Archived Reports

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They came. They went - they got out the inlet and they got back in the inlet (very important) - and the filled the box!!!
Maxwell and Capt Brynner tag teammed the tuna today and Maxwell found them first with a mark on the super Simrad fish finder - at 20 fathoms down no less! In the end it was a 35 pound yellowfin fest right on the 793 and 503...round and round and round they went - and Dickerson mastered the pit today - those yellowfin were filled with squid and we are having tuna for Christmas! Tight Lines!

Okay so you are probably not going to believe this but Billy is actually going fishing tomorrow.
He has decided, since the Tuna Fever will be down to the Fishing Center all winter except when she gets painted, that he will stay open for offshore trips!
The weather is meant to be fine tomorrow so stay tuned for the fishing report and get your shopping finished...theres only one week till Christmas!! Tight Lines!