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It was a quick day for Phillip, Jackson, John and David today - off to the grounds for an early morning yellowfin bite and them back to the dock for lunch and the drive back to Wilmington - I don't know about you guys but I sure will be gald when school gets out next week!! Anyway - nice tuna bite today...7 yellowfin in the box ranging between 30 and 42 pounds (42 pounds?? how does Maxwell know one of those fish was 42 pounds just by looking at 'em??) We are off tomorrow - the Billies are chaning oil and doing I don't know what before the big push...if the weather holds they don't have a day off again until July 1 and you know I am working on getting that booked too! Tight Lines!

Dane and his crew from Ahoskie got the true mixed bag today! Two white marlin released (congrats to Dane and Eric, who BTW released a blue one last week out of Hatteras) the boys got off to a great start for a Saturday! Much love goes to Dane for bringing his lovely wife today who felt just fine all day long according to Dickerson - round the catch out with two yellowfin in the 40 pound range and 15 nice gaffers for the crew and what have you got - mixed bag! WooooWeee! Tight Lines!

Okay I know I got this one right! The boys started out on the 650 this morning and fished all the way to the Point. The nice warm waters have shoved all the way in - Billy has no idea why - and the tunas are laying in the shallows which means catching one is based on no rhyme or reason...just the luck of the draw. Well we got a little lucky today - or at least Scott Brown did and picked off 9 yellowfin in 30 to 60 fathoms. They ranged between 35 and 40 pounds each and the boys topped the box with a nice catch of huge bailers and pretty gaffers...14 in all. Congrats to Scott on his 19th year fishing aboard the Tuna Fever!! You keep bringing the luck and we'll keep taking you out and so sorry about the eye...seems Scott was taking a nice nap on the way out when the crew's make shift humidor (one of those metal boxes you keep ammo in no less) jumped off the counter and landed on his face...and you thought your wife dragging you out of bed on a Saturday to do yard work was bad....I'd hate to get woken up by a metal box full of choice celebratory cigars smacking me in the face!!!
Ah, we are still open for Tuesday the 1st on June so if you'd like to catch a nice mixed bag we have got you covered - call the Fishing Center at 252-441-6301 and they will hook you up and don't forget the make ups...if you can't get togeteher a full boat call the Booking Desk and get on a make up this season! Tight Lines!

I have had some serious computer issues this week and so I am playing catch up - I hope I have this right. Many Thanks to Rihard and his crew for playing today and a nice catch of dolphin and a few yellowfin is what they got for their trouble (or it could have been all dolphin and Glenn had the stray tuna yesterday...I am not sure!) anyway - 20 big gaffers and 40 big bailers - a limit no less - and three yellowfin in the box at 30, 35 and 40 pounds respectively. Gotta love the mixed bag!! Tight Lines!

So we weren't real confident that we would get out today - swell left over from the past day's blow - but when I called Glenn to let him know he was half way here from the great State of Tennessee and so he and his crew met the Billies this morning to check it out - and out they went!
The blow left us with some beautiful dolphin. nICE GAFFERS AND BIG BAILERS TOO. mmmmm! Oops - caps lock - anyway - Tight Lines!

Dolphin and Tuna and citations oh my! Scott Peter and his crew had a great day today although it got off to a slow start. The boys got whamed by a yellowfin and finally found the dolphin - nice ones too and almost a limit. Congratulations to John Merriner on his citaion Big Eye - 101 pounds!!  In the box - gaffers,  a 90 pound big eye, a 22 pound yellowfin and the boys lost a nice big eye (maybe 150!!!) after a little over an hour's fight.
Its going to said Will the Weatherman...and so he was right. Hopefully it'll blow itself out by Thursday! Tight Lines! 

Didn't I say the dolphin are coming? Sounds like some twisted Chicken Little! But the dolphin did come and they came today. Unfortunatley the Tuna Fever started out on the north end so Maxwell had to burn it south after the 800 showed no signs of life. He sure had a lot to say about that fuel pump today but was very proud of their catch - gaffers and lots of them for Greg Snyder and his crew - 49 which was one fish short of a limit today and the boys will be eating dolphin for the rest of the summer! Yum Yum Yum.
A friend of Ed Gooding emailed me the other day to say that there was going to be a tropical depression on Tuesday (Their trip date) and what were we planning. Well, I thought "what a nut!" first and then I thought "better check the forecast" which I did and you know what - we are going to have a subtropical depression on Tuesday! And looks like Wednesday and swell on Thursday. Sorry I thought your friend was anut, Ed and I will send him an email in the morning to apologise but you know I never look at the forecast...that job is exclusively Maxwells. Looks like tomorrow will be our last day for a few days...maybe the wind will push the dolphin farther north. Tight Lines!

You know how they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well, I am assuming a great catch is also in the eye of the beholder.
Now, given what was caught by the fleet today I would say that the Tuna Fever had a great one. But hey, I am certainly no expert - then again, I havebeen fishing enough to know that it is "fishing" and not "catching" I am sure you all will agree with that.
After running all over the ocean the Tuna Fever stumbled upon a nice Big Eye today that tipped the scales at 90 pounds! A short time later there was a 40 pound yellowfin in the box and on top of that two gaffers to round out the catch.
Billy "traded paint" with the private fleet all day - and anyone who has made the mistake of fishing a Saturday in May knows what that feels like - and had an awesome fight (no fists) this afternoon with a small boat owner over at the boat ramp. Seems the guy was hell bent on following a charter boat out this morning but made the mistake of spotting the Tuna Fever bridge with his spot light the whole way - Maxwell was blinded by the reflection off his curtains (as you can imagine) and had a hell of a time getting out a channel which is hideous right now (at best!). Boy was he mad still when he got home but the story was classic and I just rolled when he told it - and that mad him a little madder. Sometimes I would just like to be a fly on the wall. 
So what did qwe learn today? Be grateful for your catch even if it is only 130 pounds of tuna and 27 pounds of dolphin and never shine your light in the bridge:-) Tight Lines!  

Great fishing today for Adam and the crew although it didn't start out that way! The boys started up on the 800 and found pretty much nothing but other boats. Cruising south and fast trolling at 8.5 knots the water finally started blueing up around the 675 in 115 fathoms and WHAM!! $ big eye on!! One got burnt off right away and the other three? Well almost 2 hours later there were three in the box - 127 pounds, 135 pounds and 147 pounds!!! The boys managed to pick off a yellowfin which tipped the scales at 61 pounds later in the day and also dropped a gaffer in the box too. Nice. Congrats to Sam, Matthew and Alan on their citations.
The fleet overall found some scattered billfish today - whites and blues and the word from Hatteras is Dolphin if you do!! They are headed this way. Tight Lines! 

Great fishing for our make up group today! Many thanks to the Booking Desk ladies for putting our trip together and you know what - we know (Oh how we know!!) that times are tight and its harder than ever to get a full group together and that said the Fishing Center is putting together a lot of make ups already this year. Its a great way to get one or two people rarely get stuck with a bunch of dummies because they are fish heads and you always have that in common...and its a fun way to meet new people. Now you know you can't pick your boat...trips go in rotation to be fair to all captains but truly there is only one boat that I wouldn't fish on at the fishing center and the captain is a hell of a fisherman but not my favorite person.
Anyway, back to business. Catch and release bluefin again today - tweo for everyone by the way and a limit of yellowfin. Spreader bars baby - bring your spreader bars this weekend!! Tight Lines!

Better fishing today for Stacey Boyd and the crew. Catch and release bluefin for the most part although they did boat the biggest - upwards of 53 pounds - and put some yellowfin on top to boot. I think Maxwell said four and I remember they were nice ones - between 40 and 50 pounds each. Got booked for tomorrow so talk to you then! Tight Lines!

Ah it was a tough day for Dwight and his crew. Apparently it was a little snatchy...thunderstorms and all..and the crew didn't take it well. The Tuna Fever headed for home not long after setting out and even though Maxwell offered to take them out again later in the week the group decided to NEVER GO OFFSHORE FISHING AGAIN. Dissapointing but understandable! Tight Lines!

Well it wasn't for a lack of trying! The boys fished from the 770 to the 600 today and found some beautiful conditions late...birds, 71 1/2 degree water, slicks and breaks...thats where they caught their first fish 784.622 and a nice 50 pound yellowfin in the box. Billy said it threw up elax and when they cut it open a 2 1/2 pound bonita was in it's stomach!! Ken Gerald and his crew also had a 15 pound gaffer in the box for the day but they were good sports and had a great time.
A few boats ran to a short but sweet bluefin bite at the 70 degree tower in 40 fathoms but Maxwell decided to hold up on the cliffs and wait for the fish to come home. We'll see what tomorrow brings but the planets are starting to align (I hope!). Tight Lines!

Zero to a Hero. And so goes this nutty and unpredictable thing we call spring fishing from Oregon Inlet.
For those that do know what I am about to say it may come off as Charlie Brown's teacher (or, on occasion your spouse:-)) but for those that don't it may be interesting. As larger pods of fish filter in the area and settle they will converge on bottom structures that hold bait all the way up through the food chain to photoplankton. This is especially true in the heat of the summer when you may only catch tuna in the thernoclines near bottom structure as they only come to the surface at night to feed because the water is so hot and they don't like it. Right now fish are moving sporatically around the area - kinda shoppin for a home and waiting for their families thus, hero to a zero to a hero. It is not uncommon for one boat to have many fish and the next nearly if not none - like our catch yesterday compared to the day before and yes, to today's catch.
I must say that all of this sounds more interesting and believeable if you read it outloud with the accent of a swedish professor or perhaps Bleaker from the Muppets!
Seriously, its all true and special congrats goes out to Reyn Smith who caught his biggest yellowfin in years (a nice 55 pounder) to go with the rest of his catch ...another 10 between 40 and 60 pounds. See Reyn, you're never too old to just takes a little longer! Tight Lines!

Hero to a Zero. My poor baby - apparently the Billies couldn't catch their...well, you know the old saying, today. Toby and his family had a good time anyway (I hope) but the boys came up on the short end of the stick with a scattered bite that never came near the spread of the Tuna Fever! We'll see what tomorrow brings...Tight Lines!

Okay - I have no deets yet but Billy called to say he got his (their) first limit of the season! Maybe spring has sprung!! The boys started out where they left the fish yesterday and came up with nada...a quick run to the 700 produced and steady flow of fish in the whales and fat ones too 50 and 60 pounders. Go Toby!!! Deets later. Still open next Thursday (hint hint) Tight Lines!

And a great day was had by all - by all in Toby's group anyway. The boys headed east of the Inlet today - bet you already knew that! - and the risk paid off big time with a near limit of yellowfin!! 17 in all and they ran between 30 and 60 pounds...nice fish!! Spreader bars and ballyhoo and a steady pick all day...3 then 5 then 5again and another 2 then 2.  Tight Lines!

A nice class of fish today and yellowfin in the box but with two whams - and thats about it Billy would say the fishing was slow. The boys started out on the 630 and fished south to their first bites on the 610 then they fished on up to the 700 and their second bites of the day. Michael Feree and his crew finally found some nice water pushing out east of the Inlet and that may be where the Tuna fever heads tomorrow. Happy Upcoming Wedding (our fourth bachelor party of the season!!) and Happy Fat Yellowfin - 8 of them in the box anywhere from 30 to 59 pounds and 2 gaffers on top!!
We had a cancellation tonight for next Thursday the 20th and we are still open for the following Wednesday the 26th if anyone wants to get out in the blue! Tight Lines!

Slower than yesterday (for us) but better than some - It's SPRING!!!
Nice yellowfin in the box today - 25 to 40 pounders and 6 of them plus a bailer. Many thanks to Bill and Patrick for playing today! Tight Lines!

Sometimes you are the hero and today was one of those days (I imagine Billy put his socks on in the correct order this morning!).
The boys started out on the 530 and fished down to the 515. There they got hit by 7 yellowfin and put 5 in the box. Fishing right around the same place for the next hour and a half produced not much of they headed north to the 799/700. There they got hit by 6 and boxed 4! Yeah. After that - nada.
Billy says the water everywhere was between 69 and 70.3 degrees with a funky tint and not a sign of life. His yellowfin were full of elax (summer squid...white ones) but the boys didn't see any bait of birds. Just wandering tuna which means the Billies could be zeros tomorrow! Happy birthday to Wayne and many thanks to his great girlfriend, Wendy for booking the surprize with us...special thanks go as well to Josh who works with Anthony at Princess Anne Distributors...our most favorite tackle shop in Va Beach, for reccommending us! Tight Lines!
Oh, total screw up on my part (are you surprized?) I said a couple weeks ago that we were booked up for June and we do have the 1st and 2nd available. Billy would love me a lot of I got those days filled and they are far enough away from the full moon to be very productive - so give us a call!

Blowing again today! Boooo.

No fishing today - it is blowing a gale!! Tight Lines!

If I remember correctly (you know Maxwell and I are married and if you are married and afraid to admit that sometimes when your spouse is speaking all you hear is blah, blah, blah then you are probably hearing blah, blah, blah way to much and you need to pay more attention!)  I believe the Tuna fever and David Bertauski's crew headed down to the wrecks early and tuned up the tile fish. Now I know this part is true because there is fresh tile in my refridgerator and I do remember that the boys caught a nice snowy grouper - yum yum! Heres where it gets a little fuzzy...I know afterwards they headed out in search of the illusive yellowfin and then...blank. I got nothing. As hard as I try to remember what Billy said over dinner I can't. So, I will ask him again (of course without him knowing that I didn't listen the first time) and see what I can do for posting it tomorrow.  Don't forget Mother's Day on Sunday!!! Tight Lines!

No fog this morning and no fish today. I say the Billies got the skunk out of the box with one bailer dolphin but Maxwell says it might has well have been a whole family of skunks set up shop in there! Dale and his boys had a great day anyway and the wonderful attitude is much appreciated. I think the fleet will be headed for the wrecks early tomorrow and then off in search of those yellowfin! Tight Lines!

So I got a call from Maxwell this morning about 9:30. He and Dickerson and Greg Wilkinson and his whole crew and every other captain, mate and party at the Fishing Center had been waiting around since 5 this morning for the fog to lift. Which it never did. Greg and his boys threw in the towel around 9 and I hope they went out for a nice breakfast and the fog bank lifter off the Outer Banks but you could see it until sundown settled right over the ocean off the beach. Funky and cool but disappointing for the fishermen! Tight Lines!

Any fisherman worth his salt believes in luck and thats just what the Tuna fever got today. Lucky! Fishing was slow all over - the bluefin have moved out and the water pushed out and there was not much ado about nothing! In the end the Billies managed to pull out 6 yellowfin in the 30 to 40 pound range for Dean Dancel (spelling??) and his least there was no skunk in the box! Tight Lines!

Big love is going out to Jimmie Anderson and his crew today - thanks for the cake!
And congrats to Jimmie on his largest catch in 15 years fishing on the Tuna Fever! Heres the story...
Maxwell headed down to the 630 this morning with Tom Krauss on the Hooker - the sat shot showed the labrador shoving the warm water off all the way from Diamond Tower to the Point. 'Bout the time the boys got ready to set out in 68 degree water Diskie Harriss hit the yellowfin in 60 degree water about 2 miles back - so the boys turned around! Turns out that 60 degree beautiful blue water held nothing for the Tuna Fever until they got to the 650 and everyone had bites - including Jimmie who fought a 112 pound big eye right into the fish box (yeah, it a big box!)! Right after that the crew got spooled by a bluefin....SHEPOW!
So after getting spooled two more times (wow!) Dickerson threw out the ball and James Ard showed what he had fighting a 166 pound bluefin right into the box (big big box)!
A nice day was had by all tand the bluefin were last seen about 10 miles north of where they started and heading out of town. We'll see where they turn up tomorrow! Tight Lines!