Archived Reports

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I am completely without deets today but seeing as its the last day of the month it won't be on the front page for long. hehe. The Billies took Danny and the crew today and didn't get skunked! Yeah! They got their dolphin and picked off a fat yellowfin before lines out. Nice. Love the mixed bag! Tight Lines!

No numbers for you today although I think the Tuna Fever headed back for the 420 where the tuna have been. You can tell I am home from being Kentucky because Billy and I (as all married couples do) have stopped talking. hehe. Just kidding. Life is just crazy! He is trying really hard right now to talk to [people about buying the boat in our barn - setting up woirk for the wintre you know - and after all that and watering the tomatoes sometimes he falls asleep on the couch before I get many details about his fihing day.
This I know - Jay Johnson and his group got their dolphin today - 50 of 'em. And I don't know nothin' else. Pitiful. Maxwell is taking out Danny and the crew fro Pogie Worsley's office...Danny being my favorite construction supervisor and Pogie being my very own mentor and I have already started some heavy praying because last year he took them out and got skunked of all things. Yes, Byron...we get skunked and there is a Santa Claus! I love it!! Tight Lines!

Well we got booked today with a make up and wouldn't you know that the fishing was slow pretty muich all over.The crew (or the billies?) managed 25 dolphin in the box and a whole lotta lookin but that was it. Tight Lines!

Back to yesterday's change.. and it had blended out overnight. It feels like dejavu all over again! But Steve Guy and his crew would not give up and picked off a blackfin and a yellowfin (30#) right over the 100 fathom on the 370. Then? Nothing. So the Billies fished north and found a change just inside to the west - there they picked off some dolphin and Tony and Lil'Barry (Poor Barry Daniels...I suspect he will be "lil'Barry" when he's 80 years old)  called in a tuna bite outside the 100 Maxwell went and Steve and his crew picked off two more yellowfin in the 45 pound range - while out in the blue they got jumped by dolhin out of no where on the 420 ish and in the end there were 50 bailer, 2 nice gaffers, 1 blackfin and 3 yellowfin in the box. A nice mixed bag and the gang had a great day! Tight Lines!

Back to the change we left yesterday and what did we find? Blended water. The tide was kicking today....lots of current and that made things a little messy. Finally Jack Buckman and his crew found some good water and some dolphin! Right about the 370 the tide moved everything back into place and another hard chage came yellowfin today but "dolphin if you do" is pretty darn good. Tight Lines!

Tonight Kate and I got home from Kentucky and Billy had another good day. Many thanks to Steve Sanders for convincing his crew to fish with us this year instead of out of Va Beach or Cape May!! And he is the King because the crew had an all day pick on yellowfin between 50 and 72 pounds (thanks for sending some fish home qwith Maxwell!). 10 yellowfin in the box - one citation at 72 for Christopher Bianchini and one more for his angling gifts on a sailfish realease. Way to go Chris!!
We are open for Thursday this week so call us at home if you'd like to catch fat yellowfin:-) 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

Today it was rougher than a cob but Pnut and the crew figured that there would be more fish to go around with only the Tuna Fever, Carolinian and Riigged Up offshore, so off they went. The dolphin change was still blended out so $3 and $5 and the rest of the crew opted to look for tuna and right when they crossed the 100 fathom on the 810 and 402 WHAM! Short shotgun and the flat line both went off and the boys hustled one of two fat boscoes into the pit! At 11:30 the moon finally set and just like a clock the fish started was a steady pick of fat ones. 50 to 65 pounders and in the end - 7 in the box! Congrats to the boys on their tenacity today...the observation buoy clocked 25 to 29 knots and seas and 7 feet every 6 seconds. Not me baby...but Pnut, you can have all you want!!! Tight Lines!

Catching up on the reports here and the Billies had a great day today. David Morriss and his family that we did not take on Monday went today and had some great luck. On the 825 and 325 the boys got his by 2 bonitas and 5 boscoes...Lauren put one in the boat and David managed 2 and they were off to a great start. After that it was a triple header of billfish - a white for David and a sail for Hannah (9 years old). Then they were off to the 807 and 412 for more tuna bites and a 45 pounder for Brittany. Tlak about a mixed bag!!! The family had a great time and the Billies truly enjoyed spending time with them. Tight Lines!

Finally got out today after 8 days of blowing from the southwest - its hot!! Anyway the wind switched northeast today which should have churned up the fish but unfortunately for Chris Bobbit and the crew it only blew north for about 5 minutes. On top of it being rough today the Billies looked everywhere for tuna or dolphin and didn't find either one. They did manage some bottome dro[ppping which saved the day and hopefully provided a nice meal for all the family down for the week - a limit of tiles a fat snowy grouper and a red hake which I never heard of. Word on the docks is that it is very tasty and this one was big...20 pounds. Maxwell says it looked loki a huge cod! 2 bailers on top of that and heres the story of the day... over the weekend during the Tred Barta tournament a boat sank. And some of our boys have been catching dolphin on the float - one boat in particular (Brian's) caught a mess of dolphin today on a seat cushion (right side up) in the blue water...Maxwell found the opposite seat cushion - u[psidedown in the green water and there was nothing on it. Figures. Tight Lines!

It continues to blow here on the Outer Banks. We have been booked and if it was Octopber with good tuna fishing and "6 beer heads" (you know we love you) we would have tried it but in July it's family groups. And we don't beat the crap out of the Family!!
Stay tuned and we'll let you know what the wind is doing - and say a prayer why dontcha?! Tight Lines!

Ron Heath and the boys - some of my much loved and admired Beer Heads - headed out today for a rough day and some great dolphin fishing - Maxwell headed back where he found the change yesterday and found blended out water so it was off to find some float or something for dolphin. The boys bailed in 6 foot seas!! And did a hell of a job with the help of the crab boat buzzer when the big ones came! After 53 bailers the boys tried to pass the fish off to Carolinian but it was too rough. And a great time was had by all. Tight Lines!

Rough as a cob today for our Make Up party! Maxwell actually dipped the bow - twice - and that has only happened once before in how many years...lets see...we have been married 15 years and we built the boat before we got married (of course) so he hasn't dipped the bow in a really long time. Anyway - everyone has a great time except for one young man who succumbed to a little stomach virus and the guys had a limit of dolphin and two fate yellowfin! Nice! Because of the weather Maxwell has opted to book out for the next coupl days and do some work on the boat (maybe cut the grass too!). He'll be around if you want to chat about trips later this months (we have the 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 27th and 29th available) or trips in the fall! 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

The Billies had a blast today with Paul Palkovic and his family. Apparently going offshore was on the Bucket List and I heard more about Paul's daughters sunning on the bowdeck than I did about the fishing! Ah, I remember when I was one of those young honeys that did the same thing:-) The crew started off to the southard and picked 21 dolphin off some grass - paddywhackin back and forth right around the 868 and 377. After that they trolled east and the water blended out to nothing right about the 820 and 423 in 45 fathoms current, no life and scattered junk. Just about that time Hank Beasley found some dolhin on a float and while Maxwell was trolling in that direction they got covered up right out in the middle of nowhere. Paul's group were such sportsmen that they opted to call in the Smoker (who had not much of a catch yet) to take over their fish even before they got their limit. Nice Karma!! 53 dolphin in the box and Tight Lines!

And finally Kate and I drove through MD and VA to arrive safe at home in NC. Wow, what a trip! The Billies hosted the boys from Boeing today and of course Larry Bowden and Byron Green. They started off with some northwest wind and scattered grass off the change and fished south west to the 833 and 345. The break was 84 to 77 degrees and was filled with grass and jellyfish! The crew had 7 nice bailers and 2 gaffers (including one that tipped the scales at 32 pounds!!!) and thats when Dave Swain of High Return fame and Arch (of course of the Pelican) called to say they found some tunas. Well, those Boeing boys wanted red meat and even though we all know the important rule - NEVER LEAVE FISH TO FISH FISH - which comes in a tight second to the cardinal rule - LEAVE BEHIND, STAY BEHIND. -  Maxwell left his fish and headed up to the birds and bonitas and by the time he got there what littloe bite there was was over and the crew hooked and boated one yellowfin in the 50 pound range. The the boats he left called to say they had worked up the change and found the dolphin there. Can win for losing:-) But we love him anyway and Byron got his tuna!!
We have some open days coming up this week - actually Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. maxwell has some boat maintenance to do but I know he would rather take you fishing...and especially you Phil us at home lets go fishing! 252-473-1097 Tight Lines!

While Kate and I drove through CT, NY, NJ and DE the Billies had Jason Kim and the crew from the North American Korean Fishing Club!! Cool huh? Anyway - lots of changing conditions today...lots of bonits early but no yellowfin with them and later the wind fell out and the grass came together - the boys boated 33 dolphin on a tide line and then found some slicks on the 807 and 438 - not much of anything there except beautiful conditions and then...boom one nice fat 50 pound yellowfin. Jason and Chris and the crew had a blast and LOVE bonita too so they had a great mixed gotta love it .
On a sad note - yesterday we lost a dear, dear friend. Jimmie Anderson had been fishing with us since Virginia Beach - he had been through a kidney transplant and days he was great and days he couldn't crank. This spring he caught a big eye that was over 100 pounds...and he was real proud of that. Jimmie died of congestive heart failure yesterday and we will miss him...his was the only fried chicken that Billy would eat and he brought me a pound cake everytime he came down. We'll miss you Jimmie - God Bless and do keep an eye on all of us from now on! Tight Lines! 

So while I was on my way to Connecticut - Maxwell and Dickerson AKA The Billies where fishing hard with Dr Espada, friends and his some Antonio who went on his first offshore trip today. The boys started out looking for dolphin on the 390 and found some 85 degree water on the 833 and 366. Scattered grass didn't produce much but Maxwell spotted some birds on the 813 and 390 that produced a bunch of bonitas and then some ywllofin marks underneath. Out came the stick and i the boys gots lots of bonitas and one yellowfin bite - one more on the flat line. Antonio had a nice dolphin and after that they chased the birds looking for more tuna - At the end of the day there were 5 bonitas and 2 yellowfin one at 55 and one at 65 pounds (nice) and one fat dolphin. MMMM! Tight Lines!

I gotta do it again - I am leaving town tomorrow morning to go back to Connecticut and get Kate from camp and I have to leave you guys on a sour note. The Tuna Fever just didn't get hers today - a couple dolphin...that was it. And Maxwell is fit to be tied!! You know how he can be and if he wasn't I'd worry because it would mean he doesn't care. All I can say is that I hope tomorrow is a diamond! And I will fill you in on everything when I get back on Monday. Tight Lines!

What tuwas a promising morning for Richard Jones and his friend turned out to be nothing but a poor day of fishing. The crew started out on the 838 and 340 and they found the grass and picked as good as they could as they fished up to the 819 and 370 then back again. From that journey they found two bailers. At least they got the skunk out! From there they trolled up to the 800 and 480 where the water cooled off a bit and trolled around the rest of the day looking for life. They did manage one 50 pound tuna in the box but definately a dissapointment...Billy didn't say but I am just hoping Richard didn't pray for a chance to prove what an excellent sportman he is! He certainly got his chance! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do!! Looks like its a mahi kinda summer for sure...well it is July at least. 834 and 410 this morning and a limit of dolhin first thing..lots of current for the boys and a 75 to 79 degree change and then it was off on the tuna hunt. On the 788 and 530 Maxwell found a hard edge at 85 degrees on the 100 fathom but the boys found nothing but bonitas. Then they got the call from a canyon fisherman from Long Island (thats longIsland to those in the know) and he said there was an amazingly huge pod of whales  and dead squid and slicks and well, everything you'd want to see up north but inside - nothing but bonitas. Well, the boys will have plenty of dolphin bait for tomorrow! Tight Lines!

The boys started out this morning on the 858 and 318 and got ugly early with the dolphin - a limit in the box and it was off to hunt yellowfin.  Round the 280 rock they hooked into 4 blackfin and one white one - congrats to Stephen Lee on his clean release! After that the Tuna Fever trolled north at a good fast 11.4 knots in the current until the water cooled off to 81.8 degrees right around the 798 and 480.  A bit later they boated a 45 pound yellowfin  - first ever for Nate!!! And hooked another white one who was fought right into Dickerson's capable hands by Caleb Jackson who Billy noted was  "young Man" - well he's hooked now. hehe. A bit later the crew got a real show by a green Blue Marlin - 400 poundish - who did all her tricks then chaffed off about 25 feet from Dickerson's capable hands. Oh well - maybe next time! Tight Lines!

A great and happy Fourth of July for Trey, Harriet, Cheryl and Slack - all of Ahoskie, NC.
Special love and congrats go out the Cheryl and Slack's son Lane who took his first trip to the Gulf Stream and cleaned up on the dolphin! 
Thanks to the family for sharing that special moment with the Billies - the crew got in the dolphin early and got their limit - then they picked off a nice 50 pound yellowfin and had enough - home early to grill, eat ambrosia and watch the fireworks. We love it!!!! 

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!! Today was an interesting day with lots of changing conditions and lots of DOLPHIN (if you do). Everyone headed for the 810 and 400 and fished around until it seemed like they weren't going to come up with much - the Tuna Fever got hammerewd by bonitas and they did catch a throw back (small yelloefin) and threw it back. Then they were off - some boats headed south - most boats headed to the northeast. Rom Witcker of Release fame down in Hatteras called in to say the water down on the 780 and 200 was a blended blue green but was filled with dolphin!
Maxwell found some blended green around the 300's and then Rebait called him over to one of the largest pods of dolphin they have seen in many years - and Uncle Junior found them just out in the blue on the 310. Two limits and the dolphin ended up following them for the rest of the day!! In the afternoon they fished to the 850 and 310 and in the gully they found two nice yellowfin in the 50 pound range! Tight Lines!

Well, Billy was happy tonight! And he says Zack and Big Mike and the rest of the crew had a great time today even though they didn't fill the box! They started and stayed around the 810 and 400 and fished the rocks as best they could. They saw some porpoise and pulled off 3 nice yellowfin - when you do hit em they are really big! _ and in the end there was good action and 4 dolphin in the box...the boys did manage to get one 50 pounder in the box too! Tight Lines!

Happy July! Summer is in full swing and the high on the Outer Banks was only in the 80's - Yeah!! Anyway, it was a little rough offshore today and Maxwell was, well lets just say he was really disapointed in his fishing today. Some of the boats hits marks today and a couple came out on top with great catches of yellowfin....not all the boats mind you - but if anyone is catching tuna maxwell feels like he should be catching them too.
Ryan Bond and his crew fished back and forth from the 380 to the 460 waiting for the whack that never came. Right place, right time but no tamale! A mixed bag in the end - one white marlin release congrats to James on his fine catch! And 4 gaffers - one yellowfin for the crew at 50 pounds.
Needless to say the Billies are headed out with a vengence tomorrow. Wish em luck! Tight Lines!