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New mufflers! New mufflers!! Okay, so they may not be diamonds but this is a really big deal to Maxwell. And a bigger deal yet is that he built the Tuna Fever so he could get the old ones out and the new ones in without cutting the boat in two. Hehehe The console has been rebuilt to accommodate the new Simrad equipment that we (you) are getting and what else did he tell me he was doing this week? Mmmmm. Well, there goes that married thing again. I will ask again tonight.
In the meantime - Kate jumped the barrels...big deal to jump that high on the back of a horse for the first time...and we got enough horse poop to float a boat in the garden. Dad had some surgery last night and remains in critical care - keep those prayers coming!
The bluefin fleet got eaten up by killer whales last week! Did you guys hear about this? Crazy!! Capt Brynner of Smoker fame says they would even wait until the fish was fought out and almost in gaffing distance before coming up and taking everything from the gill plates back.
Pictures have gone viral - at least oaround this fleet - and I have to say I can't tell who took the shots but he (or she!) is a hell of a photographer! I put a couple up on the gallery for you to check out.
Had a couple days open up in May (never found Patrick and Ron so I had to open their days up) - the 13th, and 27th - FRIDAYS and the 28th which will be our only SATURDAY open in May or June. Grab 'em while you can! Tight Lines!

Okay, below is a report from Hurricane Wayne thats just too good not to share.
Maxwell has been really busy - he is getting some new gear from Simrad and waiting for some kind of super high tech transducer to show up before he hauls out. Last weekend he ground off all his finger tips on the right hand but the engine room is "sparkling like never before" and many thanks and much love to Dickerson for all his hard work.
Fishing has been promising. Ned Ashbee broke the state record bluefin last week - I am sure you know about that - and the yellowfin have been on a roll. Wayne can clue you in on that. The fuel pumps have been on a roll too. I know w=everyone is aware that a surcharge is a possiblity and we'll see how we do. You know the Tuna Fever is a sipper and leaving a little early and getting home a little late to take her back a couple hundred RPM's is also a possiblity for more fuel efficiency. Maxwell and I have knocked all this around but haven't made any decisions on what to do yet...stand by!
I went to Baltimore and saw my dad yesterday. he was a lot better than I thought he would be and may have finally gotten on a healing swing although he has not been released from the critical care trama unit. One thing I can say for sure is never hit a concrete embankment with a van when you are 77. My dad is a bit of a bruiser and now he is just bruised! Wow. Thanks for the prayers!!!
Enjoy Wayne!...
 Me, is been 7 days. got walloped with commercial and packaging work and it looks that way beyond Easter.But I did get a shot to sneak out to the stream.We bagged a 315 lb blue one which dragged(with the help of a rippin current) us on a 50 wide from 100 fathoms to 1400 fathoms. The only reason we had a couple 50s out because the yellows were mixed in ad they busted the crap out of the Ilanders.So after over 200 gallons of fuel, I know now about the "Out of Bounds" and "Out of my Pocket". I 'm glad the damn thing was tasty. Sashimi for a week and lil on the grill with Billy's Famous Tuna Salad recipe!!!MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!
Tight Lines!!!!

Two reports in a week! Crazy!!
I know many of you have been watching the whole Oregon Inlet saga and understand that there was much hype including on NBC news this morning about the USCG announcing that they would pull the aides to navigation in the Inlet.
Well, they are not.
While the long term looks pretty bleak...given the President's whopping $1 million in dredging funds for FY 11/12, there are residual funds in the cr budget that will provide dredging in the Inlet for another 120ish days. This means that the Corps can hopefully maintain some safety in the span that the boys are currently using and keep it safe for the sporties (thats us) until the need to throw on some juice to make is deeper and safe for the commercial guys come fall.
While I did manage to control my urge to puke during the meeting...I just am not cut out for politics all that wasting time patting everyone on the back for asking someone else to do something for you that you haven't even attempted and failed to do for yourself...I also spent much of the time fantasizing about creating the Oregon Inlet Legal Defense Fund and suing the Feds all the way to the Supreme Court for not protecting its citizens by maintaining the safety of a federal channel through the simple installation of termial groins.
I have some crazy fantasies don't I? Donations are welcome:-) Tight Lines!!! PS Dad is good today and Kate didn't puke in the meeting either!

Wow, it has been a month! I am sorry I haven't checked in...Billy's dad succumbed to the effects of his stroke and was buried on March 7. Billy is heartbroken but doing well I think. Thanks to everyone for their prayers! Need some more though - my dad was in a car accident on Wednesday and is still touch and go in a Baltimore hospital. Turn on the prayers for him...his name is Jim and he bought me a gill net for my 8th birthday...changed my life. Hehehe
While we have been busy with family the bluefin have been biting off Hatteras. Marty Brill says there is still a body of yellowfin here in the area and fishing has not been bad when the boys can get out. The inlet on the other hand is a mess and there is going to be a big meeting about that tomorrow night...I'll let you know if anything comes of the meeting. The USCG paid to clean out Walter's Slough (this is the short channel you take from the crack to the basin) and the dreging there is complet and everyone is happy.
IPersonally I hope this resident body of yellowfin moves on out and finds some friends before they come back but it looks like tuna fishing may be much better than lest year - no El Nino and all.
Maxwell picked up the Tuna Fever yesterday at the Fishing Center and brought her down to Spencers in Wanchese for haul out. I know he needs to paint the bootom and change a transducer. I think he is replacing the outriggers with some used ones he found and I am not sure what else he and Dickerson have up their sleeves for fixing. You know he loves the boat yard.
Officially starting the season this year on April 9 and trips are looking pretty good. Still hunting Ron Yearout and Patrick Earnest so if you know those guys get them to call me about their days! Tight Lines!