Archived Reports

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Tuna Tuna Tuna today - and the biggest one? a 77 pounder hauled to the deck of the Tuna Fever by angler Matthew Bruvles of Powhatan Virginia. Excellent!!! The boys started out on the 630 and fished to the 650 - they hit the yellowfin mostly on the pink bar with that ole green machine in 120 fathoms although out of the 10 in the box several were on the stick.  I love it!!! No fishing tomorrow - Billy is coming to watch Kate in a horse show...he'll love it if he can actually watch! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do - a limit can you believe it?! And some huge boscoes...I put a picture yup in the gallery (thanks to Mr Bill) and they are lovely. I even have a couple loins in my fridge I am having tomorrow for dinner! Maxwell says he caught one on the 680, then the 650, then 640 and south to the 630  and then two on the 615. 2 on the bars and 4 on the stick and they were eating the green again - the dolphin were outside of the 650 on the change in 300 fathoms (782 and the 657). One stop shop baby!!! Nice nice nice. We are open on Sunday but Kate hads a horse show that grandmother is coming to and I would love to see Maxwell there but He is also open nect Wednesday,m Thursday and Friday!!! Come fishing! Tight Lines!

Phenominallly fat fish today! Not too many but who cares when they are bigger than you are. Maxwell said the 650 and he was swing setting (anyone remember what that is? I feel a contest coming on...) and a few on the bar. Congrats to Pete Knott and his crew on a wonderful catch! Tight Lines!

Ohm yeah baby - I even had some yellowfin for dinner tonight and many thanks to Bill and the boys for the loins...sushi style!  Make sure you check out the picture in the gallery because these fish today were fat boscoes and eating green machine on the spreader bar and green squid on the stick...spreader bars worked best today though. We are open a bunch next week so call us at home 252-473-1097 or check out the calendar and book on line at Tight Lines!

The fat yellowfin are here and its stick time!!! 10 huge boscoes for Jeff jewel - we love you Jeff - and his crew today. In the meat babay!
We are open tomorrow and Monday so stand by for the next report:-) Tight Lines!

Nice yellowfin and a few dolphin and a white marlin for our make up party today. Gotta love that!! Fat yellowfin on the stick too...I mean 50 pounders!! Congrats to Maxwell Moore on his white...he fought the clean fight and she was blue and lit up when bert let her go. Tight Lines!!

Wonderful fishing for Robert mayhew and his family today - he took his boys and man, were they good luck! You have to check out the gallery -there are a couple 60 pounders in the picture that are bigger than the kids! Anyway - cool story...Robert went on the Tuna fever when we had the old Red Boat...he was in a make up with two guys in wheelchairs and Billy took the two small chairs out of the pit and ted those wheelchairs right to the stantions. They had a great day then and another twoday -
two citations...a 71 pounder for Noah and a70 pounder for Alex and the rest were just great big fat yellowfin. Very nice! Open Firdya - Sunday and Monday.. Call us! 252-473-1097 Tight Lines!

Kate and I are back and we had a wonderful, albeit short vacation! Horses, horses, horses. While we were away Maxwell and Bert had good fishing - I haven't got the report for today yet but yesterday it was tuna, tuna...big fat ones too - 8 boscoes and some bailers on top. I will update everything as soon as I get a miute! Tight Lines!
Update: Maxwell and Bert had a great day today with Dr. Randy and his crew from Virginia...Randy went to college with Billy's brother Bobby many years ago...anyeway, dolphin if you do - a limit and a super fat 50 pound yellowfin in the box. MMMM! Tight Lines!

Great fishing for Andrew Duncan and his sons. I'm not sure if Andrew was the only one in from London or if Toby and Christian came in from way over there too  but the travel paid off - you don't find limits of dolphin and 50 pound yellowfin in the Thames, Baby! Nice catch for the boys and looks like summer is well underway...Tight Lines!

Mickey Costen has been fishing with Maxwell since Virginia Beach! Wow and he always brings the luck...8 nice yellowfin (50+ pounders) and 32 nice bailers. MMMM...Tight Lines!

Choppy seas and scattered grass today but Danny Worley and his crew had a goos time catching just a few dolphin and 7 yellowfin. Maxwell says the tuna were on the small side but its a nice mix anyway. Tight Lines!

Billy will be back in the blue on saturday - the yard looks great and tomorrow he is going out to Sanford to pick up our new old truck and trailer (1995 Ford F-350...I finally found one!!) - Kate and I are off to Kentucky for some horsin call Maxwell at home if you need him 252-473-1097 (next week is filling up if you need to go fishing 0 and check out our facebook page for updates that I can do from my phone - full week in review here when I get home on Tuesday! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do for Doug Olson and his crew today and from the picture the Fishing Center sent over there was a tuna - or maybe two?! Haha! Off for the next couple days unles the Booking Fairy calls but Maxwell has really got a list at home - starting with cutting the grass in the ditch which is awful because the lawn mower gets stuck and he won't use the push mower because he is scared of snakes. If you hear bad words on the wind tomorrow you know who it is! Tight Lines!

Finally got Lenard McNaulty and his crew out today - they have been blown out two days in a row and did I tell you guys that Diamong Buoy actually went off line about 9 am on Friday and the Fishing center had to call the man at the NOAA station morehead yesterday morning to get some readings which were like 9 feet everyt 5 seconds ofr something crazy and they couldn't go. Oh well, they got their revenge today - a few throwbacks and then 3 for 5 on the boscoes (40 to 60 pounders). another 30 pounder and two nice wahoo on top and there your mixed bag - 'cept the dolphin who were no where to be found. Woooweee!
Oh, heres something for you guys to check out...Billy had the Simrad shoot last week and had a lot of fun - this link has some footage from the helicopter shots...
Tight Lines!

Blown out today - all that rough last week and here we go again this morning. South winds in a southwest current make for scattered grass and the fishing grounds are covered with thunderstorms! No fun and Billy has honeydos...tight lines!

No fishing yesterday - the Simrad crew worked on filming all day...and they were happy! Yellowfin for the crew today - 8 in all and one that had to go back but nice red meat for the fleet! Woooweeee! Tight Lines!

Good dolphin fishing today for Eric Rogers and his family. Eric is in charge of a team from Adventure Advertising and they will be representing Simrad over the next couple days shooting a commercial and some more stills for an advertising campaign. Sounds pretty cool - chase boat, helicopter etc. Neat. Anyway, dolphin today on the tip of the Point and nice bailers too. Not much ado about anything else for us - we had an exrly day and got home so that the Simrad crew could update all of Billy's software and stuff. A few yellowfin were caught by the fleet on the cold side of the change. nicey nice and Tight Lines!

I have no idea what Kirk and his crew caught today! We had a few folks over for dinner and we watched the fireworks from our livingroom (so lucky for that!) and then went to bed! hehe - I will catch up with Maxwell and get an update on here sonn. Tight Lines! 

Happy Fourth of July (tomorrow!) and happy Sunday for Tattoo Matt and his crew today. The boys got in a limit of nice bailers before heading for the tuna it paid off and 7 nice yellofin went in the box! Love it! On top of them there were 2 nice fat gaffers and a houndfish which maxwell says was 4 feet long! He said that thing got more attention on the dock than the tuna did. Prehistoric funkyfish! hehe! Tight Lines! Oh, we are booked all this week but we do have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday open next week (12, 143 and 14) The full moon is on Friday whoich means at least Wednesday and Thursday could be better for big eye - no promises but you are talking to the fisherman's almanac.!

Brooks and the boys came down from Roanoke today for some fast fishing and I am sure they were all missing Jimmie while they did. And I miss Jimmie's pound cake as I didn't know Jimmie at all except through the phone and Billy misses Jimmie's fried chicken which is the only friend chicken he would ever eat. But back to was a limit of nice bailers for a short crew and 4 fat gaffers - Bert says the biggest one went about 32 or 33 pounds...fat! The crew headed to the 650 for yellowfin after that but there were just too many boats - a few bonitas popped up here and there but got swarmed...the yellowfin never showed. Tight Lines!

Make up party today and glad to have em. Billy says there was more traffic and he finally had to head out in the rough blue water in order to catch his crew some mahi but he did and they were very happy. Ah....Tight Lines!