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Hello everyone!
It is meant to be 60 degrees here today and although we still have a lot of mud around I think this will be the start of something nice!
Billy spoke with Capt. Fin of Qualifier fame yesterday and he is catching 'em up in Mexico. Topped 700 fish since he has been there and I understand that is exceptional fishing.
Not much ado around here. Rock, of course, and Kennith (Trophy Hunter) and Charles (Rigged Up...AKA Uncle Haywood)  went offshore on Wednesday looking for bluefin and didn't find any from the 280 rock to the Point - a 7 mile long school of albecore though.
Thats all I know - trips this year are the same price as the past two years...$1600 for the day and our calendar is on line at or you can call of email the house. I am standing by! Tight Lines!

Checking in!
My friend Fin on the Qualifier says that fishing is great in Mexico - 50 to 60 sails a day and he must have passed 500 fish by now. My sister has taken to working as mate on her husband's boat having perfected her drop back and now is on to hone her wiring skills! Bet I have jinxed her for sure!
Billy's dad has taken ill over the last few weeks and we are doing some major praying on that - he is on the way to a step down unit this afternoon and anyone who has had a sick parent knows all about those places. Urgh. Anyway hopefully some intense PT will get him up and running again.
Maxwell took the Tuna Fever back down to the inlet yesterday and this afternoon he is holding host to the ad agency for Simrad Electronics. They are shooting him (with a camera) for some print ads so you may see him in Marlin before too long!
Striper fishing was swanky yesterday - I hear tell the fish were up north on Saturday and popped up off Buxton around 10 in the morning on Sunday - weird! But the boys got 'em I think.
Any more news? I don't think so but at least I don't sound as boring as last time. Hehe.
Trips are filling up for May and June - serious but we did have a cancellation of 5 days in May - there are only two saturdays left - May 7 and June18 if you need one. Also if anyone knows how to get in touch with Ron Yearout or Patrick Earnest please let them know I am looking to confirm the days they requested and the emails won't go through.
Tight Lines!!!