Archived Reports

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Great fishing this weekend for the fleet - they got out yesterday after a blow and you are not going to believe me but the boys caught bluefin, dolphin and wahoo. No kidding! Dolphin in February! Weird.
Billy got booked bright and early this morning by Mike Sutherland so we are fishing this Saturday! Getting the season started bright and early we just got to get the Tuna Fever down to the Inlet...hehehe. Tight Lines!

So you know you have been remiss in updating the Fishing Report when you suddenly forget your password.
So Sorry!
We have been super busy...Billy and Bert have been in the yard and the paint shed and new carpet and spit shine and all that and they are ready to DO SOME FISHING! The good thing is the bluefin are living large between here and Hatteras and both fleets have been getting in some whacks on them. 100 to 150 pound class a couple days ago _its been blowing for our fleet but the Hatteras boys did get on 'em pretty good.
The Tuna Fever has got some bookings for March and we will get started on the season early this year - March 10 is our first day booked (thanks Andy!) although the crew should be ready to roll by next weekend if anyone has got the itch to go.
Kate is on crackdown - God bless her - she wants Billy to build a fence for her pony so she can bring her home and Billy says "if she wont clean her room then I think we will be covered in horse poop within a year!" He may have a point ut the price of gas and our 31 mile commute to the barn may change his mind. In the meantime I wouldn't actually eat off the floor in her room but at least I can see it:-)
Me? Well I have gone and come out of retirement! I have started a new white marlin tournament in September and will give you all the deets as I go along. I am really excited to have something to focus on and can't wait to get rollling on the event!
New pics up of the Tuna Fever with her new paint job. All the love to our friends at Alexseal for making great yacht coatings...they even work on old charter boats! Tight Lines!

Back in the water!!! OoooWeee! I will try to get somepictures today for the site - the Tuna Fever looks brand new:-) Tight Lines!