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Back out in the blue tomorrow - trying to get one last trip in before the next few days of swell.
Congrats go out today to the crew on the Billfisher - the Duffies out of Ocean City released 49 whites today!!!! IAnd I thought only Arch Bracher owned that many flags:-) Tight Lines!

No sponsor today. Boooo.
Maxwell had a little nap this morning - got a whole list of honey do's which he did with a smile....any of you boys that have trouble mustering up a smile for the honey do list let me know - I can tell you the secret to success. Anyway, Dickerson stopped by to say he is off to the hunting grounds today in Virginia to repair (or replace?) deer stands and chop down some brush. Urgh...its a little hot and there are a few too many bugs for me to do all that. Billy is off to Wanchese right now and the forecast is calling for swell from Danielle and 15 to 20 out of the north east. Icky...looks like we will be off for a couple days! Tight Lines!

Slow fishing this morning for James McClimans and his crew - the Tuna Fever got caught in the mddle of some marlin boats and you know how Billy LOVES to be in the middle of a billfish bite. Well, you can guess that the boys raised (and missed) one white in all that fury and Maxwell got himself right out of the pack. Phew! That was close! hehe. Anyway - the boys found a lone white one and congrats to Jim on his valiant fight and sportsman like release. Later Maxwell spotted a polyball (I think he said polyball but he may have said laundry basket????) and the crew managed a limit of beautiful bailer! Love it! Love it! Tight Lines!

Happy first day of school! Boooooo!
The Billies stayed home today because it is blowing offshore but they will be back out tomorrow and you gotta love this cool wind! Tight Lines!

Ah, today was one of those days...rough as a cob (which was unexpected) and slow on the fishing. Congrats go out to Zack Castro who released a white one today and by the time the boys added a dolphin (or was it two?) to their catch they were ready to go home. Sad but Tight Lines!

Today it was dolphin if you do and that was a good thing because the boys had a make up party. Thankfully they found a pallett and got their limit of nice bailers for the group! No deets, sorry...Tight Lines!

What a wonderful day! I think Maxwell actually fell for his people today - a couple from Chesapeake who just wanted to go marlin fishing - and he couldn't say enough about them. The crew went 5 for 6 on billfish today - excellent!!! And a few bailers in the box for dinner but the big news was Mike Bryant's angling abilities which kicked into overdrive right about the time Dickerson was making sandwiches. With Maxwell and his wife, Gail, looking on Mike hooked his first billfish with the ease of a vetran mate! Trust me - its never easy but he made it look like he'd been doing it forever! In the end Mike released one sail and four whites and you gotta love that! Tight Lines!

Better fishing today for the Tuna Fever. The Billies had Boomer McDanial and his crew - and while we loved having them I am sure it was bitter sweet as Boomer and his crew are the good friends of Jimmie Anderson from Roanoke who we loved and lost just some weeks ago.
So it was dolphin if you do for the crew ( a whole limit for just about every boat out off one fish basket found by Carolinian) and some special guys too - Billy's Fav? Clayence Robertson who won the Purple Heart while driving our marines to the beach in Woprld War II! God Bless him, Clayence got overheated in his overalls today and fought a feisty sailfish to a clean release in a stand up belt and his boxers! We love you for it Clayence! Congrats also go out to James Ard today fopr his white marlin release! Woooweeee! Brice's insomnia over maybe fighting a big tune like his dad did on the last trip didn't affect his angling abilities this morning with a 40 pound jack on a quick stop at the tower!  
So Billy picked up a crew for tomorrow but we are still open on Monday and Friday and let me tell you that right now September is looking slack!! Call us!! Book some days!!! Can you imagine me and Billy fighting over the television flicker on any given Wednesday afternoon in September??!!! It could be truly ugly:-) Tight Lines!

Ah, a slow day for Randy and his boys today. No dolphin if you do but we love our farmers from Ahoskie!!! Especially you, Trey! Congrats do go out to Jamie Forehand on a beautiful white marlin release!!! And then there were those white ones from yeasterday - I finally got those citations... Lance Honeycutt and our boy Jerry Adams who I suspect was missed today with his fish calling abilities!! Tight Lines!

The first day out of two for Bayer Crop Scienceand Randy Wilson's farming friends. Early on the crew headed to the 932 and 920 looking for the pallett they caught off yesterda but didn't find it. In 66 fathoms right about the 819 and 967 they got whammed by a white one and Billy forgot to bring home the citations so I don't know wo got the release but Dickerson did a great job in hooking the fish. After that the Tuna Fever headed up and out looking for life. All they found was a whole bunch of tournament boats from Virginia Beach who weren't doing much so they turned around and headed back to the southerd...the leader in a long line of charter boats looking for something to catch.
Long about the 815 and 952 a double header of whites crashed the baits and Dickerson went 1 for 2 this time. And while they were fighting the fish Maxwell knowticed a dot on the horizon getting bigger...heres where it gets cool...
The dot was the USCG Cutter Staten Island and they meant to board the Tuna Fever. Thanksfully the crew held off in their rubber launch long enough for the Tuna Fever to fight the white to a clean release and then the Coast Guard jumped on boats - with guns and all! Nice guys but extreemly serious and while the zodiac circled the Tuna Fever and the cutter circled outside the guys checked permits, flairs, life jackets, bell and everything was in perfect order:-) At 2:03 Jerry Adams was sitting on the bridge with Billy asking, very nicely mind you, if they were going to catch anything else - tuna maybe - and WHAM!!! The crew got hit by fat bailers right out of the blue and had thei limit in no time flat.
Jerry is available for hire when you need him.
In the end it was dolphin if you do, a couple whites of unknown anglers and a visit by the Coast Guard! Tight Lines!

So today was one of those days - and now it is Friday morning while I am updating this report. Seems the Maxwells sat down to a nice dinner and didn't talk about boats, or fishing, or construction or anything but what Kate wanted to talk about which was Breyer Horses. Nice huh. So I got the skinny last night and here it is!
Craig Moore and his boys headed out in the blue where they wre fortunate enough to get called into a pallett by Dave Swain on the High Return. Nice! Right about the 933 and 913 it was dolphin if you do, baby! And dolphin they did! 40 nice bailers for the crew and a 12 pack of beer is owed to Capt. Swain! After that Maxwell called in the Fishing Frenzy and while Capt Mayer was about 7 miles away another boat - who shall remain nameless because apparently the captain (who no one knows well) likes to punch people who complain about his fishing came in uninvted of course and placed his ow right over the Tuna Fever's lines. That was all she wrote for our fishing and then the dude started live baiing the dolphin with bluefish! That was all she wrote for the Fishing Frenzy's chances as well. The fish disappeared after he ran them over and no one got any more. I'd bet good money that those of you reading this report know way better than to do any of those moves on feeding dolphin! After that the crew headed off to the 822 and 925 looking for billfish and picked off a few more nice bailers and a fat gaffer. On the 819 and 955 Dickerson got his clock cleaned by a double header of sails - very exciting but 0 for 2 and that was about all she wrote for the day. 46 nice dolphin, one mean captain and San Cocho! Tight Lines!

Can you believe I totally forgot my password for this site?! So strange...I finally had to get Kate to do it for me. hehe.
Fishing was better today - conditions slacked up a bit and the dolphin were finally hungry! Yeah! Tony and his crew had a good one and an excellent time...apparently they had been fishing before on one of those evil boats where you sit on your hands until the mate puts the rod in the gimble between your knees...not so today!! They may have gotten more work on the Tuna Fever than they bargained for but they got to play with everything and Maxwell says it made them happy. The Billies got free beer from the crew on the Fight N Lady and that made them happy too!
Staring out around the 816 and 833 in 50 fathoms the boys got hit by a white one - ate up a hawaiian eye chain and Dickerson did a great job hooking her up! Just sson after their release the boys got whammed by dolphin out in open water and got most of their limit of nice fat bailers! Mmmmmm! Down to the south east and right about the 802 and 821 the dolphin came on again and they got limmmed:-) Maxwell xcalled in the Fight N Lady and Tony and the crew tried to keep the dolphin with the boat until Same got there...they left (of course) but the boys soon found a trash bag that they had come from and Sam got his limit off that. Nice. Not much on the dolphin to the northeast but the billfish bite was kickin - congrats to Greg Mayer with 5 for 7 on whites first thing - so up there the Tuna Fever went. Right about the 812 and 860 they pulled the lips off a white one and then on the 815 and 918 they went 1 for 2 on sailfish. Fishing in the pack they saw nothing at all so back to tha sailfish spot they went for a final hurrah and picked up anothe white (out of a double header) right on the 822 and 906 in 50 fathoms. Congrats go out to Mark Kimmel and Tony Hettinger on their white marlin releases and to Joshua Hettinger on his sailfish! Tight Lines!

Billy had a great day today with Tom Stenzel and his crew - especially Tom's dad who flew out from California and got to see the Gulf Stream for the first time!! With no dolphin east of the Inlet and the tuna completely off the radr Maxwell did what captains do - he headed back to those finiky dolphin from yesteday. He said there were tons of them everywhere!! But, once again, they wouldn't eat. Minnows must be really delicious. The boys found lots and lots of float and picked off as many fish from this stump and that trash can lid as they could. With 30 fat bailers in the box the boys had enough to eat and opted to go home early!!
Nice thing that as today is Maxwell's birthday!! Kate and I celebrated by going to see Brooks & Dunn last night and picking up a suchi feast for dinner tonight. The concert was wonderful and thankfully the drunk lady (her name was Erin and apparently it was her birthday) never took her top off! I really thought we were going to get more than we bargained for with that one. hehe.
The calendar looks great for the rest of the wek and then trips are slacking off right when school starts - fancy that. The full mooon in September just opened up (michael moved to later in the month) so anyone looking fto score a big blue marlin might think about booking the 7th, 8th or 9th and we have two Sunday open in August (22 and 29) and two Saturdays available in September (4 and 11). Give us a call 2524731097 or check the calendar out on line at Tight Lines! 

Mickey Costen and his kids today. Mickey has been fishing with Maxwell since way back in the Va Beach Fishing Center days! He's been through 3 Tuna Feveres and still keeps coming back...we must be doing something right. What the kids didn't get in fishing excitement today they made up for in science class...they saw it all...and the coolest thing was a massive bait ball iunder a trash can they found. Maxwell says it looked like a tornadoe and went down, down, down as far as they could see. Pretty Cool! Same conditions as yesterday - lots and lots of bait and the crew fished an eddy that went from 200 fathoms to just 30. Dolphin if you do today with 30 nice bailers in the box and 2 fat gaffers as well. Home early for a change and the Costens had a fine time! Tight Lines!

Matt Carter and his crew took a chance this morning - of the boats booked only 8 ventured out in the blue because it was blowing! The Vikikngs' bet panned out and Maxwell says the weather got nicer the farther out they went. Interesting conditions today..the boys fished the change from the 802 and 640 to the 775 and 692 back and forth and found scattered grass and lots of life - the problem was the bait. Lots and lots of bait and lots and lots of dolphin but they pretty much stuck their noses up at anything Dickerson offered. 84 1/2 degree water didn't help! Whne it was time to go home the boys had 24 really nice bailers in the box and by the time they got home those bailers had puked up about 3/4 of a 5 gallon bucket of minnows! mmmm! Well, if Dickerson could put a minnow on the hook we might be doing something! Tight Lines!

The Billies got the day off today! Woooweee! Maxwell went to Virginia to see his parents and Dickerson may still be asleep:-) Tight Lines!

Laik and his crew had a few tuna today - a couple that I know the made sushi out of before they even got home. Gotta have some lunch! Other than that I have no information. Sorry! We had a family dinner tonight and did not talk about fishing, family or horses! Tight Lines!

Slower fishing for tuna again today and Tom Williams and his crew spent most of their trolling time on and around the Point. Maxwell says the hard change had blended out and it was find what you can down there while the marlin boats fishing the Pirate's Cove Tournament ( headed to the northeast and didn't find a whole lot of anything either. The great big deal for today was that Tom amd Maxwell went to Junior High together and got to rememnisce about the good ole days....then Tom hooked into a nice gaffer (maybe 35 pounder) that put on a hell of a show - and jumped off right at the back of the boat. What a crime! In the end there were 5 blackfin and one blt in the box along with 4 nice dolphin and two fat gaffers! Mixed bag and a great time was had by all! Tight Lines!

No deets for you today but Luke Falconer and his crew had a great time with a limit of dolphin. Nice fat bailers too and isn't Luke happy he decided to go fishing this week! Billy says they lost a tuna and two wahoo - bummer - but got all the white meat in the box! Tight Lines!

Of course the day started where it left off yesterday and the Tuna Fever fished south dodging some thunderstorms and looking for whales. All of a sudden they got attacked by dolphin - pretty cool huh! The only problem was that there were 10 tuna rigs out (long, short etc.) and a new thunderstorm was setting in and Billy coulodn't quite see where the fish came from...all of a sudden he spotted a coconut (which was actually the root of a tree floating upsidedown). By then they got the lines in and bailers out and Niles and his crew were soaked but bailing the He&* out of dolphin. Then all of a sudden Billy turned toward the bow and saw.....the bow hatch open! So he ran down below and found 7 soaking wet men having a ball and the windows in the cabin wide open! About the time the Doghouse got to the Tuna Fever the rain had stopped and the box held a limit. The crew kept the fish occupied and Billy examined the tree and watched the dolphin get off the tree and under the Tuna Fever, So Doghouse tried to catch fish off the Tuna Fever (in the rain again) and they wouldn't stop hiding until Maxwell pulled away. Cool Huh?
Birds on the 807 and 795 at about 275 fathoms and it started raining again - the birds were flying in the rain (a very good sign) and then my man spotted the tuna jumping! He called in Doghouse again and the good deed paid off with a hook up. Then a drifter bite. 1 60 pounder in the boat ond one on and other another drifter and more torrential rain. Two more in the boat. Doghouse was one for three and found another float from which he finished up his own limit! Really cool!
Up to the 800 because Skiligal called us in to whales and Tuna Fever picked off three more (two for Doghouse) and then the whales left us. Back to the 740 and picked off a citation 40 pounder wahoo. Super duper cool.
Limmed the dolphin, 5 60 pound yellowfin and one fat wahoo. 33 miles from the Inlet - right in the middle of the promised land!! Tight Lines!
PS - congrats to Niles Elber on his citation wahoo - 40 pounds even!!

Today was Alice Kelly day - the ladies only billfish tournament I used to run - and it has proven, once again, to be a great day for tuna fishing!! The boys pondered over where to go this morning considering that the water was way hot on the southern change and the marlin grounds would be packed. In the end they headed out and started out on the 650 fishing south and found - Nada! Later they saw a couple whales and on th 790 and 653 they hooked 2 yellowfin and 2 out of 3 bonitas and then they fished up.
Long about the 717 Maxwell had some markes and while he was looking for whales out front he heard Dickerson shout "Here they come!!" out back. Well "they" could have been 4 whites or maybe 10 but the boys got their clocks thoroughly cleaned. 7 out of 10 baits...San Cocho!! Marvelous fun! Thats when they changed everything to white marlin baits and saw, of course, no more whites!
Long about the 810 and 780 they got xsome more marks and got whammed by the tunas....6 for 7 on fat boscoes and then a pick at 2 30 pounders. in 150 fathoms they picked of a single then another double and fished out to 300 fathoms. All told there were 2 30 pounder, 1 blt and 10 fat boscoes around 65 pounds a piece. Congrats to Leanord McNulty and the crew! Now thats love! Tight Lines!

You will never believe the Tuna Fever was a highliner today - well tied with a couple other boats - but a highliner indeed...and....she was marlin fishing!!
5 for 9 on billfish and there was not much ado about any meat. After the blow the dolphin moved somewhere from the northeast grounds but Dwayne Daigle and his nephews had a great day hunting bills. Unfortunately for Dwayne his prized sailfish jumped off about 30 feet from the boat but the flags were still flying for the crew and they had a great day!. Congrates to Troy Daigle on his White Marlin, to Steven Sillivan on his white - to Jeffrey Smetana on his sail and to Evan Scorbo on his white and his sail. Wooowee and congrats gotta go to Dwayne for being a great Dad and Uncle..keep the faith, man. We will get you that sailfish sooner or later! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows (again)!

Maxwell talked his way into a trip today and guess what - its blowing!! He got up. Left. Came home. Got back in the bed...he needs some zzzz' so good for him! Tight Lines!

Antoher mixed bag today and big huge congrats go out to Tom Mahaney on his citation wahoo!! 54 pounds! Way to go Tom! The Tuna Fever fished from the southard out to the east following a change that started in 19 fathoms and went right out to some fat dolphin!! Nice gaffers today and nice bailers...the crew caught about 22 pick, pick, pick and then found a board which pushed them to their limit and produced a limit for the Outrigger and a boat I don't know called Fist Full. Anyway, gotta share and you gotta love it!! Tight Lines!

A true mixed bag for the boys today and Scott and his crew ought to be happy. You happy boys??! Billy was totally impressed with the quatlity of the dolphin he caught today - bailers but really bit ones and beautiful too! On top of those there were two BLTs an 18 pound and a 30 pound while the crew paddywhacked across the 400 and 500 lines. Maxwell says it was rough as a cob.. 18 to 20 southeast and nasty!! They fished from 12 fathoms to 350 and managed a nice wahoo at 18 pounds and a Fat 20 pound king mackerel. Yeah!! Tight Lines! And don't forget to root for our local boys at the white marlin open - google ocean city white marlin and you'll find it. The crews from Oregon Inlet are doing us proud!!

Today was a "catch some fish" kinda day and many thanks to Jonathan and his dad for fishing with us! So the boys stopped at the tower on their way to tuna land to fight some jacks...and fight they did! Lots of release and a citation each for Jonathan and Andrew then they went back up to the 950 were they laft off yesterday. Maxwell says the north end of the good water is pushing south and the south end is puching north i.e. closing out and tomorrow he is heading south again but in the meantime they found - not much! Right on the 815 and 960 at 100 fathoms they found a polyball and icked off a fat gaffer. After that Jonathan fought a white to a clean release - way to go!! Matt Houth on the Finalley called the boys into a nice slick with birds working right on the 820 and there weren't any marks but the crew did hook a fat yellowfin which they broke off right at the stern. Urgh! The good news is the boys had a great day and Maxwell had all his hair when he got home tonight!
Availability update: We are open on Thursday and Saturday (weird) and then Tuesday and Friday (the 13th) next week. Also have a couple days open toward the end of the month. September is looking absolutely dismal by my standards so call us for a trip!!!And i October (thank you Mr President (sorry, couldn't help myself)) we still have some Sundays open and Saturday the 9th which is far enough away from the moon to be productive. So if you are dreaming of a fall tuna trip dial us up 252-473-1097..we'll be here! Tight Lines!

Fat tuna today at the bottom of the ninth! Maxwell though it was going to be a stinker I am afraid but right near the end they came across some marks and if I remember correctly Kisha Nixon's yellowfin averaged around 60 pounds each. Those are the deets I got - how many fish (I think 6) and the weight on the ticket at the fish house (360-ish pounds).  I will see if I can get some numbers out of Maxwell tomorrow! Tight Lines! Update: okay I got some deets...the boys fished up north today right around the 950 and there were 5 tuna - not six and they weighed out at 303 the average is about right.Congrats to John Nixon - the birthday boy (nice wife BTW!) on his white marlin release!! Tight Lines!