Archived Reports

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Okay, so even bigger news than the Tuna Fever is almost completely painted...Maxwell came home last night with green bottom paint and blood all over his face,. Wow! he walked into the scaffolding and man, oh man was his forehead swollen this morning. The poor guy. But he will be finished today and getting her put back together. I can't believe its almost time to go fishing again. We have wuite a few days booked for bluefin and the fleet had limits of yellowfin on Saturday. Pretty cool.
Our calendar is up on and you can book right on line through the Fishing Center or always hollar at me here at home. I will try to get a picture of Maxwell tonight to put up. In the meantime enjoy this link to his Simrad commercial if yo haven't seen it yet!

Many thanks to Brian for sending it over! Tight Lines!

Happy Wednesday!!! Its raining today which is fine with me and Maxwell is waiting for his turn in the paint shed....the Tuna Fever is all sanded and ready for spraying:-)
We are doing well with bookings for the spring so grab your date while you can. I plan on putting the calendar in the Fishing Center computer at the end of January and then the days will be open for all.
Billy has an eye out for the giant bluefin and I will update the site when we see them. Some days are already booked in February in anticipation of the action! Call us at home 252-473-1097 to set up you day:-) Tight Lines!

Happy New Year!!! Heres to many blessings in 2012:-)
Today was a busy one for Maxwell - he and Bert helped Uncle Haywood with some kind of duck blind thing (I do not know the lingo and thankfully I do not have to know the lingo) and then Haywood helped them bring the Tuna Fever around to Spencer Yachts in Wanchese. Billy has an appointment to put her in the paint shed on February 1 and in the meantime got her over there because it is fixin' to blow.  Bert and Billy have a lot of parts and pieces to take off the boat before painitng but rest assured she will be beautiful and ready for BLUEFIN trips come mid-February! Tight Lines!