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Last day of April - can you even believe it! You know it was in the 90's a couple days this past week - thanksfully it cooled off over night!
So back to the fishing...I got more deets for today and Billy still has most of his hair even though I know he tried to pull most of it out because Thomas Webb and his boys didn't see the first fish until 2:15!!!! Urgh.
Meanwhile I will tell you that Tom Krauss on the Hokker had the golden horseshoe today. Maxwell says it got almost comical watching him in the crod (Most boats out today that Billy has seen this season) and he just picked off one or two or got totally whammed while everyone around them did - NOTHING!!! Hehe - go Tom! Maxwell fished from the Point to the 615 to the 560 to the 615 to the 560 to the...well you get the point and pulled weeds the whole day long. Maxwell says its always fun to hold the ball and the Hooker did - The Smoker and Carolinian and Trophy Hunter headed to the tower and didn't do a whole lot - couple three yellowfin for eacvh and Carolinian had several dolphin too.
The Tuna Fever got in the game right about 2 pm when the boys hooked a pair of yellowfin and Dickerson put em in the box. At 2:30 there was a single and at 2:50 a triple. Nice all this action happended between the 550 and the 533. So it was six and a nice class of fish too...Maxwell says they had one 25 pounder and the rest where 38 to 40+!!! Woooweee...La Nina come on baby! Tight Lines!

Jack and Jack had a rough day today but in the end it was definately worht it. The short story goes like this - the boys headed out late because the breakers were out and then they set lines out on the 450. Through the corse of the day they hooked 10 yellowfin and pulled off three in the rough. In the end they had a fine catch of 7 between 25 and 45 pounds and 4 throwbacks. The boys even managed a nice dolphin on top. MMMM!!! Tioght Lines!

Busy Busy. The Billies have been through the [paces in the last couple days and the Tuna fever is safely back in her slip at the Fishing Center this morning. They replace the transducer witht he new high tech one - for anyone who wants to follow along the new transducer was built by Airmar and is the second one off the production line. It is the latest and greatest and apparently Airmar is on the leading edge of this type of technology. You can visit them at
While cutting out the old transducer the boys found some "wet" and replaced a little of this and that in the bottom setting up a lamp to dry everything out overnight before putting some epoxy on before splashing yesterday afternoon. Billy sends some big love out to Bayliss Boatworks for the great yard and hospitality. Usually he goes to Spencer's where all his peeps are but he went to Bayliss this time as it is closest to the inlet and he only thought he would need a short haul.
Today the boys will be putting the curtain back in that I picked up from Ernie's yesterda and I don't know what all else but rest assured they will be busy. If this front moves through Thursday they will be back out in the blue on Friday - a few blue ones were seen down in hatteras and the West Wind released a blue marlin out of OI on Monday - cool. Tight Lines!

So the Billies are off for the next couple days. Maxwell and I went to brunch with his mom yesterday and we are enjoying a little vacation as Kate flew down to Stuart to spend spring break with her Aunt and Uncle. She went cobia fishing on Saturday, stinker.
Billy has a list of stuff to do over the next three days so he is booked out until Thursday - replace the spiders on the fisghting chairs, he has to do a short haul and put in a new transducer for his Simrad equipment (BTW have you seen the ad in Saltwater Sportsman or Sportfishing? Biolly has Tuna Fever.)  and he has a curtain panel that needs fixing and several other little things. You know those little things you put off because they usually make you cuss? Like last night went the curtain got stuck and we couldn't get it off the boat and I was in a dress. hehe - fun times! Tight Lines!

Happy Easter!!!

Its that old bat and ball thing again and maybe a little voodoo or something because the boys just could not get it together for Wayne and his crew. Headed for the bay this morning and all went well until lines out when WHAM 3 bites right off the bat and Dickerson hadn't even gotten everything out - and then...just like that....they pulled them off. Pop. Pop. Pop or is that Poop. Anyway, 0 for 3 and they were off again. Around 8 am they hooked a single - Maxwell says [probably 45 to 50 pounder and Poop - pulled him off too. In the rough it was hard to tell if the swivel got caught on Dickersons oil clothes of the boat but it looked like a wardrobe malfunction to Maxwell. 2 Albecore later the crew got rid of the skumk but not the JuJu  and on the 610 the pulled off another yellowfin...or maybe didn't really hook it in the first one touched the rod anyway. On the 615 Maxwell held tight to the change that had been pushing out overnight - 10 miles by his estimation - and then he got news of Paul Lester who went 5 for 5 down on the 540 so the Tuna Fever headed that way. Do you know that the Trophy Huinter was following on behind Maxwell and Capt Kennith hooke 4 on the way? Maxwell came back wround and caught a....bonito! On the 550 Wayne and the boys boated a nice gaffer and ended their trip long about the 425. In the end they were 1 for 6 on yellowfin, 2 for 2 on alberts, 3 for 3 on bonito and 1 for 1 on the gaffers. Hehe! Tight Lines!

The winshield and the bug. Or the ball and the bat. However you like to look at it spring fishing is a free for all where luck plays its part and some days you're a diamond and some days just a stone (my personal favorite).
Today the Tuna Fever was a diamond and our boy Steve Wilson and his crew that got blown out with us yesterday and headed out on a different boat (a boat that Billy had highly recommended and booked for them mind you)  and they got the stone. Our apologies boys.
Anyway, the big news today was the rough. It was way worse than the forecast and when Billy and the Smoker got about 18 miles from the 230 rock - their destinatiopn of choice this morning - Rom Whitaker on the Release called to say it was blowing 22 in Hatteras and he had only made it three miles. A quick check and it had started to blow about 15 mph more than the buoy readings when the boys left the Fishing center!! So it was all a play on where to get there - somewhere they could get home from of course- and how easiest to get there so Maxwell checked his waypoints and found that he was about 29 1/2 miles from anywhere he would want to he pointed the bow at 90 degrees just left of the sunriose and headed for the 560 - big love goes out to Jay Jamison and his crew..a bunch of Vikings I tell you and not a crybaby in the bunch!
In the end the boys fished the Point and found lots of signs of life and got some bites...
792/590 4 for 4 on yellowfin (35 pounders) on the 630 4 gaffers on 100 fathoms and on the 650 there were 2 more gaffers (between 8 and 18 pounds for the lot) the crew fished east and  then down and picked off a single yellowfin on the 635 in 200 fathoms and then another single - our fisrt 40 pounder of the year right about the 790/653!!
Ahhhh! thats 6 yellowfin in the 30 to 40 pound range and 6 fat gaffers between 8 and 18 pounds. Nice! Next week we are open until Friday and the forecast looks really nice so call us at home 252-473-1097 or call the Fishing Center to book your day!! Tight Lines!

Marginal forecast and coming off a skunkin yesterday - my boys did good and Billy just dropped a stack of citations in my lap to tell you folks about. Wooweee. Ramin and his crew got a little kite scoolin today and ended up rigger to rigger with Rom Whitaker of Hatteras fame for some serious fishing action. In the end the crew had a nice catchj of blackfin and a citation (on weight) for Carolyn, Ramin, Dan, Ben and two for Austin. Billy said there were no marks but everytime a flier went up the anglers dipped the kite and gave her a bounce and they got a bite. Cool and lots of fun too - many thanks to the crew for making it happen! Tight Lines! PS it is going to blow tomorrow - poor Steve drove all the way down from a 301 area code when I told him to come and at 3 the forecast was changes to something akin to the surface winds of jupiter, Oh well. they will be going out Friday but with someone else. We are open on Easter and most of next week so hollar if you have got to get out in the blue! Tight Lines (again)!

Well this day started out with a bunch of water that wasn't where is was when we got there. Hehe - that kinda tyhing does happen from time to time and the 71 degree change was all the way out in 500 fathoms. The Tuna Fever headed out and down boys and picked up the grass line around the 540 then chased the fliers but Maxwell didn't get any marks or bites. Meanwhile on the 230 rock Danny and the crew on the Point Runner picked off a nice blackfin and Tom Krauss on the Hooker fished way far out there and found bluefin mecca about 8 miles south and out from the crowd. He also picked off a nice catch of gaffers over the course of the day. MMM. So all I can say about today is we qwill know where not to go tomorrow...wish us luck! Tight Lines!

Today it was down to the 230 rock again and the Tuna Fever found soma warm water - 70 degrees in fact. There was also some blackfin bites and the a few alberts. On the 280 a yellowfin and some more albecore and the 3 yellowfin for a wham but too small to keep on the 292...on up again and another throwback on the 310 for the chris and the crew. No more bites after that but pretty good action for the day! Tight Lines!

No fishing today - it was rough as a cob at the Inlet this morning...a couple boats did put on their viking hats and head out ...we hope they do well!! Tight Lines!

The Billies started out to the southerd today around the 1230 rock. Instead of 15 boats trying to catch Haywoods fish from ast week there were about 30! No marks and not much life and then the Mayor of Hatteras (That'd be Hooper) ran straight through the pack on a path o anywhere else so Maxwell started htrolling north to the 250, then the 280 then the 310.
On the tip of the Point the boys hooked a couple yellowfin but had to throw them back because they were too small. The Smoker, and Wildfire had the same kind of bites and the High Return was the highliner with 1 blackfin and 3 yellowfin big enough to keep.
The Tuna Fever ended the day with one dolphin in the box and thats better than a skunk! Maxwell says the conditions were beautiful - 76 degree water for the firt time thias year and fliers everywhere. wheres the yellowfin!! Tight Lines!

So Maxwell says it was a lot rougher today than the forecast let on and conditions in different spots looked as good as they could get but the ocean was not alive with tuna. One thing is for certain though, he has fallen for the other woman all over again...she has got a huge butt and a pointy nose and she is wide in the hips but she purrs like a kitten and gets him from A to B safely...he loves her and after all this time she must love him back too!
So Uncle Haywood fished yesterday and that is where our story must start because he had the best catch of the season so far - a bunch of black fin and 8 yellowfin. When the Billies arrived south of the 230 rock there was a slick and bait and Haywood must have caught everyfish there because that was it. By the time Rom Whitaker had fished up from Hatteras Robert and the boys had caught 2 out of 2 false albecore and then another 5 for 6 . Rom hit a blackfin on the 219 and within an hour there were 15 boats fishing the same tiny spot for next to nothing so the Tuna Feer steamed up to the 252 and miraculously went 3 for 3 on yellowfin. A bit farther north on the 265 they went 2 for 2 on yellofin (nice ones too a 35 and a 40 pounder),  just a bit farther on the 280 there was one blackfin and up on the 310 they picked off a single yellowfin. Nice and sweet.
Maxwell says there was a 68 to 69 1/2 degree change that started in 40 fathoms on the 230 and crossed the tip of the Point - 35 miles of break. Cool! The A Salt Weapon and the Canyon Runner followed it east way up and out looking for the bluefin but Billy says they are up on the 865 (hows he know that????).
Bad weather on Saturday so Maxwell switched Tom Webb and his crew to tomorrow - see you then! Tight Lines!

Good day today for the Tuna Fever - a ittle action David and his crew.
The boys headed east of the Inlet to start around the 730 and fished up to the north around the 760. Billy stopped there and headed back down toward the Point and most of the fleet kept heading north. Right around the 780 the crew hooked a yellowfin and the first of the year at around 35 pounds went in the box. Next it was a fat bluefin which was eventually pulled off right about the 777 and 606 and then Mike Locher hooked up to a blue fin on the 773 and 622 and later Craig Arnold fought one to clean release right around the 775 & 617 - a nice change from 67 to 69 degrees was there with a sargasso line. Nice! Tight Lines!

A great day for the first day. Considering everything on the boat that Maxwell has fixed or just messed with - XM radio, new carpet, new lower guard on the stbd side and he blew the dust off the Big Rock tackle and brought the big guns down to the boat - he was as nervous as a long tailed cat but apparently he didn't forget to tighten or glue anything because the boat ran, a steered like a champ.
Many thanks to Pete and the boys for taking us out today - the crew started out in 500 fathoms on the 610 looking for those bluefins and the Billies, the Trophy Hunter and the Skirt Chaser just started moving north as boats were spread out from the 280 to the 610 and no one had been up north. Turns out it was a smart thing to do as the boys were the lead boats and the Tuna fever got the first strike of the day at about 10:45 this morning on the warm side of a 62 to 65 1/2 degree EW change. Congrats to Pete Mitchell on his 185 pounder - and congrats as well go to Mike Price who sucessfully fought his 230 pounder to release. Maxwell circled around the same spot 782 and 692 while fighting Pete's fish and picked off a drifter bike for Mke.
The boys saw a few pilot whales throughout the day and a bunch of two tone porpoise too. Smoker and High Return both hooked fish later in the day and the Trophy Hunter had some good marks too. Right along the 792 and 733 the Tuna Fever picked off a single and Danny Williams fought the 190 pounder to release.
Looks like we will be blown out tomorrow but David and his crew are hanging in until Sunday. Next up Robert Simmons on Thursday so stay tuned! Tight Lines!

Woooweee! So much has been done in so little time!
First, my dad got unexpectedly moved from ICU this morning to a step down floor. You guys did a great job with the prayers and it looks like he may now be on the road to recovery. Phew!
Second, despite what has been printed in the paper - on line - and reported on the radio I can tell you that Maxwell spent the day with little Barry and Dave Swain and several other captains marking the crack with buoys and this is the condition of the Inlet today:  12 to 14 feet of water in the center span which goes all the way out. Maxwell says its a straight line from the bridge to the light out on the end of the south jetty. The reports about the inlet are totally out of hand and I wish the journalists would actually investigate before they report. I can't figure why they stopped teaching integrity and responsability in journalism school but they must have.
Those are the good news - the bad news is that the price of diesel has creeped up high enough for us to institute a $100 fuel surcharge. I will begin calling everyone that we have booked to confirm that you are aware.
If you have any problem at all with the extra charge we completely understand and will be happy to refund your deposit. Please just show us some kindness by giving us enough time to rebook your day. I know I sound like a used car salesman (no offense Brad. hehe) and I don't mean to but considering that trips anywhere else on the East Coast run upwards of 2 grand &1700 is still a good deal!!
Maxwell finished up at Spencers yard on Wednesday and now the Tuna Fever has all new steering (the mechanical parts not the hydraulc part) and new mufflers. A new floor in the saloon (or hatch covers if you prefer) and a new "The spin stops here" door mat. It was a bus week and a half for the Billies and they are anxious to get fishing again...tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed for a good report! Tight Lines!