Archived Reports

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Slower fishing than yesterday but still a nice catch for Nick and his crew - and much better weather than they would have had on Wednesday!! hehe! Anyway, we are to the dock for the next couple but picking up a few days before we tie the Tuna fever up for the winter. Muct be this ood yellowfin fishing...everyone loves fresh yellowfin for the holidays:-) Moving Monday to Wednesday but looks like the weather may hold from then through the weekend. Tight Lines!
Oh, we have a calendar for 2012...pic your day and give us a call or email at home 252-473-1097.

Maxwell said that John DuVall and his crew are a bunch of lucky boys and he is right. Unfortunately I lost all my notes that Billy gave me about the day but the crew had  nice limit of yellowfin and some fat ones too and a few blackfin too. Yeah!!! Tight Lines!

Slow fishing today which was truly unfortunatel because the boys hosted a make up party and the best thing to do with those groups is catch a boat load. Oh well...looks like we'll be back out for the weekend. Tight Lines!

Today Maxwell went back to the 800 line and he stayed at the north end of the hot water for the day. He did a good thing too because Byron Greene (now he is one lucky guy anyway) and his crew had a fabulous catch - 17 fat yellowfin and you gotta love that!!
We are fishing through december 4 this year and I am opening up days for 2012 Wednesday. Billy and Bert are open right now on November 27, 29 and 30 and December 2 and 4. Tight Lines!

Ping Pong day. Thats what maxwell says and he should know because Bert told him. Hehe. Special Thanks to Greg and the crew from Conbraco who offered to pay the extra fuel cost to run all over h&%%'s half acre to find the bite. The Tuna fever went to the 540 first and picked off a single on t 550, 565 and 575 and Maxwell kept one ear on the radio all day with boats to the north and others to the south. The south bite went off first and they ran - then the north bite and they ran back because there wasn't much ado to the suthard. In the end they chased the yellowfin 34 miles but ended up with a good catch of 10 tuna up to 55 pounds. Yeah! Tight Lines!

Okay, so Jim's pucker factor of yesterday jumped by about 100 times today. Maxwell called to let us know he got in okay and then told me that dave Watkins (one of our inshore friends) came out with an outboard and found the nice water and lead the fleet in! Good man, Dave because the shallows are really shallow. On the flip side Billy Kline and his crew had a phenominal day of fishing...finally a limit of yellowfin for the Tuna Fever and some blackfin also. Nice class of fish too - 2 at around 45 pounds and the rest between there and 33 pounds. Nice. The change had shoved out on the 280 and an outboard found 73 degree water on the 380 and Maxwell worked his way through 75 on the 400 and 76 on the 430 and the top of the hot was on the 530 but he didn't tell me how hot - I suspect thats where they got a lot of their bites up to the Point. Hot change and bottom structure...mmmmhmmmm. Stay tuned on the Inlet and Tight Lines till the weekend!

A good day offshore for Jim Albright and his crew - although getting home was a challenge. more on that later but did you know the last time Jim went fishing with us was when we had the red boat! You all remember the red boat - Harris boat, lovely ride - anyway the boys came back and after checking out the slew of craft headed east of the Inlet Bert and Billy took them down to the 503 where they had their first bite! Ah, it was pretty good fishing and at days end the box had 8 nice yellowfin - the biggest being 40 pounds and the smallest at 30. Mmmmmm! Okay so getting home...well you know that Irenen (the hurricane) cleaned the inlet right out and it was in better condition then it's been in years. Well, the blow that has cancelled all our trips for the past days and days and days has moved quite a bit of that Beach re-nourishment right into the channel. Oh my! Pucker factor coming in! Tight Lines!

Mike Wickwire and his crew had a good day out in the blue today. Maxwell got Point Runner Danny to head north with him and together they found a slow pick on yellowfin. The boys fished from to 770 to the 870 then back to the 740 all on the 100 - they found a hard change, birds, weeds...just about everything you could ask fo and 6 nice yellowfin in the box - up to 45 pounds! Tight Lines!

Finally, finally, finally out in the ocean today. Maxwell says the bar was kinda freaky but Mike Ferree and his crew were a bunch of vikings!!! The boys first found two buoys in the crack off line and then a piling in the middle that was still there this afternoon. The bridge is a mess - hard right to the southard boys...bodie island spit is back...and the bar was shallow. After that the crew braved the blue water which has a might bit of wind left on it and puffed up as soon as you could spot the change. Billy and Bert went south but Maxwell kinda wishes he went north so thats where he will go tomorrow.  5 fat yellowfin in the box - one nice 50 pounder broke off right at the stern (no ones fault) and they got bit off by a wahoo. Good day though I think.  Many thanks to the Captain of the Currituck (our dredge) for all the advice on the Inlet this morning - you Corps boys are awlright!!