Archived Reports

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Hehe!! Good fishing for Jerry and the boys from Wilson today!! Yellowfin and dolphin oh my! The Tuna Fever started out on the 806 and 600 and fished the outside of a grass line out to the 760 and 690. The conditions were perfect going out and Bert and Billy picked out 20 gaffers going out and only 2 coming back in. In the afternoon the boys headed for the Point and marked some fish on the 680 - a mark a bite...we love it!!! Finally Maxwell broke out the stick and missed a fat big eye - 130 pounder missed the bait three times!! Maxwell almost had a heart attack and Bert says he needed the end there were 7 fat yellowfin in the box (30 to 50 pounders) and 22 nice gaffers. MMMM!!
Fishing is looking up so don't forget to call us...we have next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday open still! 252-473-1097!! Tight Lines!

The Tuna Fever started out this morning with Jack Evanko and his crew about 46 miles from the Inlet in scattered grass. When that didn't produce much maxwell started to run and he ran to the Point where he found a nice weed line but way too many boats and then he ran up again to somewhere that he forgot to tell me where. hehe. Anyway I got some stats for you and I hope that Jack still loves us after the 5 dolphin we caught him today...who knows....The Tuna Fever burned 183 gallons for 5 dolphin today and the High Return burned 184 for the same. Aaron on the Outrigger picked off 8 dolphin at the bargain price of 175 gallons and the winner of the coveted "golden toilet seat" was Capt Brynner of Smoker fame who tipped the pump at 217 gallons and filled the box with one lonely dolphin! Tight Lines!

So Billy and Bert took Berts family fishing today...last minute booking and I am sure they had a great time but I have no earthly idea what they caught! I hope everyone is having a great memorial Weekend!! Tight Lines!

So today was a tough one - see Alan wanted tuna today and his daughter wanted a fat gaffer and Maxwell kinda had to decide which first you know so they set out to set out on the 800 and 800 but someone let that cat out of the bag and for a Saturday on memorial Weekend there were only about 800 boats there so the Tuna Fever and a bunch of the boys in the fleet headed south for dolphin. Maxwell and Bert met the Outrigger comng up the line and just about the time they did Capt. Aaron who happens to be ultra talented with interior trim carlpentry as well, got some dolphin bites and low and behold all of those 800 boats that chased the tuna away made a bee line for our boys! Whats a bee line anyway? In the end the murphys managed some fat gaffers befiore the stampede and found a couple 55 pound yellowfin after they got chased away by the crown. Rosa snagged a white one and put up one hell of a fight to release and they all lived happily ever after! Booked for tomorrow but still avail;able next Tues, Wed and Thurs (what up with that???) Tight Lines!

We are coming in for a LUCKY LANDING!!! Not one but two, Baby!  First forgive because I cannot type today and next congrats go out to John Futrell and his crew on their excellent catch today! Love it - dolphin if you do (so said JoBoy) and nice fat ones - gaffers on the inside of the cureent right around the 540 up to the 640 in 20 fathoms and then Donnie Braddock called us in on a nice pod of tuna jumping that he spotted on his way in (see, we gotta love the commercial fleet!) and right about the 800 and 800 the Tuna Fever went 8 for 10 on fat yellowfin.
In the end ithere were about 33 gaffers and 8 tuna in the box and a happy crew in the pit! Tight Lines!

The Tuna Fever had a lucky landing today and Dan Tillary and his crew got a box full of dolphin to show for it! Well, maybe it wasn't quite a box full because the Tuna fever has a huge fish box but Bert and Billy were pretty happy with the catch when the jmped off the change so that a few other boats could come up behind and have a good catch for their groups as well.
Maxwell says lucky landing because you all know by now that there has been no ":body of fish" this spring and if your number comes up you may just pull the throttles back right in the perfect spot and find the fish. Well, Maxwell and Bull Tolson did just that this morning - they went north while the better part of the fleet went south and they landed on a ahard change - 74.7 degrees to 78.6 on the 776 and the 620. Bull headed northeast and the Tuna fever went southwest and the Sea Toy found the fish first but after that it was come one come all!
I learned something new today - the boys call it a "worlfpack" or actually getting "wolfpacked" and it is a phenomina when the dolphin are so aggressive that they actually break the surface of the ocean when they attack your baits. Apparently it is a beautiful thing and it happened to dan and the crew a couple times - when Maxwell jumped off the line there were 30 nice gaffers in the box and it was nigh on 9 am!
The story goes that the boys criss crossed everywhere, found the porpoise and the whales and the squid - the Simrad can see the squid!!! - but no tuna to be found. Maxwell managed to hook a 350 pound blue marlin and Dan Tillary fought him to a clean release - jumping and putting on a show thwe whole time! Congrats to Dan!! Tight Lines!

Phenominal fishing for Steve and his crew today, and no they didn't follow Uncle Haywood anywhere.
The Tuna Fever set out on the 650 where they picked off one dolphin and fished south east until Maxwell and bert hit a reverse change - 77 degrees on the north side and 74 on the south. The boys fished it up with Capt Ned and Jeff Ross and put 20 fat gaffers in the box! Nice! They finally turned around on the 752 and 720 in 1500 fathoms...Bert says thats deep, boys! Tight Lines!

So I was a little concerned that Uncle Haywood hung out at our house until after I went to be last night but I didn't know at the time that he and Billy where cooking up a plan to head down the beach and avoid the rough and the crowds this morning. And thats just what they did. They snuck out under cover of darkness at 5 am and took Steve Laughlin and his crew on a wild goose chase down the beach to the lighthouse and then out to the dolphin grounds where they found just a handful - 9 - of gaffers and some good action on blackfin that were mostly too small to keep.
I know this report would be more entertaining if I were to begin lying about our catch. I just can't do it though because then we would start catching nothing...instead of next to nothing. Hehe. I know its not funny and its not really as bad as I portray. Steve and the gang had a fabulous day and had some nice dolphin for dinner tonight.
Oh, Billy says those tuna from yeterday just popped up on the 230 wreck and were gone just that fast...pure luck baby but a nice fat class of fish...I said up to 45 pounds but Maxwell says theyr were all 45 up to 50 pounds. mmmm! Still open this Sunday if you want to go. We got rebooked for Tuesday and booked for the following Sunday so if you have to fish on a weekend this is yor last change until July! Tight Lines!

Okay I have no details at all but I do know that Richard Wong and his crew brought the luck man as they put 8 nice yellowfin (up to 45 pounders) in the box and had a lot of action all day with the blackfin tuna. Lets keep it going!
\You will never believe that I had another cancellation for May 31 - my man, who shall remain nameless, is getting audited. I would rather get poked in the eye with a sharp stick!! And of course I would rather be fishing but the Tuna Fever is now available for May 29 (Sunday) and May 31 ( Tuesday). Tight Lines!

So yesterday it was a limit of dolphin and today we were the bug again. Billy says the change pushed up to the 710 on the 100 and the conditions were beautiful but overall the fleet as a whole had  slow day. Coach Billy Kilne and his crew managed 4 yellowfin and 3 dolphin for the day...where's the meat??... and they were good sports about the whole thing! Sam Stokes on the Fight N Lady went down to the 350 and fished on the amberjack wreck where the tuna popped up and he put 12 in the box and then he threw down on the whole fleet. Gotta love Sam!
I completely forgot yesterday to let you all know that Maxwell has hired Bert Sowell to fish with us for the rest of the season. many of you fished with Bert between Chuck and Dickerson and he is all married now and no longer world touring but he can be convinced to head out to the wilds of Colorado and chase caribou and stuff...hehe the man has got stories! So it's not the Billies but Billy and Bert...guess I can stop calling my husband by his last name then too.
Available day alert - with that poor report I hate to do it but I gotta hawk the trips - Next Sunday May 29, and Sunday June 5 are the only weekend days we have until mid JulyThen I have Tues, Wed and Thursday June 7, 8 and 9 that was a cancellation and at the end of the month we have June 27, 28 and 29 a Monday, Tues and Wed. Wierd huh? Call us up we would love to take you fishing! Tight Lines!

20 gaffers and a limit of bailers for Scott Peter and the boys! Wooooweeee!! Maxwell says the bailers were more like vinegar dippers but the gaffers were nice enough for anyone:-)
I have some bad news to share today...much worse than the fuel costs that continue to creep northward...
Dickerson took a short leave recently and has decided not to return to fishing with us. He has taken a full time position with Carolina Yachts as a carpenter so that he may spend more time with his daughters Cori and Bailey. Being a parent can be tough enough but being one from 40 miles offshore is sometimes impossible and has proven so for Billy as his girls have gotten older. I am going to miss him and Maxwell has been beside himself but this is life and business sometimes and I commend Billy on his choice...Family First; you gotta love that. Tight Lines!

You are not going to believe that The Tuna Fever had a great day today and I finally caught up with Maxwell and got all the details and the computer screwed up and I lost the whole beautiful report!! Well, Stephen Matz and his crew had a great day 15 fat gaffers and 7 nice yellowfin. Gotta love that!! And Maxwell fished from a crowded 260 to and hayfield on the 240 to the inside of a change between the 320 and the 360. And this report is nowhere near as interesting or funny as the one that now flys in cyberspace like some twisted pergatory but here it is!! The tuna puked up squid in the fish box so the stick may come out tomorrow, we'll see! Tight Lines!

Ron Heath and the boys have a good time today to be sure but I am not certain what they caught at all. I feel like I haven't seen Billy in days and I will have to track him down to get the deets! Tight Lines!

Last day for Toby and the crew and not a very good one at that. A mixed bag for the boys but not a whole lot of anything. A beautiful day on the ocean though and you gotta love that!! Tight Lines!

Better fishing today for the Tuna Fever and God Bless the ocean signs of life were everywhere today - well, actually signs of tuna which is the life's blood around here anyway! It all started today with the Hooker and Tom Krauss running across some good signs of yellowfin at the Point this morning. The change there produced 15 yellowfin for Tom's crew by days end and thats sweet. Theu Tuna Fever ran to the change about 18 miles south of Tom for dolphin and oby and the crew fished up toward the Point and hit the yellowfin too. Nice and how about those tamales last night? mmmm! Anyway, in the meantime Hank Beasley of - I can't remember the name of his boat right now - fame ran super south to the 280 looking for the dolphin and he came up with a nice tuna bite down there! Woooweee...they were all around today! In the end Toby and his family managed 15 fat gaffers and 4 nice yellowfin...gotta love it! Oh, there was also a scattered white marlin and sailfish bite between the two fleets...see lots of life! 
I got a calncellation tonight for ay 29 which is Memorial weekend Sunday - this day has turned out to be a bugger to book..cancelled twice so far - which means it could be a banner day for fishing! Tight Lines! 

Ed! What happened, dude?! Fishing was slower today for the Tuna fever although some of the boats in the fleet got out on the leading edge of the change and came up with some good dolphin bites. Not much sign of tuna today which is totally weird because it actually is tuna time. I don't know if you know but I just noticed that we are half way through May which means summer is literally right around the corner and I never even noticed it was so close. What have I been doing anyway...I think it all started with Easter being so late. Anyway, we will keep an eye out for some yellowfin and Ed and the crew will enjoy their dolphin that they cauught today and I believe Maxwell said there was a nice wahoo in there too. Tight Lines!

A great day for fishing - not so much for riding horses - Kate fell today and hit each rail of the fence on her way down...they say the hardest thing about horseback riding is the ground..hehe and the hardest thing about fishing out of Oregon Inlet in the spring is staying ahead of the pack on the tide line. That pretty water of yesterday was all the way 12 miles inside this morning and heated up to 79 degrees (hello summer!) Maxwell found the change on the outside of the 630 and managed a catch of 7 dolphin before running into a bunch of throwback tuna - 7 in all and then Mike Thomas and the boys hooked a nice 35 pounder - in the box. After that a BLT and given the option Mike decided to fish another 20 minutes or so...he must have had a feeling and the boys put a beautiful 35 pound wahoo in the box before picking up and heading home. MMMMM!!! Tight Lines!

Friday the 13th aint all that for Charlie Frak and his crew. In the end Billy thought he might get thrown down on by a couple boats that headed out Hatteras Inlet and fished 45 miles south but as it turns out the Tuna Fever held her own on the 450 in 35 fathoms. The change crossed the 100 back on the 530 and as Maxwell was the lead boat he pulled off a fine catch of dolphin! The tally for the box was two nice yellowfin in the 35 pound range and 6 good sized bailers - on top of that another 20 fat gaffers and you gotta love that!! The swell has laid down by this evening so the boys will be back out the inlet tomorrow - no problemo! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows! Its rather nice inshore but offshore there is a massive swell being put out by a system off New England. Go look at it on the weather site - it looks like a hurricane. Funky! Anyway, not going anywhere today and maybe not tomorrow. I will stay in touch.
Things to remember - if you are in the area this weekend Heather Galbraith over at Pirate's Cove (I don't know how they got so lucky as to land themselves two Heathers in one lifetime!) is hosting her second annual flea market for tackle on Saturday. Looks like it may be a good time and you may find some deals on lovingly used items you have been looking for. Give her a shout for deets at  Second thing - we are filling some of our open days but still have a few May 31  and that wierd week of June 5 - we have the 5th (Sunday) 7th, 8th and 9th (which was a cancellation). Then June 15 which is the full moon and could be an interesting day to never know what will come up from the deep on a full moon!! Tight Lines! 

Many thanks to Jake and his family for playin today. They have been vacationing on the OBX for 15 years and finally went fishing! And they had the juju today, boys! Maxwell made a circle right on the 610 in 100 fathoms and thats where the miracles happened! 6 fat yellowfin between 35 and 45 pounds and 6 nice dolphin on top for giggles. Billy sends out big love to Courtney for taking the wheel and giving him a break and all in all it sounds like he had a really good time with the family. You gotta love that!
Maxwell already moved his group for tomorrow - bad weather coming - so we'll see what the end of the week braings. Tight lInes!

Remember the great fishing yesterday...well, not so much today. Maxwell was kinda beat down when he came home tonight but perked up when I started singine the winshield and the bug (gotta love Mary Chapin Carpenter) Anyway, Reyn Smith's crew went out today and everything that could go wrong did go wrong starting with the deckhand ebing a little late - thats always a bad omen. I can say the boat ran great and Maxwell didn't even come close to running her for the rest of it thats about all. The boys did manage 9 dolphin ranging from bailers to gaffers. Maxwell stayed at the Point again hoping the perfect condiditons there would pay off but they really didn't. Arch headed out to the east and picked up 25 or so dolphin and Uncle Charles headed southwest forever to pick off 30 with a mix of bailers and gaffers and they were the highliners for the day. Sometimes you're the bug! We are open next Thursday May 12 and the 31stand 1st of June. We still have SATURDAY June 5 open from a cancellation so check out the calendar at (or you may ant to check out Arch's and Charles's calendars! hehe) and book a day...theres no bad news out in the Stream! Tight Lines!

Five fat yellowfin for Dave Morris and his crew today and five little ones too! One gaffer as well and you gotta love it! Maxwell started out east of the Inlet and ended up staying at the Point most of the day as the conditions were perfect for a bite. Eventually the crew got whammed by the big ones and special thanks go out to Nick who filled in for Dickerson today and managed to get all of the fish in the boat even though they came up in one big knot! Wooweee and pardon the language! One fat fish was eaten off by a mako near the back of the boat and what was left got sushi=ed up by our favorite chef Tommy at Taiko in Nags Head...mmmmm. Some of the boat heade east looking for dolphin but it didn't pay off today too well. They will be around soon though! Tight Lines!

I still haven't got any details from Monday...I actually got food poisoning this week and haven't been much on talking about fish. hehe. Feeling better this morning and off to work but before I go Billy wants everyone to knopw that tomorrow is going to be beautiful and he is open for taking a trip. Call the Fishing Center today at 252-441-6301 to book the Tuna Fever!!! We are also open on Monday:-) Tight Lines!!!!

Five fat yellowfin all at once for Dennis Faulkner and his crew. Thats all I deets at all but I will catch up with Maxwell and find out. Tight Lines!

Phenominal fishing today for David Wilson and the crew from Conbraco. But then again, now that I think about it, David is just one of those really lucky guys and he always catches. Always. And a lot too. Crazy!! Many Many thanks and much love out to Greg Brown and the boys are Specialty Foundaries who, with Conbraco, have been chartering the Tuna Fever for nigh on 18 yeatrs now. Gotta love that! Also love to Fred who I understand has become a big wig but used to be the one that called me at home to check available dates.
So back to the fishing. Well, you know it was good and fun because Maxwell was tapping his foot while he was giving me the deets - hell, he even told me what everyone in the fleet caught and I won't relay all that but I will give you a little.
First, and this is in not cronological order of catch...congrats go out to Mark Bedell (AKA Blue, whose t-shirt Maxwell has) who insisted on releasing the largest sailfish that Maxwell or Dickerson have ever seen. I suppose Blue has no idea how good smoked sailfish dip really is or how many people an 80 pound sail could feed!!
The tuna fishing started on the tip of the Point...the 784 and 584...lovingly known as the 84 and the 84 which is a hill and 2 bumps and was the hot spot for the boys. In the end it was bigeye! bigeye! bigeye! David fought like a champ for 2 and a half hours and boated a 171 pounder. As for Fred Schlick and Steve Lowder they tipped the scales at 100 and 147 pounds respectively. Pretty cool huh?
Maxwell saw no yellowfin today but reports that Arch on the Pelican hit em 6 for 8 and then a pair and a single down below. Point Runner Danny and the best trim man that I know Aaron on the Outrigger also did some yellowfin damage. The spotted porpoise were out this morning and tomorrow looks like a good day too.
A little booking update...We have several days to choose from in the next week although it looks like it is going to blow on Wed and Thurs this week - Tuesday through Friday are open and then the 9th (Monday) and Thursday the 12th. After that we have May 31 open. I got tow Sunday cancellations in June - the 5th and Father's Day the 19th all Saturdays are booked. I also have June 1 and 2, 7, 8 and 9 and the 15th open for yellowfin mania!!! Heheh Tight Lines!