Archived Reports

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We're starting to roll and thank goodness because Maxwell really needs his "Ocean Time"!
The Tuna Fever and Rigged Up hosted Kurt Dahl and the rest of a bachelor party today - the Billies had a whole crew of F-18 pilots and loved it!
A slow morning to start things off with Maxwell chasing birds and slicks from the 500 to the 518 before they got two bites and came up with one 40 pound yellowfin. A short time later Dickerson put the first bailer (yep, I said bailer!) of the season in the box. And then....nothing!
The crew fishing all the way down the 1000 fathom curve looking for life (in all the wrong places, obviously) when Haywood got whammed with the Big Eyes..a 60, 80 and 130 pounder. mmmm. The Tuna Fever headed that way and found...nothing.
Back up to the Point then and in 59 1/2 degree water WHAM! Finally! everything from the flat lines back to the long riggers went down and a shot time after there where 7 nice (40 to 50 pound) yellowfin in the box! Who woulda ever thought! Tight Lines!
We are still open for Monday and Tuesday so if you feel the urge call the Fishing Center at 252-441-6301 and put some meat in the box!

The Tuna Fever was out in the blue today and Steve Wilson and his crew had a great day. The bluefin are still her (in mass!) and nobody caught any yellowfin. The boys pulled out the big guns today for 5 nice releases and one in the box at 71 inches - something for everyone and I understand it was a beautiful day!!!
Many thanks go out to Charles Haywood...AKA Uncle Haywood or Maxwell's Boyfriend as I sometimes callhim because the two of them are tight as ticks and also fight like a couple of highschoolers (don't tell Billy or Charles I said that!) anyway - thanks to Charles who ran the Tuna fever today because Billy has eye surgery yesterday. Everything went well and he should be abl;e to see tuna better than ever in the next few days!
Also big love goes out to Dickerson who put up with Uncle Haywwod all day and Steve Wilson for loving the Tuna Fever more then Maxwell!
Booking report: we have three days open in may - Mothers Day (may 9), Wednesday the 26th and memorial Day (May 31). June is booked but we are not feelin' the love in July much yet - don't forget the awesome yellowfin fishing right through mid-month and then the great big eye fishing we have had in July for the past two seasons...the weather is slick and the fishing is wonderful!! Call, email, text, send smoke signals or go online at to book your day on the Tuna Fever:-) Tight Lines!

So, it was meant to be a beautiful day. Bill Kerkman and his crew were booked for Saturday and switch because of the forecast. And then - pow! Super strong down current - running against the breeze and it was rough out there man! But this is not a bad thing...Billy says they ran down south and the farthyer they got the colder the water got - at the 470 they turned around and made their way back to the Point where the temps hovered around 69 degrees. Mitch Roffer calls it "flushing the toilet" which isn't loveley sounding but it means that spring yellowfin are on their way - the ocean is getting rid of the colder currents and the bluefin will go with them. Yellowfin and bluefin don't mix. And the proof is in the puddin - Point Runner and True Grit got whammed out of nowhere by yellowfin - each putting a few in the box!
Our story goes like this...Congratulations to Bill and Dan Matthews for their heroic fight on a very nice bluefin...Maxwell estimates the fish aroung 250 pounds of so and the boys fought her for 2 hours and 40 minutes! Remember how we used our "giant tag" last week - well we had to relelase that fish (obviously over 72 inches in length). Thanksfully the boys had another bite (spreader bar in the outrigger way-far-back) and Michael Golemi got a citation for that one - it tipped the scales at 177 pounds and I bet it will be delicious!!! Mmmmm!
So the cold water is moving out. The yellowfin are coming home. Bill and his gang are excellent anglers and if Congress could get their stuff together all would be right with the world!
We are open tomorrow (Sunday) and the weather is forecasted to be beautiful for the next few days at least. The Billies are itchin to get back out so give us a call at home 252-473-1097 or call the Fishing Center 800-272-5199 to book your day!!! Please!!! Hehe. Tight Lines!

First Maxwell wants to convey that the forecast is perfect through the end of the week. We are booked on Saturday and open until then. Nw he knows that with these bluefin you can only keep one but he says that the chance to see these fish in action should not be missed. Doesn't sound like him at all does it? Well, throw in some cuss words and throw your hands around while you reread and it'll sound more like him! Seriously, he has been amazed at these fish, the fact that you can catch them without going to some third world island and also the weather (warm and slick calm) - its a good time to go the Fishing Center 252-441-6301 or us at home 252-473-1097!
As for today it was more SHEPOW and FUWHAM and OH BOY! Robert  Olah and his family had a great time chasing and fighting the bluefin. Their first hookup was on the 490 in 300 fathoms and the second was about the 497 which carried the Tuna Fever all the way up to the 580 (tip of the Point) that one tipped the scale at 248 pounds - congratulations to Dan on his 2 3/4 hour fight!! That was our giant for the year but the bluefin will be gone soon and the boys had to take him. Congrats as well to Justin and his 148 pounder!! Way to go boys!
After the bluefins the boys trolled the Point looking for yellowfin and found 3 more schools of bluefin but no biters. Tight Lines!

Sometimes there is nothing better than a fishing story by Billy Maxwell. I tell you he had me rolling tonight with the escapades of the day...complete with sound effects and colorful language! Heres my translation:
There were no fish early in the day. The boys fished from the 520 to the 450 and everywhere in between while Dickerson tried everything from WFB's to spreader bars and jigs and every, everything. Except the stick. When the fish finally surfaced Maxwell says about 1000 boats decended upon them "like a plague of locusts" and if you every read the Bible you know what he means. So the Tuna Fever puttered off in her own direction while boats were breaking off jigs and spoons and all kinds of everything. Heres where it gets good...
So off they puttered away from the pack and Dickerson put out the bird, then the ball, then the greenstick rigs and it wasn't long before they had a bite...and what a bite it was! Maxwell says the bluefin was probably 300 pounds and came mostly out of the water, straight toward the stern of the boat when it crashed the bait. It took off. The main line came tight and...SHEPOW!! the whole mess parted and that fat bluefin took off with our polyball and bird. They chased it a bit and then the whole mess went down. Billy says just like Jaws. Eventually...PLOOP...the ball popped up and then that bird took off at about 25 knots and down she went again. Wow! When the ball finally pooped up again it was obvious the fish was gone.
Out went the stick and they got hit by one 'bout 150 pounder on the third bait then another on the second bait and the...SHEPOW!!! the whole mess parted and the chase for the ball was on again!
This time the crew...merle, Earle, Dale (the bird man) Dickerson and I am not sure who else got the ball and handlined a nice bluefin that eventually tipped the scales at 162 pounds, 70 inches. Out of 12 bites the crew had one boated and 7 released. The rest? Well, SHEPOW!!! Tight Lines!

The wind settled down enough for the Billies to head out for the first (well, not counting that day in January) fishing day of the season! WooooWeeee!
It started off with Maxwell's spotlight blb blowing on the way out of the basin but ended up much better. I dropped off a new bulb just in time to see the top dogs of the day - Carolinian and her crew weighed in a 522 pound bluefin early in the afternoon.
The Billies spent 2 hours fighting a bluefin first thing in the day - he didn't tell me the angler's name but mentioned that he did a hell of a job. That bluefin tipped the scales at 151 pounds and about 67 inches. The crew fought and measured two more fish at 67 inches and a third at 50 inches.
Maxwell set the record straight - lemme see if I have this right. A bluefin over 72 inches is a "giant" and you are permitted for one per year (for the boat) unless the fishery is closed. From 72 to 47 inches you are allowed one per day (hence our releases) and below 47 you cannot keep at all. All of the bluefin caught by the fleet today were tagged on the dock for the feds and the captains filled out registration cards for each. Apparently the fisheries folks inspect the carcasses after cleaning to confirm cards and tags match. Puke is all I have to say - should write all that on a Tea Perty sign:-)
Back in the blue (with a spotlight for the black) in the morning and Monday. Sunday the 18th and 25th and Saturday the 24th is open as well and we have some mid week through the end of the month. Tight Lines and hang on for the ride!!