Archived Reports

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Watching the sound slowly creep up into our yard. Billy has been to check on the Tuna Fever and she is fine. It is hard to believe that it is still raining!! Tight Lines!

Here comes Sandy - stand by for all the news! Tight Lines!

Today was a day that will go down in the Tuna Fever history books!! The boys started out on the 650 and picked off three blackfin right off the start and then they hit some yellowfin - nice fat ones too ..2 50 pounders and a 35 pounder - one 30 pound wahoo als jumped on the line. After that they cruised around with wahoo rigs until 2:30 and came up with one hell of a catch... in 30 to 40 fathoms they picked off 9 wahoos - congratulations go out to Thomas Passagno, Charles, Passagno and Diana Passagno for their phenominal catches...73, 55 and 48 pounds respectively!!! Oh my - has that ever been done before...well, not on the Tuna Fever. Got to send some love out to Sonny who arranged the trip picked a good day!! Tight Lines!

Okay cool and weird again today! It was wahoo, wahoo,wahoo!!! The Tuna Fever started out on the 650  and stayed on the 100 fathom south across the tip of the Point. On the 595 they caught a wahoo...nice and continued to troll south with no marks at all. hmmm. With the change puching up Maxwell was determined and long about the 540 they hooked up another wahoo and boated it - congrats to Phillip Lynch on his fat fish that tipped the scales at 54 pounds!!! Back to the chugging south Maxwell found an outboard on the 512 and upon getting there he found a ton of birds workingsome bonitas!!! Wow!! And turns out that was all he found...birds and bonitas. Haha. In the meantime the wahoo bite turned on up in 30 fathom,s like yesterday and with the fast current carrying them along Maxwell got there about 11:45...between then and 2:29 the Tuna Fever caught a limit of wahoo. Congrats to David Reiser on his 40 pounder too. Nice! Not a fluke either - the Smoker, Obsession and Skiligal all had limits and the Osprey and Pelican had 11 while the Rebait had 10. Cool! And Wierd!
I am off to the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show in the morning so call Billy at home for anything 252-473-1097 for the report although he will get blown out long about Friday until at least Monday. Tight Lines!

oFF TO THE 650 THIS MORNING WITH ONLY 5 OTHER BOATS IN THE FLEET OUT TODAY! tHE OCEAN ALMOST ALL TO OURSELVES!!! Oh, sorry, didn't mean to yell. Anyway right off the bat the Tuna Fever picked off 7 blackfin and 2 yellowfin and Barry and the boys from Bayer Crop Science were loving that and then we went north and David Peck went south and he came up with a couple wahoo bites...well by the time it was all over all the boats were on the 600 in 35 fathoms and the fleet had an estimated 85 wahoo bites. The Tuna Fever was 5 for 14 and over all 34 "Hoos were in a box someplace. Cool and weird! Billy McCaskill at Whalebone Tackle will be one happy fella tomorrow!!! Tight Lines!

Slow fishing again today although the pressure was off with as the wind kicked up some but I think the damage was done yesterday with all those boats...Justin Bartas and his crew came up with 7 blackfin and 2 yellowfin plus 4 dolphin. A cool mixed bag but Maxwell says the yellowfin were a little smaller too. Hmmmm. Lets see what tomorrow brings - the forecast is beauticul for the whole week too! Tight Lines!

So it was a beautiful Saturday - calm winds, lot of fish this week and you know what that means...OUTBOARDS!!! At one point Maxwell counted 77 boats by line of sight! And that aint good for the fishing'! Many thanks to Jeff Masters and his family for their sportsmanship - fishing was hot for and hour and a half and then there were marks and no bites...too much pressure! But a nice taste of tuna for the family - 7 blackfin and 2 nice yellowfin. Tight Lines!

To the dock today - who would have thought - unfortunately John's wife broke her arm (ouch!) and they have been dealing with that but yesterday the school called and John's son has got the full blown stomach flu and mom couldn't deal with that too on one bad wing! So Billy is in the boat shop today and out again tomorrow. Don't forget we still have Halloween open (Oct 31) and some days in November - looks like that will be a great month for yellowfin. Maxwell goes in the boat shop on Dec 1 and probably under the knife on Feb 1. Poor Billy. Hey check out our Facebook pages Tuna Fever Charters and BB Boats Inc - nice pictures on the timeline and so much easier to update!! Tight Lines!

One fat wahoo, 14 fat blackfin (well as fat as they can get) and 9 yellowfin that practically filled the box! Huge fat yellowfin!!! I love October!!! Tight Lines!

Happy birthday to me and it was an excellent and lucky day for Pete Holtz and his crew!! I don't have any details because Billy and I went out on the town to the East West banquet last night but I do know that there were 10 yellowfin total - two at 68 pounds, one at 67 poundsand the rest to add up to 462 pounds of meat!!!! Wow!!!! Yeah!!!! Cool!!!! The picture is on our Facebook page and I will get it up here soon. Tight Lines!

Better fishing for Steve and th gang today - the boys headed for the Point and Maxwell says the current was rippin on the change but they got on some blackfin pretty quick and got the skunk out of the box! after that there was a wahoo bite whch they boated and as the change pushed in they fished up to the 650 and found some yellowfin and more black fin there - lots of life! Towards days end they also found a stump and caught some nice dolphin. Haha! So 4 blackfin, 11 yellowfin a wahoo and 6 gaffers for the guys - they also took home some false albecore heads for fish soup. Nasty but okay! Blown out tomorrow already - stay tuned for Wednesday and book you November trip now! Tight Lines!

The first day for Steve Huff and his crew today and it was a little slower than Billy wanted! They headed to the northeast and got in a wahoo bite - actually got bit off..hehe...1 for 5 on those sleek, fast teethy fellows! Congratulations to angler Mark Rooney on his 54 pounder!!! After that it was a few yellowfin and a white one forDavid Rooney (congrats!) and 5 fat dolphin on the change on the 870.  There were more bites for the boats that stayed in 40 fathoms but maybe thats where we will go tomorrow! Tight Lines!

Blown out today! See you Wednesday Peter.

A nice mixed bag today for Steve and Michelle and the crew - I don't have many details but the picture show a few tuna - one really fat yellowfin and a few dolphin. Congrats to Michael Martin on his citation wahoo - 54 pounds! and to micvhelle on her slightly smaller but still almost taller than she is wahoo. Like I said - nice mixed bag and good eating all the way around to put up for winter!! Tight Lines!

Blown out today :-(

Maxwell set out on the 650 this morning with Jack Hendricks and his crew. Gald the ladies gave up their riding for a day of fishing!! Haha! Anyway they headed for the Pint and fishing was slw as far as Maxwell was concerned - 1 dolphin and some blackin kicked it off and then a 45 pound yellowfin in the box. They got eat up by 5 sailfish on their tuna rigs and while it was exciting the boys came up with two releases - one for Reece Handricks and the other for Robert Weir - nice double header!!  While there were a bunch of wahoo bites today I don't see any in the picture. Anyway - a nice catch of blackfin, a fat dolphin a couple billfish and a fat yellowfin - nice! Tight Lines!!

A fast update for you as I have been away in Franklin County where they apparently do not use cell phones nor the internet - just kidding..I was trail riding and needed both hands on the to speak. haha. Great dolphin fishing today - and I mean phenominal! Yesterday it was tuna and dolphin - nice mixed bag. Deta8ls to follow when I see maxwell tomo0rrow. Tight Lines!

Yellowfin, Yellowfin!!! Finally and way to go Jimmy for fishing with your boys and protecting our freedom over in Afganistan!! So the Tuna fever fished the Point all day and the yellowfin bite did not turn on until late afternoon - but it did turn on thats the Point! Nice water conditions were shoving in all day so it looks like theres some nice fishing on the way. I am out of town for the weekend and if I can get a wifi signal I will update the site best as I can. Billy is booked out for Monday and Tuesday - it may blow but he is going hunting - so now we have October 17 (my birthday) and the 31st available so pick one and let us know! Tight Lines!