Archived Reports

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Better fishing today although Maxwell and Bert had a short group so a smaller catch was still great! James Fowler and his crew did get in some really big (for blackfin) blackfin and it was nice...congrats go out to Marian Wright and Paul Hummel for their 32 and 26 pound (respectively) citation tuna! I think Billy said they also caught a dolphin but I cannot swear to it and he is no one where to be found right now. Its fixing to blow for the next few days - maybe all the way through the weekend...but maybe not. Stand By and Tight Lines!

Blowing today - Randy Wilson and his crew from Bayer Crop Sceinence got out the inlet and a luittle ways to the fishing grounds before all the other boats decided to head in for the rough. Maxwell wasn't happy to turn around but we don't fish alone. So he did. He has moved James and his gang to Wednesday and he will try again then. Some days are diamonds..and some just aren't. Oh, speaking of which and I will go back and adjust but his catch on Friday was mostly blackfin. They were so big (for blackfin) that I thought they were yelloowfin....oh well, I got it straight now. Tight Lines!

Maxwell sdaid it was slow fishing today even though Mike Fopma and his crew ended up with a nice catch of blackfin and some gaffers on the side. Very interesting! and delicious!. Albecore and lots of 'em the captain says which are throw backs and I would have thought kept the boys in some action but maybe not the kind of action that Billy was looking for. Hehe - hopfully get out tomorrow but it looks a little nasty.

A nice day today for Mike and Dennis and Barry and Gary and Mike's son and everybody until it got rough this afternoon.
The crew started early on the 615 where the fleet left the blackfin the day before and fished up to the 650 for the afternoon yellowfin bite. Nice! In the end there where many blackfin and 3 yellowfin and the crew was happy happy! Tight Lines!

Back in the blue with Andy hintz and his team today and wow what a day. I have no details of where and when...just got a picture on my phone this evening from Billy - the crew had a limit of nice sized yellowfin and a great catch of one could ever want anything more!! We are open next week on Wednesday and Thursday and then again on Monday (Halloween) so give me a call at home 252-473-1097 or call the Fishing Center to grab a day...252-441-6301. Tight Lines!
Update - those fish in that picture were so big that I thought they were yellowfin...they were mostly big fat blackfin so no limit on yellowfin but yummy anyway!

So Maxwell spent the day shifting tackle...he brought the bailing rods and kites home and loaded the chuncking poles with new line. He also brought some nice fresh star butters down to the boat too. Andy and the boys may get to try it all out tomorrow but it might keep is nasty out at the buoys tonight! Oh we all dressed up (I put on my show boots!Hahaha) and went to the East West banquet last night - congrats go out to my good friend Nick who filled in for Dickerson when he had to leave us..Nick got Mate of the Year. Way to go!! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows!!!!

Philip Lynch and David and the crew didn't think they were going to get to fish with us this year...the guys rented their regular house in Rodanthe and until last week it was only navigatable (hehe) by ferry. Thanksfully Bo Silvers and the NCDOT got that temp[orary bridge up just in time for the annual fishing trip. So Philip and the boys got 18 blckfin, 6 yellowfin and 5 bonitas and Maxwell got a new Tonga out he is packing his bags!!!! Tight Lines!

It was blowin when Dave and his boys from Cox Cable got on the boat and it was blowin when they got off!! Hehe. Maxwell and Bert put her in the wind and headed down the beach until they got right about to the 500 line whee left took a left and heded out to the Stream. haywood and a couple other boats stuck around the 540 but the Tuna fever and the Carolinian tried to 500 first and the boys hooked a blue marlin right off the bat! She spooled 'em and "POW" broke off right away too! After that fishing was pretty slow with some blackfin and then a single yellowfin here and there. haywood got whammed by the blackfin twice and by the time the Tun Fever fought the tide up there that was over. In the end there were nice blackfin in the box. A few yellofin and a couple dolphin and Dave Green fought a sailfish to clean release!! Nice!! Tight Lines!

Planer bites today baby! But don't get your knickers in a wasn't all that (yet). Anyway remember how I said the Stream was covered in the green water - well the blue water was about 120 feet down...Maxwell could see it on his cool Simrad equipment and the planer got the tuna bite. In the end there were 5 yellowfin in the 25 to 33 pound range and 4 blackfin. An amazing wahoo for Lawrence Campbell though - tipped the scales at 61 pounds and you could win any hoity toity tournament with that kind of fish!! Congrats and congrats to Nick who is headed to the alter was his bachelor party and his brother did a great job of pulling it off...all the way from Japan!! Gotta love email:-) Tight Lines!

Slow fishing today for the boys from Conbraco. See - these are the days you can prove that I never lie on the fishing report! Sorry that it had to fall on Gary and the crew but they have had their share of diamond days too.
Maxwell and Bert got out to 870 and the Stream had pushed way out - that west wind actually covered the blue with green..Buddy Hooper of hatteras fame would say that the stream would never push out so far that you couldn't find it (or somthing like that!) anyway the boys didn't find it today. maxwell ran 10 miles after fishing down to the 700 and finally found 1 blackfin on the tip of the point...then a couple 30 pound yellowfin to the east of the Inlet and that was all she wrote. Pew!! Tight Lines!

Okay so Billy told me he started out this morning on the 500 line which is where he left the fish the last day he fished...this struck me as funny because thats a rarety anyway (you know tide and wind and the fish were movi9ng blah blah blah he never goes back to exactly the same place) and the last day he fished was Monday before the blow. Well I suppose he figured that was as good a place as any because the boys that fished yesterday didn't make out so good.
So Dick Martin and his crew braved the rough and set out about the 480 - the hot water crossed on the 430 and Maxwell headed for 300 fathoms and fished south to the was a slow but steady pick - a blackfin, 2 yellowfin, a small wahoo. then 1 for 2 on fat gaffers.  They fished up to the 510 and picked off another ywllofin on the way and a 4-banger when they got there. In the end it was a nice day - 5 single bites on yellowfin with 3 in the 50 to 55 pound class and another 2 on the 22 pound class. The 4 way were 30 pounders and then those 'exotics" on top!  Tight Lines!!!

Thar she blows!!! Oh yeah...and it is raining already inshore - looks like we may have some nasty weather for a few days. Hey if you are going to be here the weekend of November 12 my friend Heather Galbraith over at Pirate's Cove is hosting the annual Fishing Flea Market under the Pavilion...should be a good time with some really good deals on tackle etc...check it out at or email for the deets. Tight Lines!

Great fast fishing today for Pete Holze and his crew. I'll tell you Pete and I had a good time trying to pick a day this week which was when all his friends could come but also the full moon which I tend to shy away from is possibles. So not only did Pete book then he moved the day and then this blow was coming and they got moved to today...unfortunately not everyone in his group could make it on such short notice. But they caught enough tuna for everyone:-) hehehe. The crew fished form the 560 to the 500 in 200 fathoms and caught a limit of yellowfin - the largest up to 45 pounds and a nice catch of blackfin on top. Good going boys!!! Tight Lines!

So today I hauled my friend Shelby and her pony Chloe out to the west side of Richmond to a horse show and i got to eat a late lunch and dinner later at Pierces! Ahhhh!!! Maxwell and Bert took the Glassfords out again today - rough again and they were sporty - and the crew headed east of the inlet today for massive 40 to 60 pounders:-) Woooweeee! Now I will tell you that the bite for schooling tuna 1s on to the southard still, Jamie Phideaux caught a limit! On a more personal note - I think maxwell wants to be adopted by the Glassofrds...nicer people I don't think he has ever met ...many thanks to Pat and Mike and Patrtick and Joe and the nice ladies who called the house that I spoke to and a safe trip home to all! Tight Lines!.

Rough as a cob today but the Galssford Family from South Dakota were a pack of vikings! Billy was lamenting that he went south this morning and got in the pups but he should have had enough courage just to go east of the Inlet because when things dried up down south he ran up there and caught the tail end of the bite. And they were the boscoes!!! He figures if he had enough, well you know, they would have spent the day there and maybe gotten out of the rough early...but in the end they caught 'em up and had 6 huge yellowfin to go with the smaller ones. Nice!!! Tight Lines!

Boscoes baby!!!! Finally, October has arrived. Bert and the boys heade south for the rest of yesterday's bite and then maxwell got a wild hair and headed up - east of the inlet - where he actually founfd the fat ones. 50 to 65 pounders and planty of them. In the end there were 8 30 pounders and I think Billy said 5 or so bigguns....I got a picture on my phone that I will download and put up for you...Nice!!!! Tight Lines!

My old (he's not old I have just known him for a long time) buddy Bert Shaffner came fishimng today with some of his club friends from up in Maryland...they go again tomorrow. Today they set out on the 500 in 550 fathoms and has one of those miracle landings. The crew had their limit of nice yellowfin by 10 am and were on their way home! Very cool! Tight Lines! Oh, I had a Friday open up yesterday...October 21 which is in a couple weeks and the only Friday we have until November 18. Come fishing...its nice!

So we weren't booked today but we got the call from Capt Brynner that the Smoker was having some trouble and Billy met Brynner's crew when they limped in and got them right back out to the bite. They had a surprisingly wonderful day considering they were about 3 hours late to the party...the old leave behind, stay behind didn't hold a lot of water today though and the crew managed a nice catch of yellowfin between the 500 and the 530. They trolled between 200 and 300 fathoms and the tuna ranged from over 30 pounders to two fat ones at 40 and 45 (17 yellowfin in all) and a nice catch of blackfin on top. No dolphin today but thats all right.
Maxwell did some hunting over the weekend and actually shot a bobcat with a musket...I put a picture up on the gallery because apparently this is a rare capture. We are just learning about hunting so a little beginners luck for my man..and congrats Billy! Tight Lines!