Archived Reports

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!
We hope that you and your family have a wonderful day! We are thankful for each of you, for all the fish in the ocean and for this brand new nor'easter that blew in overnight (thats a little reverse psychology!),
Tight Lines!!

Just checking in...the wind comtinues to howl but the Tuna Fever is riding the waves at the Fishing Center like a champ! Haha! Maxwell has been blown out all week and rescheduling some charters so he will continue to fish through December 8 for anyone who would like to go!! Also don't forget to get with friends and/or family to choose your date for 2013...we will be taking bookings starting Thursday.
Hapy Thanksgiving to one and all!! Tight Lines!

So yesterday was a little batter but the yellowfin were plentiful and fat today! Maxwell says they had to work pretty hard for 'em - they didn't get their firt bite until after 11 this morning but a nice catch was finally put in the box...tuna and dolphin - what up with that? I don't know and I'm not complaining. hehe. So the wind is going to blow staring tomorrow and we are booked on Saturday right through next week so lets pray for it to lay down before then..we do have Thanksgiving Day open and Billy is allowed to go fishing if anyone wants to - call us at home to set it up 252-473-1097 and Sunday the 25th is available also. Tight Lines!

And they are finally here! Maxwell and Bert caught up on the yellowfin today and its looking good for the rest of the fall. to me at least..anyway the change crossed the bottom just where it should toay and Ray Kerber and the boys put 14 yellowfin and 3 fat blackfin in the box. On top of that they also caught three dolphin - I love it!!! We have days open so call us at home about the weather! 252-473-1097!! Tight Lines!

Good fishing today for Jim Manion and the crew. Not a ton of huge yellowfin but the cean is showing good signs of life and the boys went home with a nice catch of red meat today. MMM! Tight Lines!

Just checking in. It is still blowing a gail here but we might get out for the weekend...I hope anyway! Heres wishing tomorrow is better and considering all that happened today it just has to be! Tight Lines!

Slow fishing for coach Billy today...and the sharks didn't help either! Billy says a little mako took bites out of two fish (same shark!) and another unknow shark ate another tuna. They lost one 50 pounder right off jump street at the back of the boat but ended up with a couple nice ones in the box and the fished from here to ther and back again. hmmmm...maybe we will wait on the weekend to get back out cuz we have another nor'easter coming...sorry Jersey! Tight Lines!

First much love to everyone up north. That storm was something but you always get through least thats what I have learned from 25 years on the Outer Banks.
Fishing was really poor today. For everyone. See, these are the days that you can confirm that I always tell the truth on my reports.
Arch, Billy, Brynner, Uncle Haywood, Jeff Ross and Jessie all started out between the 650 and the 680 and worked an eddy up to the 830 and each caught anywhere from none to 3 tuna for the highliner. Maxwell had an 18 pound blackfin and a 45 pound yellowfin in the box...lots of love to Steve and Big Dave and the boys for the great day!
Heading out tomorrow with cvoarch Billy - we will see how that goes. Tight Lines!