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Hey I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Brett Parker and his family came, they went and they caught! The ocean was alive and so was the family - from manta rays and sun fish to GrandDad who has been married 70 years and was tipping the hourglass at 93 while horsing a yellowfin to the deck that tipped the scales at 40 poundsish! Cool huh!
As for the fishing the Tuna Fever started out  on the 640 in 100 fathoms (72 to 73 degrees) and fished up and out with the Sea Toy until we parted ways and we headed for the 794 and 580 - thats Omie's Stake you know - where we found 2 gaffers and 2 bailers and Bull headed to the 740 for 8 bailers and 4 gaffers. After that we (whats all this we talk...I was at hope hawkin my new tournament) Maxwell and bert headed for the 650 and pulled off tow yellowfin in a there was a single and pulled that one off too. ha..whats that saying..if it weren't for bad luck...or it is the hero to a zero one I am looking for...So the next action was Garnddad's yellowfin which he fought with grace and care! In the box!! The crew spotted a mako free jumpng and some common dolphin but Billy syas they must smell or something because there are never any tuna around them. As the change was pushing up and the water was turning a hurricane green Maxwell headed for the change and he and Bery pulled grass for the rest of the day. Phew! Congrats to Glen Dunkin on his sailfish release (our first billfish of the season) and thanks to the Parkers for making the day great for Maxwell despite the bad luck with the yellowfin!
Just got a reschedule on May 26 - its a Saturday..grab it fast! Tight Lines!

We had a great day today considering and you know what Maxwell would say to lucky but got tuna we did! Maxwell says the bites were in deep water 200 to 500 fathoms and anywhere from the 650 to the 670.  Only a couple boats had the crystal ball on the weather and fished yesterday and they caiught their yellowfin on the 650 so thats where the Tuna fever started today. Seems like everyone else started there too - about 50 boats landed on the same spot so maxwell headed north and ended up on the 680. The to the 610 where there was a change and scattered grass but the current was rippin' and no fish. Eventually the Tuna fever (on 500 fathoms) the Point Runner (on 250 fathoms) and the Skirt Chaser (on 150 fathoms) plowed the road in search of anything and Maxwell came up first with a triple on a 68 degree change going north. All three in the box and 35 to 45 pounders too. Next they got waylayed by the gaffers - 7 of them and put them in the box as well. Paddywhackin back and forth on the change Billy noticed it was collapsing and headed for the 650 where the blue water was actually pushing in...there they got mod scribbled by a fat wahoo which got bit off and the a 4 banger on yellowfin - congrats to Blue who horsed in the biggest fish of the day a ellowfin at over 50 pounds! one more dolphin for Dave Wilson and it was all over but the cryin'! The boys stayed out late for all that and got home around 5:15 this afternoon. Nice!
We are open on Wednesday and Friday this week. lets go fishing! Call us at home 252-473-1097 or the Fishing Center at 252-441-6301! Tight Lines!

Well we didn't make it out today for the wind and we have had a cancellation for this weekend - Sunday. So get your group together and lets go fishing!! Call the Fishing Center at 252-441-6301 to book it!
Oh the boys will be going tomorrow so stand by for the report - tight lines!

No tunas today although maxwell and Bert went looking for them in the cold water a bunch of times throughout the day. On the warmer side of the change - just on the Point - the boys stayed on the gaffers and had a very nice catch - 23 in all and thats good!! Uncle Charles went to the southwest following the change and came up with a bout 10 more dolphin and Kennith on the Trophy Hunter headed way off to the northeast and had the same catch as us...where'd those tunas go?! Not to worry, they'll be back. Promise!
Oh and if you have been with us recently and took some pictures please email them. I am desperate for art:-) Tight Lines!

Well the tuna must have gone up the road - that water is pushed out and they were no where to be found today. Scott and the boys managed a great catch of dolphin though. So some gaffers today to go with the yellowfin yesterday. Thats nice.
She is fixin to blow for the next few days - hopefully we will get out by Wednesday and then Maxwell and Bert are rally on a roll. we have Wednesday May 2 and Firday the 4th then the 8th, 13th (Mothers day) and the 28th...thats all for May so grab one while you can. Nice huh? I love it!! Tight Lines!

Great fishing today for Scott Weil and the boys from Jersey! Billy says he got lucky and looking at the picture I would say he was right. Fat Yellowfin - in the end there was one over 50 pounds, most 35 to 45 pounds and a few 25 to 35 pounds. Nice!! Not sure how many - I think close to a limit but I know they got WHAMMED 7 for 10 and then some doubles and a couple whacks...
All the bites were between the 785 and 570 up to the 770 and 620  and the change laid just like that southwest to northeast on the outside of the current temps went from 69 to 65 degrees and that was the best of the fishing.
A few of the boats that went south for dolphin had some good catches - Aaron on the Outrigger got whacked with wahoo and had 5 or 6 and two that tipped the scales over 50 pounds!! Cool huh? The Reliance went 3 for 4 on big eye on the tip of the Point and the Haphazard was 1 for 2. Cool. But the bigger tuna - they were up north in the cooler water somewhere close to the Tuna Fever! Hehe Tight Lines!

Better fishing today than yesterday - at least for the Tuna fever (we didn't go out yesterday...hehe). Anyway the water has pushed out this morning and I don't have a lot of details but Maxwell did say that fishing was tough all over. The Tuna Fever crew didn't get a break either with 5 (count em...1...2...3...4...5) fish lost at the back of the boat. i was outraged and asked Maxwell what happed and he just said s#&*. So sometimes it just ones fault jsut happened. nyway - there were six fat yellowfin (yep, fat ones!! up to 40 pounders) in the box for Larry and his crew today and you gotta love that! Looks like there may be some weather this weekend but after Friday Maxwell and Bert really get on a roll for the season. Can't wait!!
Oh, major faux pas on my part...Dan Tillary emailed about his great fishing trip last Friday that he wasn't one. So sorry to him..and to Dan Talbert who went on his regular trip with Ed List and the gang and yes, Tillery, Talbert has been going with us for 12 years also! No wonder I got you boys confused!! I'll go back and fix right now. Tight Lines!

Great fishing today (told you so!!) but a smaller class of fish than yesterday's. Hmmm?
Well, the boys started off a little late but set out on the southwest corner of the bay then fished north. Up to the 783 and 600 and there was a double then a four-banger and fishing up and out to the 777 nd 622 on a color change provided a nice pick throughout the morning when things dried up. hehe Afternoon found a ton of boats right on our spot and chasing porpoise so Maxwell and Byrd headed back north again and picked off a few more for a nice near limit of 15 yellowfin in the box. Gotta love that! Congratulations go out to Ike, age 7 and Jennifer, age 11 on their first tunas! And special thanks to a great dad for taking them to the Gulf Stream on spring break!!
Heres alink to a video from Yestreday...nice clips and no cussin! Good job Ed!
Enjoy! Tight Lines!

Great Fishing today for Dan Talbert and Ed List and their crew!
The boys have been fishing with Maxwell for 17 years or so and Dan got his first WHAM today - he actually got two but the first one was a charmer and 9 out of 10 yellowfin in the boat! Amazing! Other than the fact that they had a limit and a great time I really don't have any details. Billy was late getting home but brought his girls some sushi and we love him for it.
Got booked for tomorrow so we'll see if my prediction comes true about the fishing. Sorry for being nasty the other day...its not my style to call somone out like that but sometimes you get fed up when you get messed around with!  Denise sent me a good picture of today so check it out in the Gallery.
And hey? Have you "Liked" us on facebook. Look for us there...Tuna Fever Charters! Its fun! Tight Lines!

Okay so that blended change from Sunday - well yesterday it was a hard change - 58 to 77 degrees BAM!! There was 4 knots of tide on the hot side and Ned Ashbee had a 3 banger right off then - nothing the rest of the day...same for the hatteras fleet . Diamonds and stones and stones. Well, all the guys came up inside for tilefish and they caught em up so thats good. hehe. We are still waiting for a booking for Saturday - its going to be the best fishing all year...I'm telling you! I swear I am tempted to send maxwell and Byrd out there to do a little commercial fishing if no one steps up for the day:-) Tight Lines!

The weather finally broke today and Lawrence and his boys managed to change their plans from yesterday to taoday and off they went with Maxwell and a surprise...the famed Patrick Byrd! Bert is on vacation with his family.
The arm water looked like it pulled off overnight with that wind and the Tuna Fever set out on the 783 and 520 about 2 1/2 miles past the 100 fathom curve. The Point Runner had been fishing about 15 minutes longer and finally got whammed which came right down the line. Tuna fishing was good enough that Lawrence sent a loin home for me and mine (THANKS!!!!) and the best fishing was on a southard break = a blended change from 68 to 72 degrees about a 1/2 mile across. We fished from there up to the northeast and out to the 775 and 540 from 300 to 700 fathoms. Congrats to he crew on a great mako - tipped the scales at 115 pounds but I have tempoarily lost Billy and cant ask who the angler was - also thanks to Patrick for not beating up the new paint job!!
On the way home the Sea Toy and the Country Girl hooked up on bluefin right when they where picking up to come home...oh man - on light tackle.,...but anyway maybe they are coming back our way! Hmmmm.
Last minute cancellation for Saturday the 14th - actually I never do this and won't use his name but this is the same guys second last minute cancellation this spring and oh, he foregot to call in a deposit and didn't we get his message last week that he couldn't come - I wonder if his clients pull that kind of stuff on him - anyway (I have vented:-) - heres what I know for sure - fishing on Saturday will be phenominal. He will read about it on this fishing report. He will be advised to call another boat the next time he wants to go fishing and the world is round.
So if you want the best catch of your life - call us for fishing this coming Saturday! hehe Tight Lines!