Archived Reports

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Happy New Year everyone. Hurricane Wayne sent an email to remind me that we have been very quiet and it is apparently disconcerting!
Fishing for stripers has been phenominal this month - Uncle Haywood on the Rigged Up shattered the state record early in the month and then his record was shattered the following day by someone else - cool huh? Fishin for giant bluefin has been slow and inconsistant. Yellowfin have popped up occasinally but its more luck these days that skill.  Fishing in Mexico has been okay but not all that - yet.
Billy and Billy have been working away for Carolina Yachts, doing warranty work and one pretty big repair job on one of the boats from the Pirate's Cove fleet. Kate has been busy with school and riding and I actually, finally found a nice used F 350 for towing the horses - now I have to find a trailer.
There you go Wayne - when the fish aren't biting it is pretty boring around here. Tight Lines!