Archived Reports

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Great fishing today but by the looks of it last night I am surprized that the boys even got out. But it turned out to be as pretty as you please and I bet Dan's buddies who didn't come because of the weather are thinking ole' Capt Bill maybe knows his stuff. Trust me - I rarely doubt him. hehe
Well it was tuna, tuna, tuna today and nice ones too. A limi8t for the crew and they LOVED it! A coupld gaffers on the side and all is well with the world!!! Tight Lines!

Niles’ second day and the boys (that didn’t have to go back to work) met maxwell and Bert early to check out what was up with TS Berle…anyway they headed out in the hopes that they could get some yellowfin and get home early!
Some of the boats went south for dolphin and ended up back on the 690 where the Tuna Fever and the Rigged Up limed the yellowfin fast! Only one shark today and he got his full but so did Niles – thanks so much for coming down!!! Tight Lines

The commercial boats fished south overnight and ended up on the 720 with whales and life and a ton of sharks this morning! The Tuna Fever headed for the 630 to see if we could get away from the sharks and find some dolphin – and we found gras. Pick, pick, pick all day long! Bert and Niles’s crew picked grass all the way to the 700 lines and Maxwell had no feeling for any tuna there so they took Point Runner Danny up on an invite for gaffers at the Point and it was the best dolphin fishing so far this year. Half and half gaffers and bailers and nice ones too!!! 5 pounds to 25 pounds and we finished up on  the 772 and 700. Trolling northeast to the 690 we got whammed by a 101 pound big eye! Wooweee! Lots of throwback after that and lots of sharks too…on the stick we found some fliers and hooked a 125 pound dusky for a great end of the day!!! Tight Lines!

 Happy Memorial Day! So tonight I got a couple filets of yellowfin that were all that was left behind the head of the big eye that Jason and his crew hooked this morning. Those peskey sharks were out in full force again today and the Tuna Fever lost many a fish to them. Billy was pretty upset over that and eventually had to go from traditional trolling to using the stick and heavy tackle to get the fish in faster!  16 big fat yellowfin between the 650 and south to the 630 and everything is fine! Tight Lines!

 Clarence and his family had a rough day today but they stuck it out like Vikings and ended up with a great catch…despite the swell and the sharks! The Tuna fever started out on the 663 and didn’t go 500 yards before they got whammed by 6 yellowfin! Five in the box and the 6th one got eaten by a shark! Oh well. Maxwell says the duskys, silkies, hammerheads and threshers…oh my! A double on the 657, a triple on the 653 and 12 gaffers on the 630. After that the guys pulled off another 7 yellowfin and one wahoo before wrapping up their day. Maxwell kept the Tuna Fever in the down current in the green water because the rough wasn’t quite as rough. hehe A fine catch! Tight Lines!

Blown out today - sorry Kevin...but it looks like we will get out tomorrow. Bring it on, Clarence! Tight Lines!

Slower fishing today but Mike and his crew where true sportsman - I don't know about eating raw and uncleaned wahoo though. 12 nice yellowfin, a pretty 'hoo and a barracuda that the boys threw back and thats all she wrote. Its gonna blow tomorrow...hang onto your hats! Tight Lines!

A beautiful limit of yellowfin today for Toby Jones and his crew. Billy says he didn't bring the family this time...I am sure he and Bert had  great time with a bunch of military legends! Tight Lines!

Our tuna dissapeared overnight so it was mostly dolphin today but the boys had a great catch of gaffers plus a few yellowfin and from the picture a couple tippedf the scales nicely! Tight Lines!

Okay so this is my third try at writing the report. And I promise they get worse each time…it just won’t stick! But I am getting smarter – cutting and pasting from Word this time!
The boys had a phenomenal day as did everyone in the fleet. Fishing is so good right now! A limit for Richard Wong and a lot of action on the 610 even though he only brought one guest. Maxwell says they got whammed right off with 9 yellowfin and one gaffer who mobscribbled the whole spread! The caught him and 5 of the tuna and one knot about the size of Bert’s head (without a shave or haircut!)! Cool huh? In the end t was a limit of fat yellowfin and a bunch f nice gaffers – check out the picture in the gallery – it’s a good one. Oh, I also put up a bunch of pics on Facebook by would be photographer/mate Brandon who fish with us last Wednesday.
Only two days left in June the 13th and 26th and I am working on July – yellowfin, dolphin and big eye oh my! So call me, text me, email me, send smoke signals or knock three times! Hehe Tight Lines!

Blowing this weekend but it looks like the boys will get out tomorrow - Tropical Storm Alberto has already cancelled plans for Tuesday but we will be back on track on Wednesday! Congrats to kate who had a wonderful day showing off for her dad at a horse show in Virginia. I will put a picture up in the gallery! Tight Lines!

She is blowin today! Billy got up and met his people this morning but almost lost his truck door at the Fishing center when he got out- I think it was a large boat group and they were coming anyway. So he is off to have lunch with his mom since he missed Mother's Day brunch! Tight Lines!

Slower fishing for Dan Tillery and his crew today but a good day even though it was pretty rough and rainy. The boys managed a mixed bag of dolphin a tuna but no limit on either. Thats okay though because Dan and his boys know what it's like to fill the box and they've been fishing long enough to know some days are diamonds and some days are just regular! Tight Lines!

Okay so yesterday we cancelled on Andy Wall's you Andy and Andy loves that we didn't bash his nice veternarians' teeth out all over the ocean. BUT the boats that did get out (Viking every one!) had great catches of yellowfin and one boat had 30 I know who that was. hehehe!
So today Billy alled me at 12 and he was in to the dock with his limit. A beautiful catch to be sure although I have yet to see the photo and I haven't spoken to Maxwell about any details. Limit of fat fish is all I know. And for right now...all you know as well! Tight Lines!
Heres and update...the fishing was between the 680 and 700 in 100 fathoms today. Singles all day long for Dan who actually jumped on board at the last minute (booked us yesterday!) and fat singles too - nice 40 to 50 pounders and some 30's and beautiful gaffers thrown in!

Fabulous fishing for our friend Jared Fryer today and about time too - I think he has been blown out a ton of times! The boys had a steady pick of fat 40 to 45 pounders between the 680 and 700 and marks with multiple bites on the 30 pounders. There were a lot of fishy slicks with chicken birds working but not much more life out there. Weird! Andway - check out the picture - the boys had a haul with the limit! Tight Lines!

Happy Mothers Day!!  I had a lovely day thank you - went to brunch at the Founders Inn in Chesapeake with my beautiful mother-in-law and my daughter who looks nice in a dress! hehe.
Billy managed his first slow day this week but Steve balk and his family are just about as first class as you can get and had a great day in spite of the slower fishing. The point was to get Wyatt a tuna on his 8th brithday (Happy Birthday Wyatt) and they did - a nice 40 pounder and the first fish of the day. Congrats also go out to Grandpa and Jennifer (fish 2 and 3)  and they also ut four nice gaffers in the box. Not sure what Steve was allowed to catch but he promises to come back in July when baseball season ends...maybe on a weekday?! The Tuna Fever was fishing on the 700 line and the Obsession picked off a couple big eye exactly were they hit us yesterday - a roaring good job to the crew of the Rigged Up - Uncle Haywood went chasing dolphin in East (well you know where) and ended up with 2 blue marlin releases! Nice! Tight Lines!

Fishing got started pretty quickly today - unlike yesterday - and even though Maxwell says there were over 100 boats fishing out there the yellowfin fishing was great! The Tuna Fever stayed primarily between the 680 and the 700 although the fishing was good all the way up to the 740. Allan Bowie and his crew went 4 for 5 on a wham right off and then fished for singles most of the day. Around 2 pm they had a double and then went 5 for 5 late on another wham! cool! Congrats go out to James Bowie for his great angling abilities...he caught us our first Big Eye of the season..a 103 pounder! He was one of 3 that hit us right on the drop off at the 800 and 693. Tight Lines!

Billy just called as he approaches the bar and it is only 2:30 - you know what that means...MIKE FLECK AND HIS CREW GOT THEIR LIMIT OF YELLOWFIN TODAY!! I don't have any details of where they were but Billy was happy and the fish were in the 40 pound range - a couple bigger ones and a couple smaller ones. Congrats to Mike and the boys...told you not to worry about the weather! We are still open for next Wednesday the 16th and thats it until the middle of June. Tight Lines!

Maxwell booked out today bcause of the thunderstorms and wind but a couple boats got out and found a blended change on the 788 and 630 in 300 fathoms. Slow on the dolphin fishing but the tuna fishing picked up - thats what the Tuna Fever woill be shooting for tomorrow! Tight Lines!

Good dolphin fishing today although not as good as yesterday. I don't have any details at all. hurmph...but I will get on Billy to get me some. From the picture it looked like 25 gaffers or so. I hope so! Tight Lines!

Did you know that dan Whetstone has been fishing with Maxwell since the red boat in Va Beach?! Long time my man...we must be doing something right!
And today the right was gaffers. Dolphin if you do. Dolphin if you don't. Dolphin! (You old timers will remeber those as the imfamous words of Capt. Harry Baum). But thats not all...they got on a few yellwfon and a houdfish. mmm. (whats that? hehe).
This morning the break was out on the 690 with no blend - just a hard chage 67 to 75 1/2 degrees. Lots of current on the blue side and lots of nothing on the green side and the dolphin fishing was right on the 780 and 640 and lots of em too. 25 to 30 gaffers and 17 or so big bailers and a few lazy yellofin bites on the drift. cool. Three in all but a 35, a 40 and a 50 pounder. I'm not sure where when or who caught the houdfish but you can check it out in the picture. . Congrats to the Skiligal on their 425 pound blue marlin release - the Tuna Fever crew got a great show! Back in the blue tomorrow - got booked for Mother's Day (the hardest day of the year to book) and now we only have next wednesday and the 31st left this month. caome go is really good for your cholesterol level! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows! And she is getting blowyer too as the day progresses...lets hope this falls out in time to take Dan Whetstone and his crew tomorrow - thanks for switching days, fellas!. Tight Lines!

Super Sunday and Ray Kerber and his crew - who have fished for 5 years without catching much - managed to tip the scales at an obnoxious overall weight - lets just say it was over 600 pounds! The crew had their limit of 45+ pound yellowfin a 5 nice gaffers to boot. But it wasn't all roses today - lazy fish and rough seas contributed to al lot of lost fish - it took 30 strickes to come up with a limit! Wow! Not too many boats out today and it was nice. many thanks to Sal who knows a thing or two about making sandwiches..apparently he owns a deli in Philly and made Maxwell a prosciutto and brie affair to remember for lunch! 
We are suddently and unexpectently open for Thursday this week also Sunday (Mother's Day) and next Wednesday the 16th. That'll take up in to the end of the month - the 31st is also open. - Tight Lines! 

A late start to the morning..heres a tip - the oregon Inlet fishing center does not come up correctly on a car GPS nav system. But Starting late did not mean a bad day for Rex and his buddies from georgia. It just meant a long day as the grass line near the Point was picked over and the boys only came up with 2 dolphin there and then the yellowfin that had been showing on the 680 had gone deep seemingly to escape a gazillion outboards who insisted on running over them everytime they surfaced! Well ole' maxwell has been around the block a few times, so to speak, so he just got patient and a half hour or so after all the boats picked up to leave and go home those yellowfin started to break the surface.  All but two of our tuna were caught between 3 and 4 PM this afternoon.
In the end the boys form georgia enjoyed a limit of nice yellowfin and 2 dolphin. Nice! But don't be late next time! Tight Lines!

Great fishing today! We are on a roll but its getting ready to end because no sponsor for tomorrow :-( Oh well...Billy got a new wheel that he needs to put on so its a up and down day for him at Bert over at Bayliss'.
Anyway, back to the day - the boys started out where they left the fish yesterday, of course, and the change had collapsed - green water at 69 degrees so they headed south from the 670. They hit the change on the 763 and 646 and got whammed bu the dolphin. Nice gaffers too and the Sprouse family had their fill with 20! After that it was northard bound in search of the illusive yellowfin which they found long about the 700 line with a little help from Chuckie Midgett! And after 8 fat yellowfin the crew called it a day!Congratulations to Joseph Skelton on his 37 pound dolphin and to Jennifer Bennett who horseund bull to the deck - Way to go Girl! That fish could take Top Dolphin in any tournament on the East Coast!! Tight Lines!

Okay so the grass was actually worse today - who would have figured that could happen and bert and Billy paddywhacked and picked grass southeast of the 650 most of the morning but on a good thick streatch of weed line they managed a nice catch of dolphin for the make up group they took today! from along about the 780 and 650 to the 775 and 685 they put 25 small to medium gaffers in the box. Nice! Agter that they headed for the cold water and the 700 line where a private boat called Magaritaville (thanks guys!) called ina couple bites. A single and then a triple - and a rat blue one in the spread  - then another single throwback for a pretty lady called Heather (oh yeah!0 and then a small mako released - the action wrapped up with one more simgle and it was time to go home. Tuna action ran between the 700 and 800 and they were all in the 40 to 45 pound range. Nice catch guys!!
We are still open on Friday! call the fishing center to book it 252-441-6301...Tight Lines!

Details to follow tomorrow..
We are open for Friday so call for the trip. Pix in the galery and special thanks to Craig Taylor and his crew! Tight Lines!
Okay heres the deets....First the forecast was great but it was rough as a cob! The grass was thick and everyone's arms hurt from pickin! We missed a white one today but got in the tuna good around the 788 and 680 fast trolling to evade the was cool - a 4 banger, a triple, a triple and then...10 on at one time! seeing as there were only 4 anglers and Billy and Bert they only managed to box 6 out of the ten but way cool huh?!