Archived Reports

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Looked like the sharks might get a better catch than the Tuna fever today but not so! Big Eye for Niles and his crew and you gotta love that! The boys fought 3 out of 6 to the box...two eaten by sharks and Billy says "wow" so I can't even imagine the frenzy and one just plain ole pullled off. Congrats to Niles Elber with his 132 pounder, Jeffery Goodman with his 148 pounder and Stephen Magowan who beat the fleet with a 176 pound big eye that almost wooped his butt (just kidding Stephen!) but did take almost three hours to fight to the gaff! Wow! Oh, the crew also manage four yellowfin (or was it three?) out of eight (or was it six?). Woooweeee! Happy Summer!! Tight Lines!

No fishing for the crew yesterday and maxwell did a whole bunch of important stuff i am sure. Today James and his crew had a great and busy time of it. I spoke with Billy briefly...he has something leaking in (on?) the motor right now and was in no mood to chat and he told me thay had a wonderful catch - a sail, a white and they lost an 80 pound big eye at the back of the boat. They caught a limit of nice dolphin and also a 45 pound yellowfin for eating. MMMMM! and FUN!! Congratulations to Scott and James Gillispie on their sailfish and white marlin releases! We are still open on Friday so call us at home for the action...252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

Catching up here...Jeff Farlow and the crew had a slow pick today. They scrapped out a catch mind you - nice dolphin - but Maxwell really liked the awful weather last week that kept all the outboards at home. No offense intended - we have an outboard ourselves...we just don't try to drive it under a charter boat in 100 fathoms in order to catch a dolphin. hehe. Tight Lines!

I hesitate to say it but I believe we are on a roll! Rough as you know what again today but Billy Kline and his crew were raring to go. The boys caught up some nice bailers and picked off some really really big gaffers...on top of that they went 3 for 5 on fat yellowfin. 50 pound class you know! Maxwell say they were fishing somewhere about 250 miles northwest of Dutch Harbor (or so it seemed) but the Tuna fever is a prize and she got them through it all like a champ! Tight Lines
Oh, open for Monday and Wednesday so call us at home 252-473-1097

Billy and Bert met Dane Eure and his family at the dock this morning to take a look and they never came back so, although I know it was rough, apparently it was good enough to go. And its a good thing they went because they caught the dolphin big time and I think Maxwell said a couple tuna and maybe even a wahoo??? I did that spouse thing again where you listen intently but not really which really is the most unfair to Dane and his crew because they got shorted on their report because I didn't actually hear what my husband said...and blah blah blah...see how that works? Anyway, Dane loves us and he won't hold it against me. Maybe I can get some info out of Billy without him knowing that i didn't actually listent to anything he said the first time I asked him. Or maybe not! Tight Lines!

A slow but steady pick for John Locher and his crew today. Unfortunately it was rough as a cob but Maxwell made the best of it - stayed as out of the soup as he could and the boys ended up with a fine catch of gaffers and bailers. MMMM! Tight Lines!

The Tuna Fever stopped first today - in some cucmber green water on the way to the 450 and Michael and his boys found the dolphin fast - nice cucmber green ones and a limit too! After that Maxwell took the boys out to the 83 degree water and on out to the 520, 530 then 540 up to the Point where they didn't find much of anything. A cool water change beconned out on the 600 and all the while Maxwell was looking for some kind of sign of tuna...a pilot whale, birds, something What he found was some slick calm water after the blow yesterday and NADA! On the way they picked off 3 fat gaffers and Maxwell says there was a short lived tuna bite ddown on the 600 to 615 for a few boats but no whales or anything down there to show us the way either. We are befianetly beyond the yellow brick road! Tight Lines! Oh, forgot - we are open for Monday and Wednesday so call us up for some great dolphin fishing and those tuna have to show sooner or later!! 252-473-1097

Tuna Tuna TUNA!!!! Finally:-) Not sure if it will last because right now it is dolphin time and we are grateful for that but Kim and her crew had the luck today and got in the fat boscoes!! You haven't heard me say that since last season....Dolphin on the 400 in about 60 fathoms and then Bert and Billy headed into the tide where they caught a beautiful huge gaffer and found a rough so nasty that they had to some back. After their limit of dolphin and that big gaffer the crew got whammed. And oh, what a lovely thing that it. 5 bites and the crew went 3 for 5 with a 40 pounder and two fish that went between 50 and 60 pound each! Woooweee!
Love and Congrats to Capt Tony Tillett who was back out on the Carolinian today after 5.5 months of recovery from a bypass. He picked the roughest day of the year yet but one with the best catch of the year so far! Tight Lines!

Great fishing today for Todd Huml and his crew. Yesterday there was a tuna bite (five fish for top boats but good sized) for the fleet around the 510 to the 530 - this morning there were a million (just kidding) boats there and no yellowfin so the Tuna fever headed off to the 700 and fished up to the 740. there was a limit of bailers for the crew and a few very nice gaffers on the troll. Todd got himself a bonita that he was very happy with and all in all it was great summertime fishing for the boys! Tight Lines!

The grass got scattered out after thunderstorms moved through overnight but the boys picked until that had a fine catch of dolphin. many thanks to Scott and his crew for playing' today! Looks like summer is finally here dolphin if you do, baby! Tight Lines!

I spoke with Maxwe;ll pretty briefly to give him the Friday family Night Pizza order and he told me he had a great day - some yellowfin (on the small side today) and a fine catch of dolphin - also they put a wahoo in the box and got eaten off by one too! Mixed Bag and several good days in a row - maybe we are out of our rut?/ Still open for Sunday although we are starting to fill up some of the holes in July...also open on the 27th, 28th and 29th...wanna go fishing? Tight Lines!

Excellent fishing today!!! Seems like old times all of a sudden and Maxwell says it took 4 garbage cans to carry away Bob McCullough's catch this afternoon. I don't have there wheres or the hows but in the end there was a limit of dolphin including 5 super fat gaffers and 6 fat yellowfin to boot! Nice!!!

Bill Babylon and his family had a great day of fishing today..he is an Oregon Inlet vetrean and has fished with Omie even! Pretty cool! Anyway, his daughter (or was it his daughter-in-law?) released a sailfish today - woowee and felt pretty good during the fight I hear - and then she felt much better long about the sea buoy on the way home! In the morning the change had blended out so the crew fished along and picked off 5 nice bailers and 5 fat gaffers until they came upon a flet spot long about the 560...the birds were working it up and Maxwell had some marks but only one one the troll - out went the brid, ball and stick and they picked off another fat 45 pounder ...after that it was bonita, bonita, bonita. Wierd but a nice mixed bag for Bill and his family.
Hey, calling on everyone for some prayers...our friend and the best tackle man in the business Billy McCaskill of Whalebone Tackle is having some surgery at Pitt tomorrow and we need some prayin' from you folks. Just a quick thought sent his way and those of you who hardly ever pray we need you the most because I think yours will be louder. hehehe Tight Lines!

Tuna Tuna Tuna! (BTW We miss you Al!). The farmers brought the luck - I told Billy maybe he should fire Bert and hire Randy Wilson..hehe, sorryBert. Anyway, Fight N lady found the yellowfin working some birds in 700 fathoms - what up with that?!? Anyway, Sammy called us in and the Tuna fever had a near limit of yellowfin today - Maxwell says they were anything from throwbacks to almost 50 pounders - but most were right in the 40 pound class and a beautiful class of fish! On top of that the crew had a lovely catch of dolphin - gaffers and bailers. Nice. Lets hope Maxwell can keep the streak going tomorrow! Tight Lines!

An amazing day of action for the Tuna fever and Jason and his crew today. The boys wanted tuna - actually I think jason has been dreaming about a big eye all year - and Maxwell headed for the big eye hole and trolled the 650 to the 690 from 100 to 250 fathoms all morning. Bert put a nice catch of gaffers in the box but being from morehead and catching his own dolphin all spring on his own boat Jason was hell bent on that big eye that never showed up! Ah, all was not lost - the boys hooked into a nice blue onw - Maxwell says she would have gone 450 pounds at least. And they fought her for a while - backing down hard until they got in a head sea and Maxwell says he was going to definately shake something loose so they turned and ran after the blue one which is done all the time you know. Anyway, in the end the boys gained the line back and then she ran under the boat and - POINK - she was gone. So sorry. And thats my fishing story. Don't forget to check out the bBig Rock tournament our neighbor Kenny Sexton is in the lead with a 600 and some pounder.  Bring that money home baby!!! Tight Lines!

Great catches of dolphin today - nice gaffers - but the boys wanted tuna so the Tuna fever went on the hunt and came up with nothing much. I don't know where those yellowfin are - maybe still up north in the Washington canyon - but if you find them call me! Tight Lines!

Behind the 8 ball! Jack Pruitt and his crew headed out today and they took a gamble - all of 'em I mean - Maxwell headed north for the 900 line where the sat shot and rumors showed some great tuna fishing...well the bite went off well south of our crew who found nothing up north and ran 18 miles to what bite there was...and it was over when they got there. Poor dude...Maxwell felt pretty bad. I think he told me they managed a couple tuna and a couple gaffers; just rolled the dice and came up short - sorry jack! Meanwhile the boats that went well south had good bites on dolphin and the very short lived tuna bite in the middle produced some fine red meat for a few of the boats in the fleet. Tight Lines!

Well the boys went out today - Maxwell and Bert and Hurricane Wayne and i have no idea what they caught. saw maxwell for a few minutes tonight but never got around to fishing. hehe we;ll i suppose it is going to take more than a day to get used to the summer schedule - but you know I bet Wayne gets in touch with a report before I see maxwell again! I got $5 on Wayne - Tight Lines!
Heres the update straight from Wayne!
Picked out I believe 10 bailers and a gaffer on a grassline on the 4 somehting. Flustered with the dormant grass, headed to the Point to look for tuna. On our way north, got slammed by some bonita and a loner 20lb yellowfin.
Thank you so much for gettin a hold of Dickerson. Made our day!! Fishin was extra!!! Try to see ya in the fall!!!!

No sponsor today so Billy and Nick have gone to Va Beach to run some errands and do manly things. Hehe. I suspect he will be changing oil this afternoon since he left the hous at 4:30 (regular time). Theres really no sense in sleeping in one one day...I have been enjoying being connected through Facebook although learning to use that and my new "Smart" phone which is smarter than me but not Kate has been a challenge! Please look us up - I think it is Tuna-Fever-Charters..and comment on our wall..we want all your thoughts but no cussing! Kate graduated from elementary school yesterday - I know, we are getting old - and unless a scout from the Olympic Equestrian  Team comes to see her this summer she will be in Jr High next year. OMG! Have a great day and stay inside - it is gonna be a hot one! Tight Lines!

I have updated yesterday's report with some numbers and more details on the fishing and today Lee Winkleman wanted tuna but what he got instead was a rat blue one that maxwell said put on a hell of a show. Lee hooked him on a 20 and fought him standing up I hear all over the ocean. Too much fun!! For the rest of the crew, for the rest of the day, it was dolphin if you do and plenty of them. Billy says it was the first day of the year that the whole fleet had great fishing and limits were the norm not the exception...Bert got his limit of dolphin today and nice fat ones too - 20 pounders plaus and thats big dolphin, baby! Also tyhe boys jumped off a white and missed another blue one! Action!!! Tight Lines!

Good fishing for Scott and his crew today and many thanks for fishing with us! It was dolphin if you do and Billy says they were a nice class of gaffers - some real big ones too - 15 or 16 in all and thats good eatin'! Numbers as soon as i talk further to the boss (I thought I was the boss!) (or at least sometimes I think kate is the boss..I hardly ever think Billy is the boss except sometimes ((like a good wife)) I  let him think he is the boss) and I will update the deets asap! Tight Lines!
First thing - Maxwell says that Scott and martin and the whole crew were great sportsmen and pulled grass all day like true professionals! The boys headed for the 630 and fished the area to the tip of the Point looking for yellowfin in the morning but hear =d from ned and the Skiligal that there were some dolphin on a fished over change down on the 540 so thats where the Tuna fever ended up - nice class of fish too and the boys fished from the 540 to the 385. MMmHHHH! Tight Lines (again)!

Good fishing today for Kenny Wells and his crew. Actually good fishing overall for the "stick" boats. berts gotta wrap his head arpound the whole concept but did goods today for a first timer! 7 fat yellowfin in the box and Aaron on the Outrigger actually has a limit today - who would have ever thought. Tomorrow we are taking kennith browns group - he blew a tranny but should be out in the sea again by Wednesday...gotta love ZF Gears!!! Still open for yellowfin on Thursday. Tight Lines!

Billy called in while he was still a few miles from the Inlet to let me know that he had a good day. He and most of the fleet got in the Big Eyes and he actually sounded happy! No deets right now but I will get them up when I get them.
Goit the Tuna fever on Facebook this week so remeber to stop by - I also got a smart phone(welcome to the world!) so I can update even when I am on the road or at work. Short but sweet because I tend to push three or four letters at the same time. hehe. but at least you'll get updated there earlier than here. Also, we got Wednesday booked but astill have Tuesday and Thursday open...wanna go fishing?? Call us at home 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!
Dave Shank and his family haven't fished for a couple years while son, Caleb, was in training for some sort of special forces and turnes out that Caleb caught the big one today...165 pounds of big eye! You gotta love that! Congrats to nathaniel and Josh who tipped the scales at 148 and 123 respectively. maxwell says the crew started out on the 650 and stayed on the 650 and thats where the bite was and it was over by noon - one of their fish took a couple hours to get in the box! Tight Lines!

Scott Brown and his boys have been fishing the first saturday in June for as many years as I can remember and today they were real troopers! Billy and bert strted out on the 940 and when the pulled back on the change maxwell check the radar which was overrun with boats from Oregon Inlet and va Beachj headed his way so instead of fishing an empty edge north he fished the change south all the way to the 820...pullin grass for 13 miles my man Bert deserves a medal!! Anyway, all the way they had one dolphin bite and lost him and around noon they were looking for whales when danny on the Point Runner called in a whale sighting pon the 660 and two big eye bites. Maxwell picked up and Scott and the crew rtan 10 miles to the 700 where they found some ewhales and fished around them to the 650 asnd then the 630. Outside the tip the Tuna fever hooked 3!! Wooweee and in the box and that was all she wrote. Pew and Thank You Thank You!
Capr BC got honored today with the Manteo Citizen of the Year (or maybe Life) anyway, we love him and we are so proud:-) Tight Lines!

Windshield-bug. Windshield-bug. Lordy, it makes me tired just watching...and I am just watching! Anyway, Ed List and his crew had a beautirul day offshore..good conditions and beautiful weather and not too many fish (is there such a thing as too many fish this year?) A couple fat gaffers for the boys and that was all she wrote. What we need is a big fat blow for a few Tuesdya and Wednesday and Thursday...something to stir things up...maybe a little rain inshore to put the fires out and help my grass grow a little. Anything really would be nice, Lord. Any help you folks want to give on the praying end would be great.
In other news Tuna Fever joined Facebook today! Hehe...welcome to the 21st you all can talk about wether Billy is the bug or the ball. Haha! And I have a huge congrats to send out to the Hudgins crew..Bailey and Braden caught their first billfish over the weekend and those two have got some serious angling promise for a sail and a white released by a 6 year old (Braden) and an 8 year old (Bailey) respectively. I have to say that the apple just don't fall far from the tree over there on the Reel Affair..Dad and Grampy (Bill looks like a Grampy to me) were both on board for the show! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do for Vernon Clark and his crew today. Maxwell really enjoyed the group and they put 10 (or was it 12?) gaffers in the box. Whats up with all these gaffers anyway...La Nina...very peculiar! We are still open next week - Tues, Wed or Thurs...take your pick! Also the 27th, 28th and 29th...wierd:-) Tight Lines!

So Rusty Duggins and his crew had one of those days today. He did mention that after 17 years on the Tuna fever he finally had a bad did the whole fleet. Skunkins were rampant and Maxwell and Bert only managed one gaffer. The radio chatter mentioned the bad economy being enough fo the fish to leave the country. Hehe. Anyway, I asked Maxwell about the yellowfin and he said that the boys are catching them up off the Washington Canyon and there is a gracious plenty up there. And eddy has kept them from following the Labrador south but he promised they would be here soon. I will let you know as soon as I do when they arrive. hehe Many Thanks to Rusty for sending Bert up on the bridge for suicide watch during lunch today - Maxwell was a bear but he will be better tomorrow...Tight Lines!