Archived Reports

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Okay so we are still here. We lost our DSL early in the storm and I couldn't hold service with verizon and then we lost power yesterday for hourse...I guess they turned us off to work on the grid and it popped back on last night right when it was time for bed and AC!
The yard is a nightmare, Billy's barn got a good washing and BC says he has never had water downstairs in his house - even in the storm of the century - and Saturday night he had 18 inches. What a mess. Kate lost one of her chickens and the Fishing Center is a mess...puilings are in place but the docks are gone and the Tuna fever is high and dry up in Manteo! Love it!! Tight Lines!

Here we are - have clocked 57 mph overnight and only just ;lost the tv with a power surge! Not too bad so far. Capt BC can see the Tuna fever from his kitchen and although the water has sucked out of the canal she seems to be okay. The family is still hunkered down and I will be updating the facebook page when I can. Tight Lines!

Okay, so Maxwell and Dickerson have gone out to eat over at Randy Wilson's...Betsy is cooking up a storm and kate and I stayed home to get ready for the first day of school tomorrow which just got cancelled. Oh well.
I have no idea what Swag and the boys caught today because Billy was out the door quick but I have gotten a ton of emails about the storm so I wanted to get out an update and I will add the report tomorrow.
I do know whaite marlin fishing was pretty good today:-)
Billy is bringing the Tuna Fever over to Manteo tomorrow to ride out the storm. She will float in the center of the canal behind our old house next to Danny Moon and Sam's boats. I am sure she will be fine. Kate, Billy, Shadow, Stuart, Uncle Bobby, the 4 chickens and I will be hanging here unless it looks like a 4 or 5 in which case we will haul butt over the bridge before they shut it down and we will be on the way to Grandmother's in Va Beach.
If we split I will only be able to update Facebook so check us out at  Tuna Fever Charters. Its awll good and we are ready...except for Billys greenhouse which needs to come in the garage and the pile of lumber we got him for his birthday last week which needs to come inside and will be a potting bench someday:-) Tight Lines!

Great fishing today...6 really huge yellowfin and it couldn't have been for a nicer group of bayer Crop Science boys! I love it!! Tight Lines!

No fishing today - it was a rough one out there this morning so the boys from Bayer Crop took a pass till tomorrow.
Anyway, gives me a chance to up update you from the weekend. The boys had a slow day on Friday but got on the fat ones late and ended up with 8 or 9 60 pounders!! Can you believe it - same thing on Saturday but I think there were only like 6 or 8. I did update facebook if you need deets...Sunday was old "family" Uncle melvin and a couple guys that Billy went to high school with - the pressure was on and of course you know what happened...only 4 but boscoes all the same...60 pounders and a nice catch by any standards:-)
We are keeping an eye on Irene...stand by for details later in the week. Tight Lines!

It turned out to be a great day for Fred and his crew of cops from New York - thnk goodness no one got tazed...hehe. Slow slow slow this morning and they fished the 630 to the 680 and back and found just nothing...around 1:30 ish Maxwell took a chance...maybe not much of a gambl considering the echo in the fish box...and they all headed up the line and fished the 760 where they spotted some birds. Know what happened!! Well, Wham, wham wham!!! Yeeeha! Fred and the boys hooked into 9 of the fat boscoes...I mean the 60 pounders and that was all she wrote - by the time they started for home the box was full and there was no chance for an arrest. Thanks for playin boys!!
Kate and I are off to Wilmington for our annual end of summer fun trip with some friends (thanks for the gas money Billy) and we will be back  Monday to update the report - congrats to jessie, Mike and all the boys on the Bi Op Sea for winning Pirate's Cove and big love goes out to Fin and his crew for their valient effort to stay on top:-) Tight Lines!

First timer today...Jared fryer who has been fishing with us since forever I think brought his boy, Graham, for the first time today! Maxwell says Graham is almost as tough as his dad and horsed two fat yellowfin to the deck early in the morning - our boy got em good and I heard tell that those 50 pounders were almost bigger than the man himself!!! Anyway, unfortunately for Graham, his dad and his uncle those were the only bites that the boys had all day!! can you believe it?! Stinker...anyway, the crew did a mini autopsy and found absolutely nothing in the tuna tummies...hmmmm. Tight Lines!

Billy's birthday today!!! Yeah..he is really knocking on 50 now:-) Kate and I made chocolate cake and onion rings and cheese burgers and potatoes and it was great!!!! He got a potting bench...which is just a pile of lumber right now....and we didn't talk about fishin at all but he did say he had a great day with the Hettingers. So boys, send me an email and let me know what you caught or put a post up on facebook! Tight Lines! Ha! Billy left me a message and said that the boys had 3 fat 50 pounders and a few blackfin...that was it at the Point and later in the day they ran to some grass they had passed looking fortuna and came up with a limit of dolphin on top! nice..the Hettingers also had a BS - birthday shark:-) Hahaha

Okay we are a yoyo - better fiashing today - actuallu Maxwell was downright happy and excited...all I heard was fat yellowfin and a bunch of blackfin...I will try to get some more deets...but my boy was satisfied and you all know how hard he is to please. Tight Lines!

Slower fishing for David Morris and his family today. maxwell can't say what happened - the water pushed out the bite dried up and there was not much action - a few blackfin and a couple yellofin on the small side until one of Maxwell's commercial fishing boat buddies called him out to some float where Bery helped the family clean up on a near limit of dolphin! Phew!!! Thanks, Lord:-) Tight Lines!

Phenominal fishing today - I love it!!! John McNaught had some friends (associatesor clients?!!) anyway - they all went out rescheduled from last Sunday and had a ball! i even got some tuna tonight and you know that makes me love Maxwell even more - 8 nice yellowfin I am assuming around the 650 to the Point and  in the fat 40 to 50 pound class...the crew also managed a limit of dolphin. Ahhhhh! Pirate's Cove Tournament Weeks starts today - 66 boats in the Alice Kelly Ladies Only tournament..keep an eye on, facebook and twitter and support my friend Heather who is the "site coordinator" for the gotta love her spirit and don't forget to eat:-) Tight Lines!

Mickey had some fat yellowfin today and released his forst blue marlin in 25 years of fishing! Congratulations! No dolphin today but I don't think Mick wanted any anyway. Tight Lines!

Yellowfin in the 50 pound range...opnly four but hey when they are huge four is enough! heheh - a limit of dolphin as well and thats all she wrote:-) Good time to go fishing if you'd like...August 27 is our next open us at home 252-473-1097Tight Lines!

So Billy and I had a date tonight which means we didn't talk about fishing at all but I did get apicture from the Fishing Center and it looks like Paul and his crew had a nice gaffer dolphin and five or six nice yellowfin in the 40 pound range. mmmmm! Love it!!! Tight Lines!

Fat fish today, Fat fish!!Maxwell was all jacked up and left me a cryptic note of all the action which appaerntly was mostly inside the point. somewhere around the 860 and the 580 the crew got in their dolphin and caught a plenty of 'em...then they got whammed by the yellowfin between the 630 and the 650 in 90 to 200 fathomes...the fish ranged from 28 to 50 pounds and then there was the big eye that tipped the scales at 130 pounds and was horsed to the deck by angler, Dong Hoon Chung of West Village California...and, yes, the Tuna Fever is that good that we bring folks all the way from the other ocean! Tight Lines!

Stayed home today on a bad forecast but it didn't look that bad inshore Anyway we got to play a bit as a family:-) Back in  the blue tomorrow - tight lines!

Nice tuna for Jim and his crew today and on top of them a fat catch of dolphin (pics in the gallery). Ice in the box and good fishing...I love it!!! Tight Lines!

Slow fishing today for James Cambell and his crtew. And the rotten thing is that they picked the Tuna fever off our pictures and fishing rports...they have never been with us before and they come upwith the poor fishing day. Maxwell worked for those yellowfin but theye were actually no where to be found today...weird is all he could put on it and all I can say is tighter lines tomorrow. Much love to James and hsi family for playin and I hope they come back and try us again next year!

Weather Day! And nasty offshore for all!

Make up group today and boy did they have a good time. A limit of dolphin and three fat yellowfin for the group. many Thanks for playin'! Tight Lines!

A slow start to the day today - heres a tip...never put the mailing address in your GPS because you end up at my house and not the Fishing Center!!! Much love to the crew though because they jumped on board and even though the Tuna fever was behind the tuna bite Bert and Maxwell still managed to put their crew on the dolphin. A limit in the box and you gotta love that!
There is a smattering of open days in August...Tomorrow and Thursday. Next Thursday the 11th and then the 21st, 24th and 27th. After that the 28th, 29th and 30th. Sounds like a lot but the calendar doesn't look like we will starve this month! Hehehe. Tight Lines!