Archived Reports

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The boys had a nice breakfast this morning and got to work changing oil and zinks and fixing some weird thing that was going on with one of Billy's radios. And then he got his car inspected without me having to remind him! Woooweee!
We have cancelled the week though Thursday - Thursday looks make-able right now but it will be down right nasty for anyone who gets out so Michael and his boys will be coming back down in November. Maxwell says it can blow northeast for a week if it will blow the yellowfin our way. I think I agree with that. Stand by for more info, hold onto your hats and tight lines!

Uncle Melvin got up at 2 AM to drive down and be with us today - he couldn't come down and spend the night last night because Julie's cookies weren't ready until after he ate pizza and fell asleep on the couch. Probably too much information, huh? Well, you know the cookies are lucky and he couldn't come without 'em! And he brought Herb Gordon down to shoot some film for a new show! And he had plenty of action oin the can - a limit of dolphin, a nice catch of blackfin and one lone yellowfin.
Ah, and heres some yellowfin news...the longliners are catchin'! Now some of you may not like the longliners because you are sportys and we supposedly don't mix but Maxwell loves 'em and he got the 411. The fish are north of us but thank the Lord they do still exist and they are moving this way. See? Nice.
Got some weather coming. The Billies are meeting Jared Fryer and his crew in the morning and the forecast keeps flip flopping back and forth so we'll see. Tight Lines!

Kennith Cole and his crew had a great day catchin dolphin today! Wooweee! Meat in the box and there were some blackfin today too - but not many...2 or 3 I think Maxwell said. Yummy! Tight Lines!

Hurricane Wayne and the boys went north today - in search of white marlin and maybe some dolphin. On the whites they batted 500 - 2 for 4 and congrats go out to Kathleen and Michael Mullaney on thei releases. As for the dolphin? Well you heard me yesterday and I wasn't wrong - the crew put two in the box. Oh Yeah! But they had a great day without the meat. Thanks for playin' Wayne!! Tight Lines!

A limit of dolphin today and a nice catch of blackfin! Yeah! Billy headed north late looking for more tuna and left Sam Stokes on the fighti N Lady who stumbled across a larger class of blackfin later in the day. Delicious fish but a smaller class than most tuna, you know. Billy says the action up north was fair to middlin on the white marlin...the Caroline was top boat with 16 (I think he said 16) followed closely by Pelican and then there were some fours and fives and scattered ones and two. No dolphin up north today at all.
We are open next Tuesday but other than that the Billies will be on a roll through October - a couple days - 11th, 12th and 13th still need sponsors but it looks like Bye, Bye Baby again after a week of having him around. Totally freakey thing - I found the honey do list I made for him...mysteriously it had fallen behind one of the drawers in the kitchen!! Oh well...maybe that list will get done around Thanksgiving! Tight Lines!

Just checking in so you don't think we disappeared!
The swell from Igor had the bar closed out all weekend and it was still too nasty today - 25 footers at diamong shoals yesterday!! Wow. Anyway, we do have some trips come the end of the week and next week looks good - we are open on the 28th and our last weekend day available in October is the 3rd (Sunday) so if you need a weekend for yellowfin thats your day! Apart from the 3rd we have the 11th, 12th and 13th still available in October - FYI.
The Billies and a few other choice boys that can push a speedboard (hehe) are in the barn finishing up a flybridge for one of the other boat builders while we get some fishing down time. You know Maxwell - he'd rather die than sit around and watch TV...frankly I'd rather kill him than have him sitting around watching my tv!! Tight Lines!

No sponsor today and it looks like the swell from Igor (what kinda name is that??) will start hampering things come about Saturday. Ah, c'est la vie when your "vie" is on the water. Stay tuned for all the news!! Tight Lines!

Mike and the boys headed out today after getting blown out on Monday...and it was a great day! A limit of dolphin in the box and the boys had plenty of action with the blackfin too! Woooweee!! Tight Lines!

Good blackfin fishing for Tim Tine and his crew today. The boys got all they need and I believe Billy said they had a couple dolphin (the mass numbers hit Hatteras today) and they jumped off a white one. No exotics but plenty, plenty tuna and, you know, we LOVE tuna!! Tight Lines!

Lots of action today for Kerry Stackhouse and the crew. The Tuna Fever blazed a trail from the 560 to the 520 to the tip of the Point and back again all day long and it turned out to be a pretty good idea. Dolphin were practically non existant - they caught one bailer on the fly and later one yellowfin (about 22 pounds). The crew managed a shark - which they released I am certain, Maxwell says it was a "white dotter" which is a commercial fishing industry term. The big news for the day was plenty of blackfin. They are small - as they always are - but plentiful.
Its gonna blow tomorrow but we should be back out in the blue on Tuesday! Tight Lines!

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna!!!
Blackfin for Briff Moore and the boys today and we love it!!! On top of the tuna, the crew enjoyed a nice catch of bailers! Mixed bag - when was the last time you heard me say that?!  No billfish down south but the boys had a better bite up north today. No sponsor tomorrow and we have a few days open next for anyone who needs some tuna in the box!! New pictures up in the gallery..Tight lines!

Great fishing for dolphin today for the crew of the Tuna fever. I am thinking they were a little north of east of the Inlet as Billy expressed a desire to head to the Point tomorrow and see whats up there - no one has been there since the whites showed up. Anywaym Karl Wilcox and his crew got a limit of good eatin' and even sent a couple filets home with Maxwel. MMMM and THANKS!!! The billfish bite slowed up a little today; sightings but no real bites. Maxwell never saw one being as he was dolphin chasing and my bro-in-law was 4 for 6 or somewheres there about...highliners were in the ten released range. Billy says these same fish have been chased by the Ocean City crowd, then the Va Beach crowd and now our crowd...maybe their lips hurt! Sometimes the simplest answer is the best. Tight Lines!

Okay so I just wrote this whole report and "poof" it was gone! The second is never better but I will see what I can do!Fishing was totally off the hook today although it was much better for some. The Tuna Fever came up with four whites released after many more chances and my boy was fit to be tied tonight! Figures though when you think that Watson Caviness with Uncle Haywood running the boat was the highliner with 35 whites released. My arms ache just thinking about it! It was amazing - I have pictures!
Kate and I were so glad that we skipped school to go out with her Uncle Daved on the Carbon Needs - we were going right along at a good clip with 7 whites released and then I did the dirty! Congratualted my sister on not having missed a fish! Bad move - our fishing dried up like the Sahara! And then she missed three in a row - San Cocho! San Cocho! San Cocho! I admitted my deed and offered to sacrifice myself to the fish gods which must have been enough because we jumped off two more and released another three for a total of 10.
The big news of the day was Maxwell's baby girl, Kate, who spent half her day talking to all her "Uncles" on channel 80 and the other half fighting three whites to clean release on stalnd up gear! She did so great and I am so proud of her!!! Now she wants to go to Mexico where apparently "The fish are smaller so I will be able to hook my own without falling overboard or dropping the rod.". Go figure! Tight Lines!

You know it is a beautiful and rare thing when Maxwell wants to throw caution (and the fish box) to the wind and race to the marlin grounds for once in a lifetime, down and dirty white marlin fishing.  And it was a beautiful thought this morning, as the bite is WAY ONE!!!, until his group (a make up party) found out. Those boys (and maybe some gals ...I don't know for sure) wanted the meat and for once in his life Maxwell had to be pressured to go kill something. And he left fish to find fish and found tham he did -  a limit of lovely bailers and his group couldn't have been happier! Much love to the following white marlin maniacs today...Paul Giammattei of Berkeley Heights, NJ , John Ginder of Labanon PA, Eric Anton of Portland OR, and Henry Erwin of MT Joy, PA (maybe no gals after all!).
Randy Wilson, Trey Byrum and some of the boys off Trey's farm are on the way from Ahoskie for MARLIN FEST 2010 tomorrow and Kate and I are headed out with Uncle on the Carbon Needs!! Wooowwweeeee!!

The big news today was the billfish bite! Ther highliners today were Kennith Brown on the Trophy Hunter and Arch Bracher on the Pelican and the boys were 24 and 26 releases (I think) repectively! Wow!! Carolinian almost broke his record with 16 whites today and the Tuna Feer got in there too. Congrats to Jack Pruitt and his crew on some excellent angling today! We went 6 for 12 which, of course, is batting 500 but we weren't the only ones....if you think you are Mr Hooker come on down...these fish are fast and tricky! Anyway, Jack got 11 dolphin too - just enough to feed the family tonight. Citations go out to: Paul Marrangoni (2), Jack, Diane Knutson, and Philip Suter (2)!!! Tight Lines!

The storm is gone and Earl left behind some serious billfishing! And, the dolphin are still here as well! Woooweeee!!!
So today the Billies had Sam Walker and his family - they met him yesterday - and out they went right on time. My deets are sketchy but I understand the boyus went looking for meat - went south I think - not much for dolphin up north. And they came up on the winning side of that decision...they got their dolphin (nice bailers) and went one for two on white ones. Congrats to Sam on his clean release! The billfish bite up north was pretty durn good too...tight lines!

So far, so good. It blew the dickens all night and our wind meter clocked 78 here at the house...and we are only one story so take that for what its worth.
Billy ran over to Sam's early (before the wind switches and we flood) to check on the Tuna Fever and she is fine - he'll be fishing on Monday!
Sunrise has revealed considerable tree damage in our yard - including a live oak that I couldn't get my arms around...she was beautiful and I am very sad. And Kate's trampoling is wrapped around a pine tree in the neighbors yard but she is more upset about the tomato garden which is pretty much flat! Gotta have priorities! Tight Lines!

Thar she swells! The hatches are battened and we'll be holding on tight! Tight Lines!