Archived Reports

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A great day of fishing to end the month on! It was New River Electric today and if I am not mistaken they are a lucky bunch anyway...Maxwell left me a message that there were 14 nice yellowfin, a bunch of blackfin and a pile of really fat gaffers! Who would have thought about those but they caught 'em!!! Woooweee!
It is going to blow here tomorrow and for the next couple days so Maxwell and Bert are cancelling (and rescheduling) a couple groups and maybe hitting a deer stand...its black powder season I think.
Still have some days open in October...10, 12, 13 17 20 and then 24 to 27 and Halloween:-) Tight Lines!

Thunderstorms!! And a lot of em...Billy said it blew up to 50mph was horribly rough and it took almost till noon to get through the front. You know who doesn't like thunderstorms? My dog Shadow and tuna fish! But not to worry, Jim Townsend and his crew had a nice catch of yellowfin in the afternoon and some bigger ones too...some pups of course but also a couple that tipped the scales at 40 pounds and everything in between. Some blackfin on top and there you have a excellent catch! Rough for the weekend and we'll be out tomorrow and then back in the blue on Tuesday. We are open on October 10, 12 and 13 if you feel like an epic pelagic battle!!! Tight Lines!

So Billy woke up with the stonmache flu...not too bad but I think her was miserable most of the it is a good thing that the Tuna Fever and her crew got their limit of tuna and headed home early! I have no details as I was asleep on the couch when he woke up in the bed. Hehe. Yellowfin and blackfin and plenty thats all I've got. Tight Lines!

Great fishing again today! I love it!!!! Anyway, Chris Stem and his crew braved the rough this morning to set out on the 540 after Maxwell and Bert left the fish in quite a bit of tide on the 470 yesterday. maxwell called it right and they had a lucky landing with 4 nice yellowfin first thing. The bite eventually turned on on the 680 and the boys ended up there and fishing up to the 560 where they rounded out their limit on yellowfin and put a bunch of blackfin in the box as well. No dolphin or exotics today - they crew left the bite on at the 680! Open a few days this week for anyone who wants tuna on the holiday menu!! Hehehehe!!! - call the Fishing Center for fishing on Wednesday, Sunday or Monday:-)

Back in the blue and a great day to start the week!  Maxwell had Steve Fill and all the boys from GPS Bahamas and they apparently had a ball. Much love goes out to John who herniated a disc recently and after some consternation took one for the team and stayed to the dock because there was a chance it would be too rough and he would have to come home - good call, John because it was in fact nasty. The rough didn't slow up the fishing though and the boys hit em hard with 9 yellowfin and 7 blackfin down on the 530 to the 500 in the morning...then hank beasley called in some birds working the 480 and the Tuna Fever got whammed several times through the afternoon - the crew was even lucky enough to find a bamboo pole that was home to 9 fat bailers! A mixed bag of tuna and dolphin and a pleasure to catch em up! Check our for all your Bahamas charter flights and for a kinda red bull for fishermen. Mmmmm! Tight Lines!

Right now it looks like Maxwell and Bert are off until Sunday...They changed the oil yesterday and Bert cleaned out the entire tackle station so I think its honey dos and what not for the next few. If anyopne has suggestions on what I can do with Billy, let me know. Hehehe. Tight Lines!

In the meat again, Baby!! I love it!!!! A near limit od dolphin today for Steven and the crew and bert says they averaged about 5 pounds each which means there were some fine bailers and maybe some gaffers mixed in. Yellowfin are getting a little bigger just in time for this cold front...anywhere from BLTs to 45 pounders today and 18 of those in the lone blackfin rounded out that catch! The fish cleaners at Pirate's Cove are really getting a work out and Maxwell is feeling the pinch...we are ready to go home to the Fishing Center and work is progressing nicely down there too. You can check out the pictures at Yeah!! Tight Lines!

Excellent mixed bag again today. Phil Suter and his gang...including some nice ladies with guns...horsed to the deck the following very nice catch....7 blackfin, 16 yellowfin, 17 bailers, 8 gaffers and one fat wahoo for Diane Knutson that tipped the scales at 50 pound even. Woooweee!!! Nicey nice. Looks like Billy and Bert will get Steven Alarich over the bar tomorrow but after that our weather is going to ---well you know where. Looks bad till Monday but I am no weatherman (woman) either so maybe I am wrong. Wide open next week so call us for some tuna and the last of the dolphin for the season...its time to stuff the freezer! 252-473-1097:-)

Red meat for Mike Boyer and his crew today! You gotta love it!!! And a sailfish fought to clean release by angler John Summersgill...way to go. In the end the box told the story...2 nice wahoo, 6 yellowfin (not huge so don't get real excited!) and a nice catch of blackfin. Yummm! Weather coming so we are doing some moving around...Steven and his crew from Friday are going on Wednesday and we are booked out Thursday and Friday - cold front and hurricane swell don't make for nice conditions...too soon to call Ron Heath and his gang for Saturday yet so stand by!! Tight Lines!

While I spent half the day watching the 9 11 ceremonies and crying like a kid...I am a patriot...Billy and James King and Bert and James' posse were kicking some tuna booty and coming home early. Check out the pics...a near limit of yellowfin and a fat wahoo..some little skippies for shakes. No dolphin today - weird but cool. Open Wednesday and is really good...hint hint. Oh, Uncle haywood had 27 white ones yesterday!!!! I didn't hear about that until this afternoon but, and don't tell him I said this about him because he has a big head already (literally!), Charles has so got the hummmm! The Rigged Up is kicking some butt...Capt Walt on the Hunter said he had 5 and 6 hooked up at one! I love it!!! Tight Lines!

Great fishing today for Don Hillman and his crew - theye were booked originally for Thursday but hung around until the swell from hurricane Katia died out enough for us to get out of the Inlet. Oh, three boats went yesterday and didn't find much. Today was a different story for everyone - we were looking for the meat of course and Billy and Bert found it with a limit of dolphin and a limit of blackfin. One loan yellowfin rounded out the catch - mmmmmm! The marlin boats did good today too with lots of boats releasing white marlin in the double digits:-)
We are open on Wednesday and Thursday this week so if you fee;l the need to put some meat in your me! I will hook you up! Tight Lines!

Hanging to the dock again today - Hurricane Katia has closed our the bar least for us. Some of the marlin boats were going to give it a shot this morning - or at least go take a peek but Maxwell took a peek last night and he said he didn't want to wash out his curtains this morning! hehe - back in the blue tomorrow though. Tight Lines!

Nice dolphin today! Gaffers too and nice ones - not all gaffers mind you but some that were fine. Then a 41 pound wahoo for Todd Whortey..thanks for booking with us Todd. And two sails realeased by Benjamin Breakali. Nice. In the photo in our gallery you can see where a shart got the better half of one of the yellowfin the crew caught today - blackfin too. A Carolina Mixed Bag:-))
Big storm coming - oh, man! I almost forgot about the white marlin bite today - had my mind on the swell coming from Katia...anyway all the marlin boys made out just fine today ..I think Uncle Haywood was the highliner with 21 releases but my sister says there were a bunch of boats with high numbers and lots of blue ones too:-)

Oh we love you PNut! Such a great day - as usual. I am going to tell all of you out there that if you just haven't got the good luck when you are fishing - you need to make friends with PNut...or maybe it was one dollar - or sixdollar or pork chop or Eric but we know if wasn't Trevor becaue he is new.
Anyway, the boys paddywhacked between the 540 and the 580 and came up with a wonderful mixed bag...7 yellowfin (one fat one) a limit of dolphin and 5 nice blackfin. Many congrats go out to Michael Darden for a clean release on a fat white one - way to go sixdollar!! Tight Lines!

So I didn't get all the details but the Tuna Fever had a near limit of dolphin today - bigger ones too - and some yellowfin but I do not know what size or how many. The boys also had a blast with a bunch of wahoo - Bert stepped aside and passed the gaff to the party. What a blast!!! Tight Lines! Update - Maxwell left me a message this morning and he was talking pretty fast but I think he said 3 Blackfin, 4 yellowfin and 2 wahoo with a limit of dolphin...nice mixed bag on the 520 to the 580:-)

Great fishing today on the Tuna Fever! Ron and the boys headed out this morning for who knows what and Maxwell found them something! Scattered gras that Billy says looks like it went through a lawnmower but the dolphin didn't seem to mind and the boys had a very near limit with 5 fat gaffers thrown in. Fishing was mostly east of the inlet and they did find some yellowfin which is good because yesterday there were none. 1 topped 32 pounds and the other 4 were small in the 25 pound range - one lone blackfin rounded out the catch and yummy!!! Macadamia nut encrusted mahi is on special tomorrow at Owens. Woooweeee!
Big love out to The Worm who just found out that he is going to get transported home to his regular Doc. Now how about that Tuna fever prayer group! We have got the juice. God speed and a safe trip home, Mike. Tight Lines!

Just checking in. The Tuna Fever is all settled in over at Pirate's Cove Marina and Maxwell is pretty happy to have a home. I can't remember which electric company is already down at the Fishing center pulling new lines and they ordered 27 new poer pedestals the other day which should be there soon if not already. Should not be too long at all before we are back down the road in our comfy old dock:-)
At home Maxwell has freaked me out about snakes in the yard so I wear my high boots when I go out and I finally called my buddy Jay at Jay's tractor service to come out next week and clean up the mess in the yard...we are totally cosmetic so it can all wait but the fire ants are bad enough and I would definately freak if I kicked over a board and found a snake..especially the kind that swims!
We did get cancelled for this Saturday so if you want to get away from your snakes I know they can't swim to the Gulf Stream! Bert and Billy are back in the blue tomrrow...stand by for a fishing report!!!
Lastly much love and many prayers are going out to Mike Worley "The Worm"  who has fallen ill out in San Diego. The Worm spent his carrer ensuring our freedom in the Navy and after all those years at sea he proved to be one hell of a fisherman too! We are thinking of you!! Tight Lines!