand there are some of you out there that envision me as a 80 year old dude behind a computer tapping away with one arthritic hand and scratching things with the other one. Yuck! Okay i segue...and so the fun thing is you never know even what kind of roe out till you get there. maxwell was packin his truck with extra tackle when kate and I got home tonight...but today it was fat yellowfin for Steve Roberts and the boys - many thanks to Point Runner Danny for the trip! Nothing at all happened until after 10 30 this morning (well one lone yellowfin) but after following a grass line for 2 miles Maxwell was thinking of despairing and didnt because in the distance he saw some fish umping. Turns out the yellowfin where thick from the 630 to the 560 - thats 5 miles of fish chasing flyers! WOW!!! 14 big ones filled the box and check out the picture - fat yellowfin!!! Tight Lines! 

And back to a Zero again! Well, not a total Zero..but not a diamond day like yesterday. Dale Reynolds and his boys had a great day though and caught some good dolphin - bailers and gaffers and although Bert shot the picture while hanging upside down from a tree I think I make out a few tuna in the picture. Billy's back has got him bad tonight so we haven't talked about much - no deets in other words but I will see what I can find out tomorrow and update. Hehe. Ohhh...let me shout out to Byron Green who is cooling his heels (not!) in either Kuwait or Afganistan...I think it's Kuwait because I wasn't as worried for him when he called to say he couldn't fish with us this year because he is working over there. man, thats braver than me! Love you, Byron and we miss you too. Stay safe and we will save some yellowfin for you!! Tight Lines!

We cleaned up today for Scott Brown and his crew...who incidentally have been fishing with Maxwell since the red boat...How many of you remember the red boat? hehe. Anyway, zero to a hero today and it started out rough as a cob! The boys beat it down to the 650 and found a change to 74 degrees with a couple bites. then they finally found a nice break to 77 degrees in 400 fathoms, fishing east about 2 miles they picked out some nice big bailers and nice gaffers. Four more dolphin out of nowhere later and the crew came upon some birds working and got whammed by the yellowfin - they lost two to sharks but managed to put 9 fat ones in the box. A nice day! Tight Lines!

Slower fishing for Terry Phelps and his crew today. We got out there a little late which actually wasn't a bad thing this time because the Tuna fever ended up skirting the 680 where the water WAS yesterday and headed for a break on the 645. Man, the sharks where bad today and the tuna were fewer in between! Maybe the sharks are getting their fill and the yellowfin woill come out of hiding tomorrow. Hehe. In the end we lost 11 to sharks and put 4 40 pounders in the box plus two really nice gaffers. Tight Lines!