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Catching up again - jack hendricks and his crew headed out today for some tuna action and got the leftovers of some serious thunderstorm action last night. The water pushed out 6 1/2 miles from where we left it yesterday and the boys had to look around for the change. On the south/west corner of the bay there was a 59 to 73 degree change and maxwell got in some gaffers there - 16 in the box (mmmm) - the boys fished to the 470 and left the change on the 783 and 470 - the Tuna Fever stayed out in front of the pack for the rest of the day but no one ever saw the tuna. Very strange but a couple boats up north saw the bluefin moving south - yet again. Maybe they will be back when it stops blowing which might not be until Thursday. Tight Lines!

Okay - I am working backwards from notes..weird but I am writing this on April 2 (was out of town oer the weekend).
So Maxwell says that Roman and his crew Connor and Antonio set out on the 560 in 200 fathoms and found some hot water down on the 510 and 470 but no fish to speak of. The crew went back north about a mile outside of where they left the fish last week and all of a sudden...WHAM! We got whammed and the True Grit got whammed - the Point Runner and Skiligal both hokked triples! pretty cool all whithin Seven minutes of each other! The Tuna Fever packed up and went home from the 770 and 615 - heres the funny thing - Billy made all these notes for me but didn't write down what the crew actually caught! haha. I have a nice than you email from Roman so I am assuming they had a good day:-) Tight Lines!

The wind has picked up tonight and fishing felt it - well at least all the thunderstorms that moved through last night. And wow! Well, that blended change from yesterday? it is now a hard change - 67 to 71 and only 100 feet wide. Then theres the 74 degree water the crew left yesterday - it is now 71. We did manage our first gaffer of the year - an 18 pounder for Tom Lyons crew. Nice. And Billy says a swordfish came barreling in to the spread like a blue one and hit the long rigger! Cool! He got pulled off though - which often happens with swords and their soft mouths. . And weirder still...Haywood had the same exact scenario! Weird like I said.
Anyway Tom and his crew had six yellowfin in the box - 25 to 35 pounders and a gaffer - and a swordfish story. Gotta love it! We are going to hunker down in this wind. Forecast says we will be rescheduling trips this eek and back out on Friday! Tight Lines!

Tyler Petryn and his whole crew started out on the 795 sand 680 this morning on about 64 degree water and there were planty of porpoise and - no bites!
Not to fear - the Tuna fever fished south to the 793 and 670 and picked off 3 of 4 yellowfin...nice. Contiinuing south there were more yellowfin - a pick here a pick there - a slow bite but steady action all days. Uncle Haywood hit the Big Eye (yes, I said Big Eye) south of the Tuna Fever and landed 5 between 68 and 95 pounds! Wow!
There fishing forecast is looking good though. These are resident fish - don't ask me how Maxwell knows...he is the Tuna Whisperer..and thats what he says. Resident fish. Tyler and the crew put a limit on the box up to 35 pounds each and they were home by 2:30. Nice!! Tight Lines!

Fishing was a little slower today for John Duvall and his crew although they got in the piggies (bluefin) and yellowfin. Maxwell started out on the 650 and the lower end boats started out in the yellowfin pups. The change was blended out over an 1/8 of a mile from 58 to 74 1/2 degrees...the bluefin water had moved with the change overnight and the boys didn't get their first bite until the 773 and 793 - 2 25 pound yellowfin and then John hooked into a nice 83 inch bluefin...good angling too! After that Jay hooked an fat 86 incher on the 770 and 930 and the crew fished 9 1/2 more miles with 3 lazy bites and no hookups. Maxwell says he picked up on the 970 and 964 and the bluefins had little signs that said Novia Scotia or bust! hehehe. Tight Lines!

A slower pace for today's fishing but the Fennell family managed a trophy bluefin and some excellent eats!!  Maxwell says he got a lot of marks and some boils but he thinks the major body of bluefin may be moving out of the area..."lazy bites" and plain ole not eating. Hmmm..well, its a good thing th crew got in some yellowfin on the 780 and 775 today and although they were only 25 pounders they look great in the fish box! After Wilson, who is nigh on 13 years old or so, horsed an 84 1/2 incher to a clean release right around the 783 and 685 the crew headed for some porpoise near the 775 and 750 - thats where Wilson's dad hooked into a fat mako which put up a fight and put on a show - the boys "subdued" it before Bert brought it in the boat so as not to damage the new paint job. hehe. Anyway, that fine fish tipped the scales at 127 pounds and that is a lot of delicious steaks for the grill! MMMM!
Looks like the weather will hold through the weekend then it is going to blow on Monday. Maybe the yellowfin will blo into town - or the bluefin will blow back onto the tip of the Point. Tight Lines!

Not much to report today around the homefront. But heres a link you may enjoy...we are one family with 3 small businesses who support Randy Ramsey...
Randy Ramsey for State Senate




Great action again today and the weather (knock on wood) is fabulous! Who would ever think it is March!
Leanord McNaulty and his crew started out on the 700 line this morning in about 800 fathoms and picked off their first bluefin before Bert got all the baits out - Billy loves that! _ anyway it was a 49 incher that they released and then a 66 incher who went in the box and another 66 incher who was released. The crew fished north and marked many marks and saw many boils but Maxwell says the fish were lazy and when they did strike it was without enough gusto to get hooked.
Long about the 785 and 680 the Point Runner and Tuna fever came acroos acres of porpoise and we hooked up a big one - which we broke off. Then a double header...Michael's on an 80 wide that measured out at 84 and Maxwell says Michael was great angler. That one hit on a purple and white seawitch with a blue head and Leanord horsed his fish up (at 83 inches this time) in record time. The action continued in the porpoise with an 78 incher for Kevin and then Rich got the meanest fish of the day...and 80 incher that he hooked at 2:30 and released an hour later on the 775 and 710. Woooweee!
Are you ready to go fishing yet? call us at home 252-473-1097 we are open all week until the weekend and next week on Tues through Friday! Tight Lines!

Started on the 680 today in about 100 fthoms and hit some marks right off the bat - a 61 1/2 incher went in the box right away! Yeah!!
After that no more bites but more marks so the Tuna Fever headed up to the 700 and back down to the change 65 to 68 degrees. No marks but an amazing wham - the fish missed three times before he got hooked up and Bert Samuals fought that 81 incher to a clean, birthday release! Wow and congrats!! Billy said that fish even pulled the polyball under for about 6 minutes - just like the movie (Jaws that is), The crew fished north to the 792 and 731 in 650 fathoms where they hooked and fought Jimmy's fish to release - this one was an 83 incher - huge fish!! The boys finally boated a 40 pound yellowfin on the 745 and then fought a 53 incher to release to wrap up their day! Nice!!!
The weather is going to hold through next week so call us for your very own monster - they are here right now and who knows how many more chances you will have for a 300 pound tuna?? Tight us at home 252-473-1097

So John and Damion's last day today and it was another one for our record books.
The crew started out on the 540 in 40 fathoms and creeped up out of the 75 degree water and finally across the change in 700 fathoms where they found some porpoise and hit a fat one - released a 78 incher! Back in the fight they hooked and release another 78 incher...after that a coupl yellowfin and some more porpoise for a 79 incher. around the 663 the guys hooked a 66 incher but let him go too. Near day's end they found some more porpoise and caught another yellowfin and then lost two more bluefin on the 685. Wow!!
In two days the guys were 8 for 10 on piggies and boated two with a couple yellowfin to boot. Nice...Tight Lines!

Back in the bluefin today and several released because they were TOO BIG! Now you gotta know that is killing Maxwell!
Many thanks to John and Danian for playin today - the crew had a blast - brought their own butterfly jigs and Pop-Rs and ended up using a hookless green stick for the bait and switch!
Too many details for right now and I have to head to the barn early in the morning but I'll be back to fill you in  later int he afternoon...suffice to say the Tuna fever didn't get back to the dock until 6:30, the boys filled the box with the fish that they keept and they blew up and very nice reel in the process of fisghting a 300 pound plus over the course of 2 hours!
The weather will hold through the weekend and we are still open on Thursday and Friday and Sunday - call the Fishing Center at 252-441-6301 to reserve your day! Tight Lines!

Bluefin today for Chris Nage and his gang. The yellofin pushed out overnight in a hell of a lot of tide and you know what - turns out that was okay because Chris and the boys came for bluefin in the first place. I keep telling Maxwell the boat is called Tuna Fever not Yellowfin Tuna Fever because God Wasted His Time Making All the Other Ones. - That wouldn't fit on the stern anyway. Hehe! So the boys found their marks outside the tip of the Point and Billy says it might not be the reason why but there is a sea mount out there that goes from 650 fathoms to 340 fathoms and thats where they picked three fat bluefin...135, 140 and 165 pounds respectively. Tight Lines!

Woooweee! Here we go! First day of the season on the Tuna Fever and the boys had a great one. Special congrats go out to Jesse - who became my email buddy while checking the weather for this trip - and fought a nice bluefin for quite some time this morning - Billy says he is a hell of an angler.
Roffers last shot put the water on the 560 this morning and heading there the Tuna Fever decided to stop on the 535  in 65 fathoms because  it looked good - or maybe there was too much swell for the folks to travel to the head safely...who knows..anyway, the point is that Bert only got two baits back before WHAM and Jesse began his fight. Well, there were lots of signs of bluefin so the boats that wanted those headed straight for the Tuna Fever. Maxwell wanted yellowfin and heard a lot of action out of Trophy Hunter and True Grit during Jesse's fight...So after the boys ran to the 500 and there they were...a double, a triple, some singles and a four banger. Later when the crew were bringing lines in for the day another the end a nice limit of quality 40 pounders!
We are booked tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday (how bout that?!) but the weather will hold so call us at home to book a trip this week. 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

Okay I have good news, bad news and really good news.
The really good? Britton on the Doghouse braved the rough this morning and got his limit of yellowfin in 30 seconds flat! Okay, not 30 seconds but Shack says he never took her out of gear...maybe an hour and he was on the way home!!
The bad is we are going to get blown out tomorrow but Andrew and his boys will be here ready to go on Sunday.
And the good is that we got booked for Monday - Thanks to Chris and his sons for driving down from Ohio!
Who would have ever thought that the forecast is looking really good through the end which is Wednesday. 2-4 foot, loads of yellowfin and it really feels like Spring.
We are open this week except for Saturday so give us a call at home to gof ishing252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

Phenominal fihing today - the weather cleared up long enough for Maxwell and Dickerson to take a priate boat out with Ritchie Howell and the owner...yellowfin in the box baby! And plenty too...16 nice ones and all those bite were on the troll between the 530 and the 560 on the 100 fathom. The water was 73.2 and the fish were just hanging on the cliffs waiting on the fleet. (LOVE IT) Anyway Maxwell says the break was up insode and it was a hard change...4.5 degrees croosing the 100 at the tip of the Point.
The crew also managed one gaffer and a bluefin that measured out at 65 inches and tasted delicious tonight!
I am going to be updating the weather here and on Facebook because when we have a break and you want to go the fish are here and the fleet is catching. It is going to blow Saturday - we are booked with Andrew and his gang on Sunday - but the forecast says Monday will be a banner day and we are open!
Wanna go? Tight Lines!